Saturday, December 12, 2009

Really…like I care….

It really says alot about “our country” when the top news on every channel between here and Mars is running the same stink’n story.

Top story being how many more clubs Tiger can add to his bag

At this moment in I think we are at number 11 today.  A totally ridiculous number if you ask me.  11!!!!  EEEELLLEEEVENNNNN!!!!  He’ll be lucky if his little winky doesn’t fall off…. either from some crazy ick, or just simply, being over used!!!!! 

And then the next part of the story hits……he says he is “taking a break”.  Bet those future conquests are really torn up, no more touring for Tiger. 

Really?  Now? 


Point it, I still don’t care.  I really truly don’t.  I don’t want to hear about it anymore.  Let Mrs. Wood deal with his cheating butt. 

I am tired of hearing about the growing numbers of very dumb ladies that he’s BAGGED.  (dang I’m good with the golf puns).

And don’t give me any garbage pa-lease about the fact that millions of people admire him and look up to him.  Guess what folks, he is still the biggest thing that has happened to golf in like forever.  He has an incredible gift to PLAY GOLF!!!  That’s it, just golf. The fact that our society puts athletes on such pedestals is why he acted like a dog to begin with.  He believed that he was a stud because he was treated like a stud. 

I say  be done with it people. 

Let sleeping dogs lie!!!! 

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Paula said...

Very well put!