Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Day Three and Four

Day three - I cooked all day. It was Southern Nights - steamed shrimp, stewed potatoes, fried okra, green beans, slaw, corn bread and banana pudding. It was super yummy. We ripped the heads off of, cleaned and steamed 25 pounds of big ole hunkin' skrimp. I had a fabulous team. Solo helped me all day with the cooking, Uncle E did all the dishes and kept things moving on the refilling of plates and Willie G made her most fabulous corn bread and helped Uncle E with the cleaning.....

And then I passed out (from exhaustion) at 9:30ish with the baby in a very comfy chair upstairs. (After I showered, of course, because DANG, I smelled like skrimp.) and yes, I just typed the work skrimp....we like saying it like that....throw a little Bubba Gump to it and ya've got yourself a nice new word.

Back off, it's my blog.

Hubby was really good about keeping up with the kids, including little one. I would nurse him while I was doing things in the kitchen and then hand him back to his daddy.

Reference the previous post...he's not doing so great on straight formula....

Day 4. I was going to get to go out by the pool and bask in the sun for a little while. Hubby was going to watch little one and stay inside and play pool.

I am not supposed to get sun this year obviously.

Dark clouds and wind have brought me back inside to pout. And ya know that I can do that.

I said it was bad as when we were here for Hurricane Dennis. I realize that is an exaggeration, but it adds to the story. ;D

So, here I sit, with my very sun absent a computer. Bummer.

I think I'll go have another glass of water.

go visit my friends' websites. Betsy and Ginger. (They have such pretty backgrounds now on their sites!!! When I get home I think I'm going to change mine.) But they both wrote about sandwiches, and I think that's funny...but they are great stories.. You will enjoy them. Makes ya think of summer!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Day two Nags Head 2009

This is a different year for me. As ya know, Nags Head is my most favorite thing throughout the year. I look forward to it sooo much. It's my PARTY!!! I love sitting with my cousin and cousin in law in the sun all day - and partaking of the oh so loved Bud Light in bottles that is soo cold in the hot sun....and getting tan tan tan.

Not really happening this year. I feel like I am at pseudo Nags Head. Because I am still nursing, there goes the drinking Bud Light all day. Because I am nursing, there goes sitting on the beach all day. Because I have a retarded uterus that had to have issues during the simple procedure, I still don't fit into a bathing suit...because I am nursing and up and down all night I WENT TO BED LAST NIGHT AT 9:30 and FELL ASLEEP!!!

Hubby is giving him an occasional bottle of straight formula, but it's killing his tummy. He spits up so much more...sleeps a tad longer, but hollers like there is no tomorrow. Not sure if it's worth it to give him the bottle.

And to boot, tonight is the throw down Mexican Fiesta night. We have shredded beef and chicken for tacos, burritos or quesadillas. Chips, salsa, guacamole, cheese dip and some kickin white sauce. Beans and rice of course!!! and tequila, sipping good. And my cousin in law's buddy that is here with us this year, Falk, bought one of those mama jamma magarita makers that you see in Costco....ummmmmm.........makes some fan-tabulous drinks, let me tell ya.

I guess I will be nursing that too!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Day one Nags Head 2009

It's almost dinner time here at Nags Head. Today was our first full day.....and it was wonderful! I'm sitting here in the corner watching my incredible family interact. It's a riot. My Aunt Marty is holding the baby trying to rub "baby luck" onto her daughter and son in law. They are such a funny couple. Lea is like the pied piper - the kids just follow her around like cat nip!!

There are two groups sitting at the big dinner table playing hearts....a family favorite. Cousin in law Keith is grilling his famous pork yummy.

I did get my fat bloated butt out to the pool today for a bit. And got some sun......not as much as I would like but I am trying to be realistic about the sun tan this year.

The kids are having a really good time - they travel as a pack...guess that is what we used to do when we were their age......lord I hope they are not doing what we did!!!

I am very excited because one of the cousins by choice (ie - not related by blood-) is here and he is most fabulous with tonight at some point Hunter is going to straighten my hair!! I cannot wait for that!!! He didn't bring his scissors, but I might go purchase a pair for him..I need a hair cut!!!!

Other than that - everyone is doing well - baby did great in the car - HollyBeth and I got tons done at her house before coming to the beach. That has made a huge difference as far as us having to give assistance here...and it was fun being with her.

OH - here is a funny....Pootie and Sweetie wanted to learn how to drive the old farm truck. I of course told them they needed to talk to they did. She told them "oh no, you can drive the camary." So they did. They think that she is the coolest thing ever. Neil took them driving everyday in her camary on the farm. Talk about happy boys.

Other than that, all is well. Everyone is happy and we are having a good time!!!!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday News

I have been so bad about posting. OH WELL, sue me!!! Last week was just crazy! I am still not back to normal. The incision sites and my belly button still hurt, not as bad, but still. And the worst belly is still huge!!!! All me regular shorts that I was wearing...yeah - no, not now! Maternity clothes!!! HATE it!!!! I literally cannot button regular pants.

Little Peanut is getting so big!!!! He is 13 weeks tomorrow and as of Friday's doctor's appointment, he is 7 pounds 13 ounces!!!!! I am so pleased with his weight gain and so is his doctor.

Nags Head plans are well under way. Trying to finalize some stuff before we head out. FYI - house will not be vacant all would be burglars!!!! We have two big dogs and they have a dog sitter coming!!!! BEWARE! They get very protective if momma isn't here!!!

Here is the menu and cooking teams that will go out to everyone this week. It's not very clear - but you get the idea. We are very organized!!! It's one of my favorite things to do with my cousin HollyBeth!

If ya can't read what we are actually eating it's like this:

Saturday - pizza and salad

Sunday - pork tenderloin

Monday- mexican night

Tuesday-shrimp night

Wednesday - pinwheels night

thrusday- hamburgers and hotdogs

friday - left overs

saturday- come home!!!

I am still trying to wrap up last years video - I can't find the cd that HollyBeth gave me from her camera with 08's photo's on it..might have to see if she can over night them to me!

Off to finish laundry and then to Walmart and work for a bit!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Men may not want to read this!

This is a very open and honest posting, so if you don't want to read anything icky, stop now.

So nothing about this pregnancy/delivery/baby has gone "normal". Right? Well, the saga continues.

I had continued bleeding well after my 6 week postpartum check up. I went to the doctor last Monday, which was a day shy of 11 weeks postpartum, still bleeding. My ob's did an ultra sound - which showed I had retained some "pregnancy tissue"...So a D&C was in my horizon.

I was not worried or anything. It was a simple procedure that had no emotional attachments like having one aftger a miscarriage....

I just wanted to stop bleeding!!

So yesterday I had my D&C. Which should have been a short little 20 minute procedure. Well it wasn't.

My uterus was in such bad shape (like the rest of my body) that it tore. Which then meant, they had to go in thru my belly button and make a couple other incisions around my belly, and stitch me up.

Oh and they fill you up with some sort of gas. Which causes the most god awful cramps in the shoulder/collar bone region. And blows your belly up. I look more pregnant now than I did when I gave birth.

Good thing I didn't put up all the maternity clothes!!

So, I got home late yesterday evening - in a lot of pain. Can't really move to well, but I have to move to keep from cramping up. I have been hit by a mack truck!!!

Now here's the "humorous part". I had mom take me so Neil didn't have to be out of work. Not a big deal, and after all, I did have Ethel take him for his vasectomy. Ethel had the kids (and baby). So, here was my mom, having to call my hubby and say - ummm yeah - not going as planned...bless his heart. He is such a good man and I am sure it tore his nerves up to not be with me. (yeah right)

As I was coming out of the anesthesia, I did ask two for phone to call and check on the baby and two - if Ob Doc did a tummy tuck while he was working there.

He didn't.

So here I sit, on my but that is continuing to get bigger - all crampy and sore. And a little loopy from the pain meds - so if I missed a word or two - contact the publishing company.

I can't wait until baby is a teenager and I can use the phrase "you have no idea what I went thru having you! don't tell me your not going to clean your room"

Friday, July 10, 2009

Two Miracles

Peanut Weight of Tuesday July 7th, he weighed 6 pounds 12 ounces!!!! It's all about the boobages... :)
This is a picture of Peanut and a little boy that we are friends with, Luc. Luc is 6 and he is a miracle too! He was born early and had some pretty extensive "issues" to battle. He won. Isn't he the cutest thing?

His family came into our life because of that dreaded thing called SOCCER!!!

Having been in our shoes 6 years earlier, they knew what we were going thru. They listened. Kerri, "the mom", let me vent and would just remind me that this is a roller coaster ride....It as meant so much to us to see their little boy, as he will also be thought of as special, he is just a "normal" little boy....

So of course, we were at soccer on Wednesday night - and Luc wanted to hold "un bebe", so of course, I was going to let him!!!! So here they are - two little miracles.... Peanut was totally sacked out!!!

And on a side note, here is Pootie and his buddies from soccer on Wednesday night, it was a memorial tourney for a young man who played and coached at one of our local high schools and was killed in a car accident last year...

These little 12 year old boys played high school kids and WON!!! It was awesome...and no, the big kids were not giving the games away - they were actually stunned to have their butts handed to them by these little guys. They wore the pink pennies to make the varsity girls team they had to play in the finals feel good.....Pootie is back row, 2nd from the right

As my daddy always says, "if size were a matter of importance, Miss America would weigh 400 pounds and the world would be ruled by elephants!"
And here is Lola and her new hair was still a tad wet - but it's very cute...

And here is Crash - he was so sweet the other night at the tourney - he helped sell hot dogs and etc for the memorial fund...