Thursday, August 19, 2010

Where I be???

I be pouting. 

It’s that time of year again.  I hate this time of year.  The “back to school” time.

Now, let me give this as my disclaimer.  My kids pluck my nerves just like they are supposed to.  BUT I HATE SENDING THEM BACK TO SCHOOL.  And this year it’s even worse!

The baby is quite used to having all their attention and he likes it!  And he looks for them.  He calls for them.  He loves them.  And I love watching them play with him.  I love when they sneak into his room while he is crying because he doesn’t want to take a nap…and I’ve told them to leave him alone but they don’t like to listen to him crying!  So they sneak and go get him and will sit and rock him.  It’s very sweet.

I love that my kids stay up late doing “whatever” (now the staying up late when the are teenager doing whatever is NOT going to be cool but you know what I mean.)  Whatever for them is hanging in the hood with the other kids playing games.  Kick the can, Spoons, Guestures, they love it and have so much fun!  Whatever for them is sitting in the playroom on the PS3 together eating popcorn and being goofy.  Whatever for them is blankets all over the floor watching a movie together downstairs with the dogs happily “relaxing” with them.

I love that my kids get up late in the morning because they were up so late at night.  They fix breakfast together and do chores together.  They go to work with me and sit and watch tv together.  We watch our DVR’d tv shows together.  Burn Notice, Royal Pains, Covert Affair, White Collar, The Closer and Psych.  All our favorites. 

I feel like there is this small window of time and it’s just becoming this WIDE open window and I can’t shut it.  The time is slipping by way too fast!

And it makes me so very sad. 

So, I’m pouting.  I’ll be back after school gets going.

Until then….

Monday, August 2, 2010


Just so you know….

I don’t care that Lindsay Lohan is in jail…..nor do I give a rodents rear end about when she gets out.

I will say for the record that I am appalled by our court system!  She was sentenced to 90 days in jail and is getting out after serving only 14 days.  and we wonder why she can’t get her life together….ummm…about because of the LACK OF CONSEQUENCES!!!!  DUH!!!! 

I think she is a pitiful, sad, case of the urban child star legend and wish that the news, yes NEWS, people would just stop attempting to report about it.

How does one go from this………

to this……..Great picture of her huh?

or this……Classy chick?  I know!!! 

I’m not usually one to fall for the “look to the parents” mess BUT – Look at her mother!!!!!!  She’s a trashy ho too!!! 

And that’s all I have to say about that.