Thursday, February 9, 2012

On vacation….??

Not hardly – we’ve been sick.  As buzzards sick.  The STOMACH bug that’s been in the news –

The Bubba woke up Sunday night barfing his little guts up….that went on for a couple of hours…

Then I joined him. 

Then we had diarrhea.  So we spent all Monday bounding as only mother and child could do.  Barfing and pooping.  And sleeping.

Then Hubby came home from work and said he didn’t feel good.

So he stayed home from work on Tuesday with aches and fever.  (He NEVER stays home sick – EVER.)  I thought I felt better.

Then Tuesday night – Hubby started yacking.  It was about 11:30pm….and he yacked and yacked. Then me being such a loving wife felt I needed to join him – so about 2:30 I started yacking…and we took turns yacking ALL night long!  And in between the Bubba would wake up and say “I have to frow up”.  But he didn’t.

So Wednesday Hubby and I took turns sleeping and taking care of the Bubba – who felt like frowing up and did and had diarrhea in between.

Then Pootie got home from school and within an hour or so, he was running to bathroom with both ends in full swing.  He stayed home from school today – seems to have faired a tad better than we did…..but we’ll see.  I thought I was in the clear and it reared it’s ugly head on me.

HOPEFULLY – Crash and Lola will be ok.  She got her braces on today and is climbing the walls miserable right now from that.  I don’t think it would be fair to make her yack too.

Life will be back to normal soon…have had lots going on despite the illness…will catch you up later..

Until then – hand sanitize like there is NO tomorrow!!!  And to my friends in RSV hibernation – HIBERNATE!!!!! 


ParkerMama said...

OH.....I'm so sorry. This flu is the worst. I hope your others don't get it. May the rest of your season be yack-free!

LifeIsArt said...

I thought H was getting it last night. So far only sinus infections around here. I'm praying. Hope you guys are on the mend!