Sunday, August 24, 2008

Oh and

The knee surgery is now scheduled. I did not win that battle. It is scheduled for November 19th.


My Bebe

Pootie goes to middle school tomorrow. I cannot believe it. I look at him right now and I still see him as a little baby. He was just amazing to me as a baby. He was the first. My mom tells him that we used to sit and watch him breath and sleep. It's true. We did.

I know it is just middle school. But it sounds so big to me.

Crash and Lola are ready for tomorrow. Pootie is ready for tomorrow. I am not.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Give it a try

So I turned on the ability for a few of you to post comments. If it gets ugly and I get nasty hate mail, I'm "agunna turn it off ya hear"?

Crazy Week, Crazy People

Funny or just plain re-donk-u-lous!!!

  • Hi - we are trying to figure out which after school day care to send our child to, are the school buses air conditioned? Because if they are not, we are going to go to this different day care because it will provide an air conditioned bus. Ok - seriously - we are in CMS, air conditioned buses? We are lucky to have air conditioned classrooms. Hello!!!! right now, we are lucky to have teachers!
  • Are you a peanut free school? (No we are not, but we do have peanut free classrooms and lunch tables) Oh - that's good because my daughter just has to have her peanut butter!!! And the other school she could go to is a peanut free school. I didn't really know that was a deciding factor in picking a school, but OK~
  • What if my child doesn't like that book that is his grade level REQUIRED summer reading? Your child is so special, let's make sure he/she can go thru life never having to read something that he doesn't want to, heck...he doesn't even have to do homework unless he wants to!!!
  • We've heard that teacher is too strict...can we switch?! Why sure ma'am, call us when your child has a professor in college or a boss later in life that is strict and we can "wub" his back and make them feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Ahh - the heart of a volunteer - just makes you feel warm all over doesn't it? Don't you feel good about me being in charge?

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Two dozen

That Dunkin Donuts up the street from us could be the death of me.....excuse my frances, but DAMN they are good!!!

With a Diet Dr. Pepper, I am a happy woman!!!

We are headed out this morning for a Pre-Season Tourney for Pootie's team. One game at 9:30 and then one at 5:30. Stupid schedule. In a soccer world, trust me, it is a stupid schedule. Hubby is going to ref the younger girls games. That should be ok for his knee....we shall see. He had to be switched from some older boys games to the younger girls, but it requires less running. And it pays less. Bummer. There goes that BMW that I was hoping for.

Enjoy the last days of summer.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Le Thursday

Last night was a yucky night for Pootie. He is really not getting into the whole new soccer coach thing. He had the same coach for almost 3 years. Enter new coach. New coach with an accent. English accent. And he talks fast. Pootie can't understand him. Pootie also doesn't like the fact that he doesn't know all the players names yet. Pootie does not do well being called Lad. He knows that means he doesn't know his name.

And I have been really swamped this week with PTA stuff. And the summer boredom that he is facing is my fault if I am not here. Like I would be running his skinny butt all over town trying to entertain him. I don't think so.

To the point.

Lola spent the night at Nin and Pops, so Pootie, Crash and I decided to get up and go to Le Peep for Le Breakfast at Le 7 in the morning. It would make Le Pootie Le Happy. 7 am did not Le happen. We ended up calling Le Lola who wanted to go with us. So at Le 8:45 we picked her up and went to eat. They were very happy. Le Petite Toast is the boys' favorite. Lola likes the Happy Face Pancake. I like the Spinnaker Le Omelet. All is right with the Le World.

Then I went to school. Copied LOTS of stuff. Come home. Take the kids to Blockbuster, still trying to help make them not bored and not blaming me for the fact that summer is LE OVER. And then. The Big Surprise. We went to freaking Baskin Robbins. 100% Happiness is a cone. Who knew it was that Le Easy!!!

We found out that the Dunkin Donuts that is right up the street from us now is open at 5 in the morning.

Guess where we are going tomorrow morning!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wednesday wrap up...

It rained ALL day here in the south! And now, it's actually chilly! I had to wear a sweat jacket out to Pootie's soccer practice tonight. Now I am home, drinking a cold canned beverage whilst I cook dinner. Lola is with her grandparents (insert angels singing right here..) Crash is outside playing with his buddy from down the street. Pootie is still at practice, the Hubby is bringing him home. After they stop at the grocery store for milk.

I AM HOME ALONE RIGHT NOW AND THERE ISN'T A TV ON. It's very quite - except little wimpy boy Henry Cooper is outside barking at the door to come in. He is a such a baby! Shelby Elizabeth just goes with the flow!

So, I have spent the last couple of days at school. Volunteering. It's very insightful. What the secretaries must go through to get the rosters ready to go is unbelievable. And they are there this week, not getting paid. If they waited until next week, they still wouldn't get paid because they would be working so much freaking OT to get caught up. RE-DONK-U-LOUS!

I have heard some really silly questions from some parents calling in. Some just make me laugh. It's amazing how many people really think that the world revolves around them. FYI folks, it doesn't and lordy are your children going to have a difficult time in the real world! This is my favorite mind you, i have not used names to protect the innocent...that would be me! And I have added in translations where needed. Let me also say that this so does not apply to all the wonderful folks that work at other times so unselfishly throughout the year. This is just the ME ME ME folks.

ring ring
Me: Good Morning Elementary School, this is MomCanI, how can I help you?
Goofy Parent: Yes, when are teacher assignment letters going out?
Me: Next week. (translation: the same dang time they have gone out the past 6 years, D.A.)
G.P: Well, we are going on vacation next week.
Me: That's great!! I hope you have a great time! (translation: yeah - great thanks - while the few are in here busting their butts, you never volunteer do ya?)
G.P: Well how are we supposed to find out who little wonderful child has for a teacher?
Me: Stay home and get ya damned mail. OK - no wait - that was the translation part. What I say is, gosh, I'm not really sure, you have several options. One, you could get a neighbor to check your mail. Two, you could have your phone's forwarded to your cell phone because teachers are still going to call, like they have done every year. And three, you can call us on Thursday or Friday and we can tell you.
G.P. But we are stopping our mail until we get home.
Me: Not sure what else to tell ya, but I can tell ya, we ain't telling ya who ya damned teacher is right now! Whooops..that's the translation part again! Slipsies!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

8 Nights of Dinner

I woke up this morning feeling the need to be more like my friend, MaryBeth Whalen. She has 6 (yes that is a 6, not a typo)kids and does a fabulous job of planning meals for the week. So, I sat down at the computer, started looking for good, different, easy meals to fix for dinner. This is what I have come up with for 8 nights.

Big note to this plan, I can change my mind on any given night and head out to dinner if I want, but I will at least have options!!

1. Sunday Night: Tater Tot Hot dish
2. Monday Night: Shepard's Pie
3. Tuesday Night: Crock Pot Cream of Mushroom Chicken with Rice (a big hit with the kids)
4. Wednesday Night: Ranch Style Chicken Thighs
5. Thursday Night: Italian Green Bean & Sausage Pasta
6. Friday Night: Crock Pot Chicken & Black Beans
7. Saturday Night: Tuna Casserole
8. Sunday Night: Beef Burgundy

I have all the groceries that i need to make all the above. I have side dishes as needed, although some are "casserole" type things and will just require a little apple sauce and side salad.

I can alter this as I wish.

I feel like I am King of the World.

I'll let you know how each of the new ones turn out and how well I stick to this!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I need a moment

While I stew about the Hubby and the knee....since I have a picture of Pootie from the are some great pictures of Crash and Lola.

Isn't he the cutest thing ever????

And my sweet daughter.....

Down the Proverbial Toilet!!!

Yep, right down toilet.

Knee Doctor says he needs surgery.

I need a cold drink.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Nineteen Minutes

I am "this close" do be done reading Nineteen Minutes. It is probably the most emotionally draining book I have ever read. EVER. "NM" was the assigned reading for the teachers at the bebe's elementary school. Since I substitute there, and being a part of the PTA, I jumped at the chance to read what our teachers "had" to read over the summer.

I wish I had never read this book. It has bothered me so much, I just can't finish it. And every parent and school child should have to read this book. It is very long and it has the smallest font - so I caution you.. And there are some parts that have some pretty strong s-e-x stuff, and violence, so it's not really kid appropriate. BUT EVERY ONE NEEDS TO READ THIS BOOK!!! If you have children in school, home-school, private school, public school. It doesn't matter.

Please go to the link for Nineteen Minutes and read about this book. It will make you think about growing up, what you went through, about others you knew, things you saw. You will think about hurtful words and how you talk to your own children and other children that you may come in contact with. You will cry, you will understand, you will question the world that our children are growing up in.

It will touch you. I just need to finish it. I know exactly what happens at the end, don't ask me how, but I do. And I just need to go ahead and cry and finish it.

Monday, August 4, 2008

The EEEviiiil side of me...

I can be very mean and vindictive. Shocker, right? Tonight I am feeling EEEVVIILLLL....think Dr. Evil from Austin Powers....and all of sudden you are making the " sign with our fingers....aren't you? "" "" "" ""

I'll stop.

So, my dear friend, the Henry, as had a horrible year. The wench who took my place (like that would EVER be possible) in the company embezzled a BAZILLION dollars. He found out this past October. So. It's just been a fiasco. Several state tax agencies involved, IRS, attorneys, accountants. And so on...

And then, the arrest warrant was issued. And she turned herself in. You can go to this link to look at her. Seriously. If you are turning yourself in, ya might try to look a little better. She didn't. And it appears that she ate a lot of the money that she EMBEZZLED. search by the last name pfenninger.

I should not be so happy that she now is "on the website". But I am. She deserves it, 100%. The Henry has owed this company for roughly 17 years. That's how long I've known him. I worked for him for 6ish years and very hard to help make this little one man show a big deal. And in a couple of years, she totally destroyed it.

WENCH!!!! So let me bask in the glory that our judicial system is, for the moment, working.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Saga Continues

Latest News on the Knee –
Neil’s MRI results came in this morning and GUESS WHAT!!!!!! Torn LEFT ACL!!!!!!!! Now this really was not a big shock, he knew when it happened WHAT had happened. He's a pro...since he tore his RIGHT ACL 16 years ago. Kind of have to laugh that we will get a bill from some professional MRI reader man, glad he is making big bucks.

Ortho appointment is next week to determine what to do……He is walking without crutches, still has some soreness, but other than that, he is doing well.

Thanks to everyone who has been checking on him. Quite obviously I have not yet strangled him although I am not making any promises!!!!