Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tis the Season

While the kids are out of school for the holidays, I’m anticipating not being the computer too much….of course that is subject to change….


but for now, I’ll see you in 2010!!!!  I hope that you and your family have a wonderful holiday.  Be Safe!!! 

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Really…like I care….

It really says alot about “our country” when the top news on every channel between here and Mars is running the same stink’n story.

Top story being how many more clubs Tiger can add to his bag

At this moment in I think we are at number 11 today.  A totally ridiculous number if you ask me.  11!!!!  EEEELLLEEEVENNNNN!!!!  He’ll be lucky if his little winky doesn’t fall off…. either from some crazy ick, or just simply, being over used!!!!! 

And then the next part of the story hits……he says he is “taking a break”.  Bet those future conquests are really torn up, no more touring for Tiger. 

Really?  Now? 


Point it, I still don’t care.  I really truly don’t.  I don’t want to hear about it anymore.  Let Mrs. Wood deal with his cheating butt. 

I am tired of hearing about the growing numbers of very dumb ladies that he’s BAGGED.  (dang I’m good with the golf puns).

And don’t give me any garbage pa-lease about the fact that millions of people admire him and look up to him.  Guess what folks, he is still the biggest thing that has happened to golf in like forever.  He has an incredible gift to PLAY GOLF!!!  That’s it, just golf. The fact that our society puts athletes on such pedestals is why he acted like a dog to begin with.  He believed that he was a stud because he was treated like a stud. 

I say  be done with it people. 

Let sleeping dogs lie!!!! 

Monday, December 7, 2009

Trying to get a Christmas Picture

Trying to get a Christmas picture LIKE I want is very tricky with four kids, especially when

a. one is a baby that is still not quite sitting up by himself and drools all over the place!

b. the others argue over who is going to hold said baby

c. one pouts and gets all puddle eyed. 

d. one makes goofy faces or refuses to smile

e. and one thinks he can’t smile or makes goofy faces like his brother. 

f. one has a scar on his face and the other has a gash on his forehead, both of which you are trying to hide…..

But I want what I want.  I am a glutton for punishment.  

Here are a couple of shots of the kids, each alone. 







So much for the “perfect” Christmas card!!!! 

Monday, November 30, 2009

As If I don’t feel fat enough…….

Peanut is 32 weeks tomorrow.  (If you go by months, he was 7 months old on the 21st of November - the whole week/month thing doesn't play out just so but whatever..)

I feel like this....

My excuse  issue is that I am still nursing....(not a complaint, a choice that I am thoroughly enjoying)...but I am STARVING all the time!!!!  All that crap that I always heard about mom's losing weight so fast because they were nursing....

BIG FAT LIE!!!!!! 

(no pun intended)

Now, I know I don't have to eat some of the crap that tastes so good, like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for breakfast, left over brie for lunch, some BR chocolate chip ice cream...but I like the crap and it’s like my body is screaming for it!!!!!  It tastes so incredibly yummy. 

And, if I don't eat something first thing in the morning (while I'm making the big 3's lunches so it just makes sense to eat a sam-ich...)  oh yeah back to the point...

...if I don't eat something first thing - I will (a) get a head ache or (b) pass out because you know who is still up about 2x in the middle of the night to eat.. again not a complaint..just a fact!

So, like I don't feel bad enough about myself, I happen onto the ole lap today and what do I see....Heidi Klum Samuel (she has taken Seal's last name) in the news again.  She had Seal had baby number 4 in October, a girl, and they are calling her Lou...and she is adorable.....

And then the news story announces that Heidi is in the ‘09 Victories Secret “Fashion” show…this will be what, like the 3rd time she’s done that – popped out a baby and 8 weeks later done the cat walk in her bra and panties..(fyi – photo below was in 05 and it was 8 weeks after having un bebe.)


And this is supposedly one of the photo’s from the ‘09 show that is appearing tomorrow night on CBS…

Heidi Klum - Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2009 (Image: Splash News)


I hate her.

And now I feel like this….

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


So my Pootie left to go to Florida without us for Thanksgiving!!  I'm so sad.  I cried!!!  Really.  He's in good hands, I know that...he's just not with me.  And you know that I am a mother hen.

Last night Lola got to go see Miley Cyrus (and she was Miley not Hannah) last night with her buddy 'Randa.  'Randa's mom got the tickets and took the girls with another one of her friends, Shelly.  The girls look so cute!!!!

Here they are down at 'Randa's getting ready to leave....

Lola got to wear the sparkle skirt that our friend Emily wore 2 years ago to go see Miley.

Emily's mom (Auntie Donna made the skirt and of course had to make a matching little purse...Lola loved it!!)

They got home about 10:15 and Lola said they had the best time!!!!  'Randa's mommy said that there were NO boys there, but sure were alot of daddy's that took daughters. 

Good times and good friends!!!  Doesn't get any better!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!!!  Be safe!!!!

Go Predators (Pooties soccer team!)  Go get that national title!!!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Thursday night was the season finale of Project Runway, Season 6.  Meana Irina won.  And she should have!!  When was the last time you saw such finally crafted dominatrix outfits!!!    Classssssyyyyyyyy stuff I tell ya!!!!!!  Now don't get me wrong - I really think that some of the stuff she created throughout the season was really cool...but the stuff that she presented on the runway - uhhh let me think about it. 


This was one of her better season designs, it was for Ink.....if I recall correctly, and I do, she won this challenge...

And this is what she spent 6 weeks and $9,000 designing!  I want to snatch the stupid hats off!!!!  I thought it was very way over the top and landing in Dominatrixville. 


But even more concerning for me was one of the judges....ergo, my ????? heading!!!  I think this lady so totally did NOT realize that Something about Mary's Mary hairdo, was a J-O-K-E!!!  Totally went over her head - either that or it's stuck in the dang curl!!! 


I mean really.  How in the name of all that is good and holy did that one get by Tim?  And how, did Heidi, Michael and Nina keep a straight face during their talks!!!???

Every good mom should wrap up a conversation where she has used the words "dominatrix" and  referenced Mary's styling hairdo needs to make sure there is a picture of her here it is...

All my bebe's on Halloween....


Aren't they so cute!!!!  So you get the full effect of  Pootie's costume, here is another shot.  Crash was a cereal killer.  As opposed to a serial killer..get it?  Lola was a boxer and Peanut was a baby giraffe. 


 Just call me supermom!!!!

Oh - and since you asked.  My brother came home yesterday for a short visit.  He is doing to hang out with his buddies without having to explain himself. And then he spent the day with us..ok, my kids.  I did his laundry and we cooked him breakfast and lunch.  It was wonderful.  He has to go back to Ft. Benning tomorrow night but will be back on Thursday!!!  We love him and he is just doing so well and is so happy!!!! 

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Totally forgot to tell you …..

that I was asked to be a guest blogger on a really neat website here in the big C-town.  If got the link over on the left, it’s called Charlotte Smarty Pants, very cool website for moms. 

I KNOWWWWW!!!  How stinking cool is that???



if you want to check out my one moment of fame..

go check it out. 


I’ll have an autograph signing later on in the week!!!!!! 

oh and if you want to read one of the funniest things ever, go HERE.  I had to call hubby at work because (1) it’s one of the funniest things ever, didn’t I just say that and (2) he would make the same comment that the hubby in the story makes. 

HUGE News for the Dub Family!!!

Peanut had a CT scan and a visit with Dr. Superman, the neuro doc. As I am sure you can imagine, these appointments cause me to STRESS OUT!!!! This all goes back to Peanut having the grade 3 brain bleed in-utero. I usually cry on the drive downtown. I see that Peanut is doing well, but hey - we didn't know that he even had the brain bleed - remember, we (along with the doctors) were blown away by the fact that he had the dang thing to begin with, he was not symptomatic of having had one.

Scan was at 1 yesterday. Same young gal that has done the past scans did this one. She usually comments as she is doing the scan...stuff like, "oh it looks good. His head looks good. Ventricles look good."

She did not this time.

My nerves tightened even more....

From there, we headed up the road to Dr. Superman's office. And we waited. (He's worth the wait in my book.)   My hope going into the appointment was that Dr. Superman tell us that we didn’t need to come back for 4-6 months.  That would be great news…so I kept saying prayers as I sat and waited…

The scans get emailed over to his office, along with the report, he reads it and then he sees us. Dr. Superman asked me how I thought Peanut was doing. I think he's fine. (although right as I am typing this, he wont' take a nap, but whatever!)  He measured his bald head, he did a neuro test (consisted of baby playing with toys) and then said these words to me...

Peanut is fine. Peanut does not have hydrocephalous. Peanut does not have enlarged ventricles. Peanut's head is perfect!!! I do not need to see him again!

It was unbelievable!!  All I could do is cry.  We are so fortunate to have this fabulous outcome with such minimal intervention.  Dr. Superman is wonderful.  His decision to NOT use a surgical intervention (ie shunt) and to have the spinal taps done (thank you ANGIE!!) gave his body time to correct the crazy problem of the brain bleed.  Is the outcome every time for every baby?  Is time and a couple of taps going to work for every preemie baby??  Absolutely not, but it did this time and we are so blessed.

I am forever grateful and truly believe that little Peanut is OUR own little miracle!!!!

Thank you to Dr. Superman, Angie, Dr. Drew and everyone who took care of our sweet little baby!!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Manic Mondays

As normal, today is a manic monday.  Why is it a manic monday again??  Well, Lola had to go to the doctor today.  (I actually did the trip to the CVS Minute Clinic - love it!!!!

Now the " funny" part is that under any other circumstances, I would not have trekked off to the doc's...she only started feeling bad yesterday for goodness sakes.  She was complaining about her throat hurting and had a fever.  Let's face it, there is some nasty sch-tuff out there right now, but you know me, I'm typically not a race to the doc and ask for a fix kind of gal!!!  But because of "un bebe", I made the run this morning. 

She has strep.  So we left the CVS with an antibiotic and more pain reliever and ibuprofren.  24 hours on the antibiotics and then she can go back to school.  That would be Wednesday....and until
Wednesday she is going to stay the heck away from Peanut. 

Tomorow, Peanut has a CT scan and a visit with Dr. Heafner, the neurologist.  I am very excited and very nervous all at the same time.  I want Dr. Heafner to look at me and say - see ya in a year!!!  That would be so nice wouldn't it?  I feel in my heart that Peanut is fine, just really want Heafner to tell me that. 

Don't forget that if you are one of my email people, and you know who you are, email me, please!!!  I'm trying to rebuild that email database!!! 

One more thing, I'm sitting here with Oprah on in the background.  Sarah Palin is on and she just called Katie Curic "the perky one".  FUNNY!!!!!!!  And just an FYI, I wouldn't pay two cents to see Levi in Playgirl....he's gross.  He's kind of up on that list of mine with John Gosslin.  

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Help me

Since the crash - ya know, the computer crash of 09, I lost all of my emails addresses. If you are one of the fabulous folks that I chat with via email, please email me now so I can add your email into my new outlook!!! Please!!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Do you watch CMT (that would be the country music tv channel) World's Strictest Parents? It's a very interesting show, if you've managed to miss it. It's also very interesting to watch it with a tween - that would be Pootie.

Growing up here in Charlotte, the pastor of my church, Pastor Bouldin, his oldest son and wife will be the "strictest" parents on Sunday night!!  Oh – Hubby went to high school with Blake and Angie too…and Blake is also the brother of my fellow blogger buddy, Besty.

I cannot fathom that Blake and Angie are the tyrants that the show is initially going to portray them to be. We know how TV twists things, remember? My cousin Josh was one of the pack of men on The Bachelorette show along time ago.

 The Bouldin Family

Here is their family......they don't look to scary do they?

“The Bouldins are a tight-knit North Carolina family who believe that tough love is a biblical principal. The pastor of his own church, Blake Bouldin keeps his own kids on the righteous path and demands they lead disciplined and honest lives. For the next week, the Bouldins take in Mackenzie and Ian, two teens with bad attitudes and bold aspirations to have it their way. Fireworks ensue when the teens test the Bouldins with their defiance and dishonesty. Can the Bouldins' stern punishments and tough love approach get these two teens to see the light?”

The show airs this Saturday, November 14th!!! I can't wait to see it!!! 

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Peanuts First Album

Once again, you will want to turn the music that it is on the side bar OFF.
This has taken me a while to put together.  I still get very emotional when I see how little he was….of course, then I look over and there he is, all happy and healthy. 

Friday, October 30, 2009

Pretty cool.

Pootie's grades are such that he is one of the 27% of 7th graders (95 of the 345 7th graders qualified)in his middle school that qualified for the Duke TIP Program, which means he can take the SAT test....some other stuff too.  (Taking the SAT or ACT this early supposedly lets them/us greater insight into his academic ability; in addition to having acces to greater benefits and resources for his "giftedness".   At least that is what the website says. 

Not sure how true it is, but I just wasn't ready to throw him into that just yet.

But it's cool to know that he could if he/we wanted to.

We are very proud of him and think he is a pretty nifty kid.

He obviously gets his smarts from....ME!!! OF COURSE IT'S ME!!!!!  Like I'm going to let Hubby take credit for this??  No way jose!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Favorite Things

Betsy played "A Few of My Favorite Things" on her blog the other was funny because if you know her at all, the answers really are her....know what I mean? So I thought I would give it a try. See if I am what you think I am..

1. What is your favorite thing to snack on while blogging?

A cold Diet Dr. Pepper or another cold beverage!! It all depends on the time of day. If I'm writing early in the morning, I like a bowl of ceral with my blog..afternoons, DDP and some chips!!! If it's evening, a cold beer and some chips will do!!!

2. What is one thing that you wouldn't want to live without?

Um tough one, right now I'd say I can't live without my Outlook email, but I am....not liking it, but I'm managing. On a more sentimental note, I could not live without my friends and family. (I think my friends are a part of a bigger family). Our friends have gotten us through some pretty tough times recently!!!

3. Beach, Mountain or Farm? Where would you live if you had a choice?

Beach Beach Beach. Nags Head to be specific. It is my favorite place in the world!!!

4. What is your least favorite household chore?

All of them. I hate laundry, putting it away. And with FOUR kids, there is alot of laundry!!!

5. Who do people say you remind them of?

When I was younger, much younger, like junior high and high school, people said I looked like Emma Sams. At that time, it meant NOTHING to me, didn't watch General Hospital....but once I figured out who she was, I was totally flattered!!! Oh and for a while, I got the MaryLou Retton (gymnast) that I am old....nobody.

6. Do you prefer parties and socializing or staying at home with the family?

Tough one, I like partying at home or at small informal gatherings at my friends house. CASUAL type situations.

7. What is your all time favorite movie?

Can't answer this one. No possible way. I have many favorite movies. Steel Magnolias. Die Hard. Terms of Endearment. Breakfast Club. Sixteen Candles. Princess Bride. Sense and Sensibility. Gone with the Wind. The list goes on and on.

8. Do you sleep in your makeup or remove it every night like a good girl?

Most of the time, I sleep in my makeup. It's terrible for my face....HOWEVER, when I do dress up and have on a lot more makeup than I would normally have on, I do wash it off. But, I do moisturize like crazy. And I use old school stuff.....PONDS cold creme. LOVE it. Put it on my face every day, whether or not I have on make up.

9. Do you have a hidden talent? Do you have a deep desire to learn something that you've never learned before?

Not really a hidden talent, but I can sew. I really enjoy it, just don't have lots of time. I can also make hairbows....Lola has a million of them to go with any and every outfit.

10. What is the one strange thing that you are really good at?

Nothing strange. I can't tie cherry stems with my tongue or pick up quarters with my toes. Pretty boring person.

11. What first attracted you to your spouse?

He was nice. He was cute and had great legs (it was spring time) but really, he was nice and we would talk for hours.

12. What is something that you love to smell?

Obvious first answer is my sweet baby when he is all clean. But I also love the smell of the beach. Our family tradition is that as soon as we cross a certain bridge as we drive to Nags Head, we role the windows down and turn the radio up!!!! I smile thinking about it!!!

13. Tell something about you that you know irritates people.

I can be pretty opinionated and sometimes have a hard time hiding how I feel. Since serving as PTA president, I have gotten a tad better at concealing how I feel....

14. When you have extra money, what is the first things that you do with it?

I had to look up that one in the dictionary..those words extra money don't exist when you have kids playing soccer.

15. Are you a silent laugher or loud laugher?

Both - just depends

16. Where is your favorite place to shop?

I really hate shopping right now because my butt is so big!!!! I need to get myself back and shape but I am just too dang tired!!!!

17. What is the one thing that you would do if you had more time?

MORE TIME??????!!!!! Sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!

18. Are you a big spender or are you frugal?

I think I am pretty frugal where I need to be.

19. Who is your favorite character of all time, book or movie (not a real person)?

Another tough question. Because I love movies, there are tons of characters that I love. Book wise, though I would have to say Dr. Kay Scarpetta, created by Patricia Cromwell.

20. Would you want to be famous?

Lord no. Can you see me dealing with all the crazy things that come with being famous?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Back on Track

No, not with the computer situation, but with my meal planning. I know you've missed hearing about my dinner plans, you can admit it.

I made my list - loaded Peanut into the car and we headed off to Aldi. Not sure what order just yet but here is some of the plans for the coming days.

Tonight I am pretty sure we are doing Taco Bake - a family favorite and it's so easy and yummy.

1 Cheesy Chicken Casserole
2 Pork Chops
3 Ravioli
4 Chicken Sundaes
5 Sausage Penne Pasta
6 Chicken Tortellini in Alfredo Sauce
7 Turkey (I bought a 12 pounder at Aldi, 99 cents a pound so I will roast it and then use the l leftovers for a different dinner). Consider it a practice run for Thanksgiving, although we do that over at mom's so I'm really not practicing anything bu eatin!!!
8 Turkey leftovers, in form of casserole or man-sandwiches (what my kids a hot open faced sandwiches)
9 Hamburger baskets

It seems that we eat alot of pasta - we do. Carb city right now. I sneak in the whole wheat type, the kids can't tell the difference and it makes me feel a bit better.

I think that was it. I also got stuff for salads, and the cut and bake cookies. My kids have really enjoyed me baking "homemade" cookies for their lunches each week. And so have I. I did my stock of staples such as oatmeal, cereal, peanut butter, fluff, jelly, bread, rice, egg noodles, pasta, black beans, green beans, peas and corn.

I am woman hear me roar.

oh want to hear a funny - Peanut is sitting in his swing right now watching CMT - guess what is on...the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader tryout show. HONESTLY, there is NOTHING on tv right now and it is one of those train wreck shows I can't stop watching!!!!! And right now, if he's happy, I could give a rodent rear end what it is!!!!!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Sticks and Stones

I'm going to go back to the days of pen and ink. I am DONE with computers. Pretty funny coming from me, eh?

CG computer Doc called and I'm pretty much hosed on the ole desk top. Bummer. There are a couple experimental things that could be done, but they may or may not work, and could cost me a small forture. (Oh and to boot, we are having issues with the wireless network in the office..)

Computers age in dog years if you didn't know.

My computer was 5 years old.

In computer years, might as well be 300 years old. Major bummer. I am hopeful that my boss sees the benefit of me having a computer at home and wants to help me get another one.

But enough about that.

I've got dad's laptop right now, so let me run thru a quick what's been going on...

Peanut had his 6 month check up...he weighs 15 pounds 4 ounces and is 24 3/4 inches long. He has been allowed "food" - he is mastered rice cereal, applesauce and bananas. And he is still a boob man.

Pootie, Crash and Lola are doing just great. They have fall break on Thursday and Friday and I cannot wait!!!! All are doing well in school thankfully. Soccer is going really well for the boys, and Lola is anxiously waiting for Spring when she can play again.

Hubby and I are well...he is exhausted from all the driving everyday to Shelby. The kids are pretty much over it too because he gets home so late. Wasn't part of the deal, he was supposed to be able to leave work earlier since it's over an hour drive each way....but that doesn't happen except 2 times a week....and it's not going to change.

Other than that.....we are all good!!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

No News is...

well let's face it, no news is not always good news. Mr. Puter is still dead. I did get to talk to computer techie CG and HOPEFULLY he is going to be out here in the next couple of days. And HOPEFULLY he will be able to work his magic and FIX it!!! And HOPEFULLY, it will not cost a fortune.

I have confiscated my dad's brand new work lap top which is how I am able to get access. My laptop is having wireless card issues. And after spending about 4 hours on and off the phone with the support folks and struggling to understand them, I gave up.

It was very frustrating.

I felt bad for the the last guy.

The conversation went like this.

(you must say this with an accent)

Support Guy: Please if you will ma'am, click on the garble garble gable.
Me: I'm sorry, could you repeat that?
Support Guy: Yes ma'am, no problem, please if you will ma'am, click on the wahwahwahdoda
Me: Yeah - no still didn't get what you just said.
Support Guy: CLICK ON THE START BUTTON, please ma'am if you will.

And this went on for HOURS!!!!!! HOURS!!!!!

I gave up for the night. I know, it's not like me to just give up. But my head HURT from trying to concentrate!!!

The biggest draw back is no having access to my email address that are trapped in my outlook. Very scary to think of not getting them back.

OH and to boot, Monday I spent about 6 hours on and off the phone with Verizon trying to get new cell phones and a new contract and NOT spend any money, or as little as possible.

Pretty impressive feat when dealing with cell phones. Cause they can stick it to ya and not blink an eye. Now, you might be asking yourself, why in the world would you spend all that time on the phone with them.....

UM HELLO - I have a baby and it was a heck of alot easier than spending 3-4 hours in the store - or not, but I wasn't going to temp it. And let's face it, when I needed to nurse Peanut, no one was the wiser!!!

Today, Peanut and I will head out for his 6 month doctor appointment, complete with a round of shots, one being the flu and one being the RSV shot deal. Still not sure about the H1N1 shot - but his doc and I will be chatting about that.

I am anxious to see how much is chunky butt weighs....

and then we will head to ALDI - need to get my list together and get my 2 weeks of meals planned.

Friday, October 16, 2009

The Big Crash

Well - it's been a long time coming, but my computer finally crashed. I am a tad bit emotional about it. I'm hoping that my computer angel is going to fall from the sky and KNOW that I need him to contact me about fixing my 'puter....

So for this weekend, I have my dad's laptop - and will sit and pout and try to figure out what I am going to do. RC was my computer guy and he has dropped off the face of the earth!!! Really stressing me out!!! Haven't heard from him since last year about Christmas time. Dad and I have a another guy that we like, so i guess i will bite the proverbial bullet and call him on this afternoon and see when he can come next week...

It probably didn't like the fact that it was using the big old monitor because my flat screen monitor went belly up 2 weeks ago...and I haven't had the time or inclination to go look at new ones.

I think if that's the case, it's just wrong of a home appliance to be so mean and hateful!!! I take of it, ya know, give it regular updates, new software and let's face it, I download the best music ever!!!!

Protest if you must - but I'll find a way to get you back!! I might just flat out replace ya!!! What about that Mr. Smartypants COMPUTER???

Don't' mess with me!!!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


As you might have noticed, I have added a PETITION to my blog. Why? Well look closely at it - it's a petition to sign to show the powers that be that little ole Charlotte NC is a fabulous place and should be one of the host cities for the World Cup Soccer games in 2018.

What planners they are!!!

One of the big wigs was here a couple of weeks ago to check out the Panther's Den (ie, Loser City, Bank of America stadium) and also visited one of our clubs (Charlotte Soccer Academy) soccer fields. Very cool.

This could be a HUGE deal for Charlotte. Nine Years from now...but we have do get ready people!!!

I have to practice my GOOOOOOOAALLLLLLLLL chant for goodness sakes!!!

But in all honestly - the MONEY that it would bring to this town would be BIG BIG BIG!!! While the USofA hasn't be as fast to embrace soccer (they like foot ball, not futbol) - it is the number one sport internationally!!! And since the games would be in several cities throughout the country, air travel would be up, hotel stays, restaurants - big money. Big Money! Huge!

So, if you would ,please sign the petition. Do it for me. Do it for my kids!!! Do it for the USA.

Just do it!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tried it once

So last week I got a wild hair to let the kids make their own caramel apples.

I know, I'm a cool mom. AND it's a good after school snack because it's APPLES!!! I'm a smart one eh?

Burned my tongue on the caramel. That was the best part, dipping the spoon, forget the apples, into the hot caramel.

And we melted chocolate, white and milk. Cause that's what a cool mom would do. The white was terrible. The kids liked the chocolate.

It was a huge mess. Still have several left. They didn't turn out like the ones on the internet pictures.

But we were making memories right Aunt Artie? That's what it was about. They really did have a blast.

And one more cute picture for you. Crash got a new book from the schools book fair yesterday. He was so excited - Wimpy Kid series. So last night, he was sitting reading his new book, and he sat next to his little brother and read to him....this was not a staged moment. It was totally genuine and I just about cried my eyes out!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

In another life

You might want to silence the music before you read this one.....

In another life I would have done tons of things different. I would have studied harder in school. I would have played girls soccer. I would have started running when I was younger. And I would have been in the Glee Club!!! I'd have been the SUPERSTAR!!! And yes - this is because of my new fav show.

I am having the best time watching!!! I know at my real high school there wasn't a glee club that performed like the one on tv - but oh my - how freaking awesome would it have been to be one of them, for real? (Ok, minus the prego cheerleader, although I do love her name.)

I've added some of the songs to my playlist. My kids LOVE it too - it's the singing and dancing. Even Pootie is enjoying it, must be because of those fabulous (stupid) Modern Dance classes he is taking instead of the French class that was canceled.

Let me add -that the producers of the show DID NOT contact me for song choices. But dang - it sure could fool someone - all the songs that I LOVE!!!!

Here is one my favorite clips!!! What an absolute riot!!!

And my favorite character is PUCK...such a hottie for an above ground pool boy!!!!! He is the very last guy on the video clip- he reminds me of Rob Lowe....

Heavy sigh....

Anywho - if you have missed the show - you need to watch it!!! MARTHA!!!!! That means you!!!!! DVR the dang thing!!!! This clip is from the girls vs boys night - and they are singing one of my fav's!!! BON JOVI!!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bad Neighborhood?

No, we don't live in a bad neighborhood. There are just bad, dishonest hoodlums in this world.

Monday night four of the cars on our street were broken into. Two of them were unlocked. Two were not. One of the unlocks was my suburban. And my dear son Pootie left his wallet in there from over the weekend...and guess what they found? His wallet and his money inside the wallet. And his knucklehead brain had way too much money in it..and it's all gone. They left the wallet.

But all his money he has been saving for a mega pair of soccer cleats. Gone. Hard Lesson learned. We have told him several times to 1- not have that much money in his wallet and 2- don't leave things in my car. He cried all night long. It was heart breaking. Truly it was.

I didn't sleep very well - kept listening for noises outside. Like they are going to come back the next night to see what else they can find.

And yes - I have two big dogs who never made a peep. So did the other folks - all have dogs and all the dogs slept! Dogs are fired for sure.

I feel very violated and mad. Mad for my son - and mad that someone bad was that close to my family!!!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

He said, she said

It was a movie.......


Friday, October 2, 2009

Just good TV.

Today I want to talk about TV. I love it. I do. I admit it. Nothing like a good TV program, a cozy blankie, and a cold b--- um diet dr pepper.

There are some GOOD shows right now. Some are new this season, others - just getting better!

Glee - it comes on Fox. Oh my gosh. If you have not watched it, you must. It is a total HOOT! The music is awesome! There is one jock guy (he's the one with the mohawk) and he looks so much like Rob Lowe it freaks me out.

NCIS Los Angeles- I love Chris O'Donnell. Love love love him. Remeber his little stint on Grey's Anatomy as the vet - this photo was taken about that time. I just love that he married a normal girl, she was a school teacher, and they have a semi normal life with kids. I can relate to that. (for the record, his role in Circle of Friends as Jack, the college student, is one reason I chose that name for one of the boys...ok him and Harrison Ford as eh-hem, JACK RYAN..get it?) PLUS LL Cool J is also starring in this super murder and mayhem, action packed series. I Love me some LL too.

Do ya remember his songs....I've added a couple of them to my play list...those were the good old days weren't they???!!! Anyway - the show is really good and has totally roped me in.

Private Practice! Hello - did ya watch last nights? I was in tears at the end!! Soooo good! If Violet leaves the show I am going to be so ticked!!!

Project Runway. I admit it, I'm addicted to it. Tim cracks me up.

The Mentalist. Love Simon Baker - how does he get rid of the accent? He is super cute and just as a great, albeit tormented, character on the show. The banter between him and the leading lady is fantastic.

Shark Tank. OK - seriously - this is such a good show!!! Some of the goofiest people in the world come up with the goofiest ideas and try to sell their idea to one of the ba-zillionaire Sharks. And then, there are the folks on there that make you slap your head and say "Why didn't I think of that?"

Heard the best line on there the other night. One of the Sharks was implying that the higher you climb in the business world, well, sometimes it isn't always a good thing.....the statement goes something like this -

"The higher a monkey climbs in a tree, the more of his ass you see!"
Survivor. This guy Russell is a stitch. He truly looks like a troll! Most definitely he has to stay just to keep it exciting! Haven't watched last nights episode just yet - so don't tell me what happened. Guess what I'll be doing tomorrow night? Blankie and my b--- diet dr pepper.
Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fall is here...and I'm still stewing

Most definitely, Fall is here. I can tell because the kids had to wear sweatshirts to school this morning. I'm quick with figuring things out eh?

The kids had the day off yesterday. It was a teacher workday...Pootie spent the day finishing up that STUPID summer reading project.

The more I think about it, the more infuriated I get. I really need to think about how I am going to handle this with the school. Because I do believe that something needs to be said.

But for now, I am stewing.

I am just not happy, in general, with the quality of education that Pootie is receiving at this middle school. My kid came from such an incredible learning environment at the elementary school level, and then BAM, he is smacked in the face with sub par teaching.

And yes, there is more to it then just this STUPID summer reading project.

1-Pootie was supposed to take a year of French. School didn't have a french teacher this year..He is taking modern dance. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm all about the Arts and what not, but seriously.....what do you think is going to help him further his goal of going to Wake cause, yeah, that's his goal......and yes, I KNOW how much it costs and YES, I know that he could change his mind a million times...BUT he might not..and I'm just not seeing modern dance as a way in to Wake!!!!

2-Again, this year is more coloring and drawing and making "brochures" than my kid EVER had at the elementary school level. Sunday afternoon he spent 4 hours making a BROCHURE about something or other having to do with the middle east....what there diet is, clothing that type of thing. HONESTLY!!! Cut, glue, back and forth googling facts....cut, copy, paste, print..and color!!!! We are in middle school people!!! Coloring should not be an option!!!

3-Test scores. You are going to love this one. We'll use math as an example....Math test is not one big test with 20 or 30 questions- it's four or five little tests with 4 or 5 questions...each little test, counts as a big test grade. So, test 1a, four questions, you miss one, you've got a 75...test 1b 2 questions wrong, you get a 50.....get it? Now here's the kicker......YOU CAN RETAKE IT!!!! And not get a "discounted score"... You can actually retake the dang thing and score a 100!!!!!! To me, if you had one big test, and missed one, it's a good grade, no worries...

"They" say that it's broken down this way because grouping the questions according to application let's the teacher see if there is a problem with one specific application!! Example, test 1a is all addition questions. Test 1b is all subtraction, test 1c is multiplication...if student misses 1/2 of the multiplication problems, the teacher knows they are having trouble with multiplication......Really - cause they can't tell that if the questions aren't grouped in like categories...yeah, I feel really good about my kids education. Teacher can't figure out if he is making the same kind of mistakes unless they are grouped a certain way...

Think about it people!!!!!!!!! Who is this really helping? Ummm maybe the teachers and the folks who don't want bad grades to affect their JOBS!?!?

OH - and if it were such a great idea, why isn't it being used at all the middle schools in our area instead of the ones in this particular sub-district?

Blows my mind.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Computer is Fixed!!!

Seriously ya'll have no idea what a crap week this has been with the computer. Pootie spent all weekend working on a (stupid) summer reading assignment project.

(My dear cousin Lea, before you reprimand me for calling the homework stupid, let me tell ya, I'm not the only one. This huge project has 1- no rubric - 2- too many parts to it. An abstract sculpture, a written summary, a time line and a newspaper with what - articles that summarize the same thing they did in the written summary. PICK ONE THING, maybe two, FOLKS! Honst, no novel study group, just stupid work to see if they can tell if the kids read the book or not...with no rubric on how they are going to grade it, that should be interesting, don't ya think?)

I digress.

So in all this stupid work that Pootie had to do, he accidentally let a wretched 'puter virus in. Killed the puter. Ticked me off big time. And the flat screen crapped out too. So for the time being I've got the clunker monitor back out.

The virus attacked lots of different settings on my computer and I couldn't get to my blog site!!! I felt beaten!

But we are back in session folks!!! YIPPEE!!!!

I didn't even have a chance to post my menu for this week and next!! So let me summarize.

Sunday night was leftovers. Not to mention the Peanut and I were starting to get a cold.

Monday- Grilled Pork Tenderloin, peppercorn marinated, mac and cheese and peas and dinner rolls. I bought two small loins from Aldi, already marinated, they were $3.50 a piece. Sooo yummy. Two small loins is totally enough for my family.

Tuesday-Poor man's Sheppard Pie. Let me tell ya, they ate the WHOLE thing. Sam asked if I had another one hidden in the fridge and then asked when I would make it again. So easy and they were happy!!!!! Served with applesauce and rolls. (Brown and drain ground beef, add one can of cream of mushroom soup. Put in round casserole dish -sprayed with cooking spray-one can of drained green beans poured on top of meat mix. Top with "enough" mashed potatoes. USE INSTANT!!!! top with shredded cheddar cheese and some bacon bits..and cook until hot at 350. Before serving top with french fried onions, ya know, like the ones you put on the top of the green bean casserole? But you can get them at Aldi wayyyyy cheaper.) Presto. Good dinner in a casserole!!! You could probably even use ground turkey?

Wednesday-We were going to have Cheesy Chicken again, but Hubby suggested we go to CiCi's. So after my HAIRCUT, we all went to CiCi's. Talk about cheap! My kids love that place. And honestly, for the price, ya can't beat it. Plus we used a buy one get one free coupon.

Thursday- tonight, I am using the chicken from the cheesy chicken and doing a chicken pasta dish. Again, tonight is our anniversary. Both boys have soccer practice. Not a big deal, really. We will have dinner together in the next couple of weeks.

Friday-A little up in the air about this one. Might be leftovers and salad. It was supposed to be sausage pasta, but we are doing chicken pasta tonight so.......

Saturday-we have a team dinner with Pootie's soccer team.

Sunday -Sub sandwiches

Monday- a pork roast, with gravy and mashed potatoes, beans and applesauce.

Tuesday-Spaghetti and salad

Wednesday-Chicken Salsa over rice - this is a recipe zaar recipe that we really like. Serve it with chips and they LOVE it!

Thursday-breakfast for dinner. Waffles, bacon and grits....yummy!

A friend of mine asked why I was doing this. So just in case you want to know too, here's why.

Reason 1-We were spending way too much eating out. Grabbing something quick...or running into the Harris Teeter every other day to get "stuff for dinner". It just got to be ridiculous.

Reason 2-I am home now, more than I have been in a long time (baby, not pta president, things like that.) there is NO good reason for me to NOT get the grocery bill back to reasonable!!! If I plan things out, it really does work. I stick to my lists at the stores. Which by the way, one of the worst things to do is go into the grocery store without a list!! You pick up way too much crap!!!!

Reason 3-I am enjoying it. I like finding new things that we can try. The kids are enjoying it. My husband is enjoying it. So far, the thing that he likes the least, which he said he likes it, just not as much as he liked some of the other stuff, is the ravioli....

My tips:

I try to make simpler things on Tuesday and Thursday nights, which are soccer practice nights.

Plan ahead. Keep certain things in the pantry always. Rice, instant mashed potatoes, canned tomatoes, broth, peas, green beans, stuffing, frozen Texas toast. Shop the ads, who has what on sale. Shop at Aldi!!! Shop at Bi-Lo! Keep a list. Don't send hubby to store. He buys all kinds of crap!!! Pack every one's lunches. Crash was the only one still buying his lunch until this year. He's a bagger now, and finally gets it. He figured out he has more time to eat if I pack his lunch. Sorry school cafeteria, he was spending way too much on nothing. OH! Don't laugh, seriously, this one is funny for those who know me well.....I'm baking freaking cookies once maybe twice a week. (frozen sliced kind from Aldi.) for their lunches!!! So much cheaper than bagged cookies! OH and I make muffins. Great for a quick breakfast (you already know how I feel about that) and a snack. The add water or milk kind. Super easy and yuumy!!!!

I'm exhausted from this brain dump. I have more, that's what almost a week with blogspot has done to me!!!!!! EEEEKKKKK

OH, one more thing. Ya know my friend Martha? I've said she has the most beautiful boys ever and they are so freaking photogenic it kills me...the youngest, oh, he is just so smoochable!! I love him. Anywho - Martha sent me the funniest picture of her lil'un ever...had to share it. I just love this kid.
Is this not the cutest thing ever?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A virus and happy thought and prayer requests

My computer has a virus, so until I get it fixed, my postings will be fewer and farther between. I'm at work right now posting this. Dad will be so happy to know how I am spending these few moments this morning. But I came in a tad early to do just this. When I get home this afternoon I will have a chance to call a HELP desk and try to tinker around with things...

I have a head cold - no swine flu, so that's two viruses! Bummer.

The happy thought for the day is that TOMORROW (the 24th) Hubby and I will have been married ("yes, mar-ried". Movie line please!) for 15 years!!! Happy Anniversary to my dear hubby. He gets to go coach Crash's team at practice.

Please pray for my friend Ginger. Her Daddy just passed away. (Ginger's link is on the left hand side. )

Please pray for my friend Maria tomorrow. As Hubby and I celebrate our union, my friend Maria remembers her dear hubby that passed away 4 years ago on the same day. She is such a strong woman and I just adore her.

Please pray for Kevin and Mandy and their new baby Devin. They are first time parents and just rejoicing in their son's safe arrival. (Mandy ended up having an emergency c-section on Monday late afternoon). I've know Kevin since he was a little "twerp" bugging me and his sister, Kelly....he and Mandy tried for a long time to have this little guy! So very happy for them and the family!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Father's Song

My cousin, HollyBeth, has a girl friend named Robyn. Robyn has a precious little daughter named Ava Layne Crow. (Ava means "like a bird" in Latin...her last name is crow, how cute is that? I remember when Robyn was pregnant with Ava and talking about the name and how neat it would look on horse stuff, tack boxes and the like. They are horsey people like HollyBeth.)

Ava has Cystic Fibrosis.

Cystic fibrosis (CF) is a life-threatening disorder that causes severe lung damage and nutritional deficiencies.
An inherited condition, cystic fibrosis affects the cells that produce mucus, sweat, saliva and digestive juices. Normally, these secretions are thin and slippery, but in cystic fibrosis, a defective gene causes them to become thick and sticky. Instead of acting as a lubricant, the secretions plug up tubes, ducts and passageways, especially in the pancreas and lungs.
Respiratory failure is the most dangerous consequence of cystic fibrosis. Also, the secretions block pancreatic enzymes that help digest fats and proteins, and they prevent your body from absorbing key vitamins. (

Ava's daddy wrote and performed a song about his sweet little girl, the song is called Trail of Hope.

Please watch Ava's video. You can click on the link or copy and paste....

It is the sweetest thing.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A moment of silence

Patrick Swayze died. He was 57, which just blows me away. He had been married to his wife since forever. Amazing by Hollywood standards.
Patrick was one of the icons of the 80's!! When I heard the breaking news last night I immediately emailed my friend Heather (from high school) to tell her and to commiserate with her over the fond memories we have of Dirty Dancing!!!
I close my eyes, and I can see the events of that day. The day that I fell in LOVE with Dirty Dancing. It was not in the theater, oh no. It was at my mom and dad's house. On VHS VIDEO on a Sunday afternoon after I had just had a gathering at my house on that Saturday night. Mom and Daddy had gone out of town and someone from Daddy's office was "watching" us. (It was not a huge party, again, just a small gathering. But I will tell you that there was a trip to the ER on the Sunday morning before we watched the movie :D I had to have stitches in my thumb. Cut it on some sort of can...)
Heather worked in a video store, an UN-blockbuster store, and had "rented" some movies for us to watch, and this was one I just HAD to see. As I recall, it was Heather and another friend of ours, Steve, and me.
I loved it. The whole fall in love on summer vacation. The music, the dancing. The rebel boy. the movie lines to treasure....."I carried a watermelon".
Oh the clothes. Rolled jean shorts and little t-shirt tops were in...and Keds white tennis shoes!!!!!
We kept rewinding it to watch certain parts over again. Bad boy gets the girl. Daddy likes bad boy.
Maybe there was hope for all the cigarette puffing, dancing, black t-shirt wearing bad boys in my life.
OK, so none of them danced.
Before he was a dirty dancer, he was the big brother, Darry, to the Curtis boys in The Outsiders. The Outsiders was a coming of age type the book and then watch the movie! All of those guys were such unknowns back then. Patrick and the rest of the cast (C. Thomas Howell, Tom Cruise, Rob Lowe, Matt Dillon, Ralph Macchio) made being bad look so good.
Then Red Dawn!!! Hello, I go running to the mountains with him let me tell ya.
Reading the paper this morning, they said that Patrick never made that "mega superstar" level..I don't know, I think he did...
oh oh babay, my sweet babay, you're the one.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Been a busy week

It really has been a busy week around here!!! Just little things but whew!! I was ready for the weekend!!!

Peanut had a check up on Wednesday - he is doing just fabulous. I just love my pediatricians. The boys see one and Lola and Peanut see another one...usually. Remember, I did make Pootie see the GIRL doctor for his check up. It was the first avaialable and he had to have these goofy health forms done for school sports. Side note, my pediatrician, Dr. Jenny, grew up over here in the neighborhood where I grew up. She is one year older than, me and I had a friends by association relationship with her. She was really good friends with my good friend, Sher, so ergo, we knew each other. AND her her brother and my brother played baseball together over at the private school.

I KNOW!! How cool. OK - back to the story...the bebe is just doing great. He is growing like a weed....remember high fat thighs, I mean breast milk. And she is just very pleased with his progress. ME TOO!

So the weekend brought us back to our favorite past time!!! REGULAR SEASON SOCCER!!! YEEEEHAW!!! Pootie had one game and Crash had two. All at the same location. It was a day outside in the beautiful weather watching my boys do what they love. Talk about a good time!!! Lola was happy because her buddies were there and she got to run and play too! Then she went home with Hubby's mom and hung out with her for a while...oh and she got to go shopping. Again, kids doing what they love! Girl LOVES to shop!

Last night, the 'hood had the after labor day block cook out. It is always so much fun. I just love our hood. It was also a "meet the baby" party too. So sweet.

Hubby made breakfast this morning...and he is off to referee today and I'll get some stuff done around the house, or not. Whatever. I might sneak out to a soccer game later on this afternoon with Crash---to go scope out the competition!!! :D

I'm sick, I know. Hello my name is Mom and I have a soccer addiction!!

Monday, September 7, 2009


Tomorrow throws us back into reality. I think there is a show called Reality Bites. If not, there should be.

I have enjoyed having the extra day off with the kids and Hubby. We got all the laundry put away (miracle). I put my menu together and headed out for the grocery shopping only to find that Aldi's was not open today. BUMMER!!! So I did the quick jaunt through Bi-Lo, getting the things on my list that I knew that I wouldn't been able to get at Aldi.

Plus I used 2 coupons. One was a free gallon of milk and the other was a $10 off coupon. How cool is that?

On the menu in no particular order just yet with the exception of the first two....
  • CrockPot Beef and Mushroom Casserole (in the crock pot because I have a busy day tomorrow)
  • Sloppy Joes with Tater Tots (had that tonight - fyi - this IS not a family favorite as it should be...only Crash likes them)
  • Chicken Sundaes
  • Meatloaf
  • Beef Biscuits Cups
  • Dijon Pork Chops
  • Taco Bake
  • Baked Swiss Chicken
  • Spaghetti
  • Ranch Chicken Thighs
  • Cowboy Stew
  • Baked Ravioli

So tomorrow I will head to Aldi's. I also have a 11 o'clock meeting with the other room mom and the 3rd grade teacher for Lola's class. It will be short and sweet.

Also on the agenda for the week is the middle school open house tomorrow and then the elementary school's is on Thursday. (Which is why I needed a couple of crock pot meals). And there is regular soccer practice and a doctor's visit and a social worker visit to add for spice!

Have a great week, I hope that everyone had a safe weekend.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I cheated!!!

Yep. I did. I cheated. Monday night we were supposed to have the Mac & Beef Casserole. And we didn't. We had Pizza Hut pizza. (fyi, it was so good) Hubby was playing in my most favorite golf tourney and I did not realize that there was a dinner afterwards ie he wouldn't be home for dinner. Bug-a-boo was very cranky as he always is on Mondays and all of a sudden I looked and

BAMMMM it was 6:00 and I didn't have dinner ready.

Being a wonder mom that I am, I quickly hopped on the 'puter and pulled up pizza hut and presto. Pizza was delivered 30 minutes later. Oh, and I had a beer. Hey - it was me or the baby, but one of us was going to chill out.

So that meant that I had this ground beef to use......yesterday I as NOT in the mood for a casserole. So again, because I am a wonder mom, (ya'll seriously, quit laughing.) I made a meatloaf. Now let me tell ya something about when I usually make meatloaf. My Gram, god love her, made some kicking meatloaf. Secret is that you just don't use ground beef. You a little other "grounds". Like pork, or veal, or even chicken. Makes for a nice consistency and super moist. Ain't nothin worse than a dry meatloaf.

Well I didn't have any of the other grounds. Remember, I changed the menu on the fly. So, I added 2 eggs, some crushed ritz, parsley and basil and POOF - into the oven it went. Once it was done I topped it with a mixture of ketchup and brown sugar and let that get all sticky hot.

Then off to soccer practice we all ran. When I got home I threw together some instant mashed taters (doctored up with bacon, tons of butta, and sour cream) and some peas.....

Dinner was damn good last night. While not as moist as I usually like, no one else noticed a difference, Hubby said it was awesome. Only a tiny bit left and Lola is taking it for lunch today.

My Gram would be proud!!!!

OK - must go polish my bracelets. (wonder woman, get it? after all, hubby's phone plays the theme song when I call. oh yeah, I set that ring tone up! whooops!)

Really quick. Here is little man. He is such a big boy now!! :D He is sittting in his new Bumpo that Mechelle gave to him. He just loves it!!!!! (which is the coolest thing ever and was so not around when the other three were bebe's)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Healthy Breakfast?

My girlfriend Angie asked this question via email to a group of mommies (me included)

"Thought I would ask some of you mommies what you guys do for breakfast on school days, I am looking for ideas for fast and easy but nutritious things for breakfast, seems like it can be such a battle in the morning to find something that he will eat fast that does not take forever to make and not loaded with bad stuff. Would love to hear some suggestions if you have time."

Here is my response...
Angie – very interesting inquiry. Quick, nutritious? Can ya have both? Right now, I consider it a good day if they just eat!!!

Crash refuses to go in carpool, he’s a 5th grader and he FINALLY gets to sit in the back seats of the bus – so god forbid we not do that!!! So that turkey gets himself up at 5:45 AM!!! To get a quick shower (because that’s what 5th graders do MOM…) then he wakes me up at 6…I wake Pootie and Lola up. Bug-a-Boo Peanut typically will stay asleep for a tad longer.

Crash and I go downstairs, I fix 4 lunches (Hubby takes his lunch because he is driving to Cleveland County Regional Hospital every day right now and leaving to eat lunch would just waste time….) Crash scarf’s something down. Anything…bagel, English muffin, cereal (it’s fortified for goodness sakes, and has the recommended daily allowances and that’s controlled by the government..haha). I figure if he slathers a bit of jelly on the bagel or English muffin that’s a fruit…has a glass of milk or oj…he has to be out the door at 6:25 to catch the bus that comes at 6:33 AM!!!

Lola hates eating breakfast (she’s a girl.) I keep waiting for the day when she tells me she’ll just have a diet coke or cup of coffee, she is my child after all…(although I have found that after nursing chunky monkey all night when he has an all night eat-a-thon that a bagel isn’t so bad some mornings, but that’s another story)…I think I’ve had a major accomplishment if I can get her to take a couple of bites of anything…instant oatmeal is top on her short list of things she’ll eat for breakfast…..Lola rides in carpool with one of the neighbors and doesn’t have to leave until 6:50. She says the bus in the morning is over rated.

And then there’s Pootie, the middle schooler….he eats two bowls of cereal AND an English muffin or bagel. He eats anything that is not tied down right now. And he still only weighs 90 pounds. This is the same kid that gets home from school and then proceeds to eat another couple bowls of cereal and anything that he can find leftover in the refrigerator. If there is nothing in there that hits his fancy, he moves onto a box of goldfish while he starts his homework.

Healthy? Doubtful
Quick? I think so…..
Just getting 3 kids out the dang door in the mornings….PRICELESS!!!!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday Evening News

HUGE News to announce!!!!! No, I am not pregnant.


He got home to Fort Benning, Georgia late last night. He is home for maybe 6ish months..not sure. There is alot going on in Afghanistan, so they really don't know. But he is in the United States and we will hopefully get to see him in the next couple of weekends. Lola could not stop crying this evening because she was so excited that he was home.

and in other news...

The Peanut Bug-a-Boo weighs 12 pounds 6 ounces as of Thursday of this last week.

and as a follow up story....

Today Hubby asked if I wanted to go for Mex tonight (my favorite) and I said, no, I have dinner planned. How good is that? It was yummy too!!! It was a huge amount of food though. We have leftovers of it. Tonight was the Tortellini with Italian Sausage.

and coming next week

Hubby is playing in my favorite golf tourney on Monday. It's a charity event, and the sponsors, do the do the players up right. He comes home with a HUGE box of soaps, shampoos, lotions, razors, all that type of stuff, and it lasts us the entire year!!! Gotta love it!!! And it's the good stuff that I like!! OH last year there was a mamajama thing of Sauve hair spray...loved it!!!

Speaking of hair. Mine needs some color big time. (Here is where the gay husband swap would come in quite handy.)

And here is a picture of the little one from the other night...he is growing so fast and is just such a neat baby. the lighting is a little yucky - the flash didn't go off on the blackberry...
That concludes our news stories for this evening. Whew. I'm exhausted after all that!!! Time for bed, it's almost 9!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wife Swap

Do ya ever watch Wife Swap? It's one of the shows that I dump into that "train wreck" category. You shouldn't watch, but ya just can't help it!!! I----just----can't----look -----away.

So I pondered the whole Wife Swapping idea and I came up with a thought....wife - shoot, let's swap husbands. I will swap my man for the gay couple husband. I think it would be a good deal. I need help getting my hair colored. and picking out clothes. And cleaning the house. And rearranging the house.

My hubby is a good outside yard man's man kind of guy. Not a beer swigging pootin and belchin' kind, but a good, honey I take care of the yard kind. Warning, he says things are broken, when they aren't, they just aren't working (ie batteries) but aside from that he doesn't come with a big owners manual. (Ya know how the one wife always leaves a manual for the other wife..)

And then I got to thinking. (Shocking.) What would I declare as the Dub House Rules in my manual if I ever did Wife Swap?

1- Kids do homework before anything else when they get home from school. Snack while ya work. (That's not a big shocking kind of revelation)
2- Kids help with the chores and no they don't get paid to do chores. Nobody pays me.
3- Soccer practice carpool for Pootie once a week. Hubby handles Crash's transportation (he's the coach so it only makes sense) Soccer on weekends.
4- Spring time Lola plays soccer too. Add that to the schedule.
5- Speaking of schedules, keep one on the fridge.
6- Pack as nutritious a lunch as possible for 3 kids.

yeah - we are BORING!!!! I don't feed the dogs on the counter top.. don't make hubby sleep in the garage because I like my dogs better. (ok, maybe every once in a while I might want to send him to the garage). We don't dress in coat and tie for dinner, nor do we eat fast food off of paper plates every night. I don't live in a dirt hut because I am super enviromental, nor do I live like a queen who goes to workout every morning (although the working out part isn't a bad thing.)

I'm BORING. I have no gimmick.

I need a gimmick.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Planning Ahead....

My friend Marybeth, Cheaper by the Half Dozen Marybeth, is a phenomenal mom, wife and writer...I could give you many examples to support that statement, trust me. But one of the top reasons, she is a good steward of her family's money. (She and her hubby Curt have a book that every married couple should read about finance and marriage..super great goal is to have our family on a simliar budget as theirs..and oh yeah - they have 6 kids. SIX. That is not a typo.)

One way Marybeth keeps control of the expenditures is by planning meals that the kids will enjoy, that are good for them, and keeping to the menu. (Although she admits to every once in a while skipping a nightly meal for a chic-fil-a kids eat free night.)

I did this once in the fall and I was so proud of myself. I felt like I had control of what was going on in my house during a crazy time (that was when I was pta president and I needed to stay in control of one more thing.)

So I am sort of over my pouting about school being in session and decided to take back control back and put my house in order. I started with the menu and planned out 8 nights of yummy dinners.

Let me give my disclaimer - all recipes but two i got from the RecipeZaar!!! Gotta love this website let me tell ya, it's the best!!! It is super user friendly and you can "filter" any option that you can possibly imagine!! Want recipes with under fifteen minutes. Done. 5 ingredients or less. Done. Main Meals. You bet cha.

So here's what's cooking here in the Dub Household ...

  • Monday night we had Ravioli in a Dish. I used frozen cheese ravioli this time. They also have meat ravioli and a portabella mushroom ravioli. I might try one or both next time. (Got the ravioli from Aldi) Very yummy and the whole family liked it!! There were only 4 ingredients and it took 10 minutes ish to prep and 25 minutes total cook time. I forgot to put the garlic bread in the oven, which was ok with the kids, so we had buttered white bread instead.
  • Tuesday we had Cheesy Chicken Casserole. Again, kids loved it. Lola took the leftovers for lunch today she enjoyed it so much. 5 ingredients. I served it with buttered noodles and green peas.
  • Tonight (Wednesday) we had one dinner that was not from the Recipe Zaar. It was a dinner that one of my friends from the PTA brought over during the whole NICU stay. It's called Chicken Sundae's and if you don't like it, it's your own fault. I think it is a fun "Bar" idea. I served it with pineapple a la Dub. (Baked pineapple with lots of brown sugar and pecans)
  • Thursday is Taco Bake night. This has a tad more ingredients but is still super simple and looks really good. 15 minutes prep time and then just bake easy is that. I"ll serve this with Mexican rice.....
  • Friday night we are having grilled pork tenderloin and tossed salad, again, not from Recipe Zaar. This is a family favorite.....of course they would like it even more if my cousin in law would drive down here from VA to cook it, he has a secret marinade that he uses on the pork tenderloin at the beach and it really is the BEST.
  • Saturday night is Baked Tortellini with Italian Sausage. 7 ingredients with 10 minute prep time...garlic bread and leftover salad.
  • Sunday is a Chicken Casserole with Chipped Beef. I personally love me some chipped beef (of course it's usually in gravy served over biscuits :D) I'll probably serve this with some yummy green beans and either rice or mashed potatoes.
  • Monday Italian Style Chicken and Rice. 4 ingredients....5 minutes prep time and 30 minutes cook time. Monday is typically my get straight around the house day so this will be something that I can do ahead and have ready for a nice dinner for the everyone on a Monday..who likes Mondays anyways?
  • And then to wrap it up on Tuesday night, soccer practice night, it's a classic Macaroni and Beef Casserole. This is another easy kid pleaser around here. This is go well with green beans and applesauce!!!

I'll probably do Baked Potato Bar on Wednesday night next week because I got some great baking potatoes at my favorite grocery store, Aldi. By the way. I got all the families grocery needs for these meals, plus lunch and breakfast stuff, at Aldi with the exception of 7 things, which I picked up at Bi-Lo. I spent less than $200.00 on all the groceries for three meals a day, including snacks for a family of 5 for 8 (or 9) nights. This is also not taking into account that I can shuffle a night if I need to because of left far, we have had minimal leftovers..which around here is a good sign.

So that's the plan. I'm going to stick to it. I should not have to do a big grocery store run again until next Friday :D I'll do a quick pick up of a fresh loaf of bread, milk and dishwasher detergent tomorrow...other than that, we are good to go and I feel so good and in control of what my family is eating. Trying to figure out what's for dinner at the spur of the moment and running into the HT throwing away $60 really gets old!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009


Not really. I am actually pouting because vacation time is over! School starts tomorrow.

I'm bummed. I'm pouting.

I don't want the kids to go back to school......honestly. I don't!!!

I'll be back when I am done pouting!!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Bullet Point Monday

  • It's hot. Too hot to be outside. And when I AM the one that says it's HOT - it's Hot.
  • Beach was awesome.....hated coming home.

  • Last week was a week of doctor's appointments. Me and Little Bugaboo. (He's not a little Peanut anymore- he's big)

  • I'm all healthy. My uterus is not retarded anymore.

  • Bugaboo doesn't have to go back to the eye doctor again until April!!!

  • Bugaboo's head scan and neuro doc appointment went well and we don't have to go back there until November.

  • Bugaboo got put on the scales on Friday at Pootie's doctor's appointment and he weighs slightly over ten pounds!!!

  • I have fatty breast milk.

  • We had a great weekend. Even Hubby said something about it on his way home his way far out job location.

  • Took lots of pictures of the big kids at the driving range on Saturday. That was a hoot!!! Lola whined and whined about how hot it was and how she couldn't do it. Once she shut up, for the first time, she wasn't so bad!! Pootie can hit the stew out of it and Crash loves to hit the balls and is really good too!

  • Both boys had soccer on Sunday. Lola went with mom and dad to church.

  • Soccer tourney this weekend. Can't wait!! Life is back to normal!!!

  • School is going to start soon. Don't want it to. I like having the slobs, I mean kids, home with me. Seriously. I really do. HOME SCHOOL anyone?
Here are a couple of pictures to show you that all is well and good here in MomCanI town!!!

Bugaboo's first day on the beach...

The Boys of the Summer....(is that song in your head now?)

One of my favorite little girlies in the world holding Bugaboo

Driving Range on Saturday-so stylish!!

And Crash looking like he's ready to take on Tiger.

Pootie - so serious!!!!

And my sweet hubby.....

Coming soon - my freaking out over the's a story let me tell ya!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Day Three and Four

Day three - I cooked all day. It was Southern Nights - steamed shrimp, stewed potatoes, fried okra, green beans, slaw, corn bread and banana pudding. It was super yummy. We ripped the heads off of, cleaned and steamed 25 pounds of big ole hunkin' skrimp. I had a fabulous team. Solo helped me all day with the cooking, Uncle E did all the dishes and kept things moving on the refilling of plates and Willie G made her most fabulous corn bread and helped Uncle E with the cleaning.....

And then I passed out (from exhaustion) at 9:30ish with the baby in a very comfy chair upstairs. (After I showered, of course, because DANG, I smelled like skrimp.) and yes, I just typed the work skrimp....we like saying it like that....throw a little Bubba Gump to it and ya've got yourself a nice new word.

Back off, it's my blog.

Hubby was really good about keeping up with the kids, including little one. I would nurse him while I was doing things in the kitchen and then hand him back to his daddy.

Reference the previous post...he's not doing so great on straight formula....

Day 4. I was going to get to go out by the pool and bask in the sun for a little while. Hubby was going to watch little one and stay inside and play pool.

I am not supposed to get sun this year obviously.

Dark clouds and wind have brought me back inside to pout. And ya know that I can do that.

I said it was bad as when we were here for Hurricane Dennis. I realize that is an exaggeration, but it adds to the story. ;D

So, here I sit, with my very sun absent a computer. Bummer.

I think I'll go have another glass of water.

go visit my friends' websites. Betsy and Ginger. (They have such pretty backgrounds now on their sites!!! When I get home I think I'm going to change mine.) But they both wrote about sandwiches, and I think that's funny...but they are great stories.. You will enjoy them. Makes ya think of summer!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Day two Nags Head 2009

This is a different year for me. As ya know, Nags Head is my most favorite thing throughout the year. I look forward to it sooo much. It's my PARTY!!! I love sitting with my cousin and cousin in law in the sun all day - and partaking of the oh so loved Bud Light in bottles that is soo cold in the hot sun....and getting tan tan tan.

Not really happening this year. I feel like I am at pseudo Nags Head. Because I am still nursing, there goes the drinking Bud Light all day. Because I am nursing, there goes sitting on the beach all day. Because I have a retarded uterus that had to have issues during the simple procedure, I still don't fit into a bathing suit...because I am nursing and up and down all night I WENT TO BED LAST NIGHT AT 9:30 and FELL ASLEEP!!!

Hubby is giving him an occasional bottle of straight formula, but it's killing his tummy. He spits up so much more...sleeps a tad longer, but hollers like there is no tomorrow. Not sure if it's worth it to give him the bottle.

And to boot, tonight is the throw down Mexican Fiesta night. We have shredded beef and chicken for tacos, burritos or quesadillas. Chips, salsa, guacamole, cheese dip and some kickin white sauce. Beans and rice of course!!! and tequila, sipping good. And my cousin in law's buddy that is here with us this year, Falk, bought one of those mama jamma magarita makers that you see in Costco....ummmmmm.........makes some fan-tabulous drinks, let me tell ya.

I guess I will be nursing that too!