Tuesday, February 26, 2013

If it’s not broken……

You can still put it in a cast!  Bubba has his first cast on for a round of treatment called SERIAL CASTING.   He had botox a week ago, and we’ve wiggled and waggled his foot to help get more Range of Motion (ROM in physical therapy jargon)…and this is the next step. (literally)

Bubba will be sporting this lovely bright ass orange cast (just like if he’d broken his foot) for two weeks.  Then it will be cut off, his foot repositioned and another one put on.

He was a trooper and very entertaining asking questions and commenting. 

His one big question of course…..


Me:  You can’t. 

B:  WELLLLLL, how am I supposed to play football?

Me:  You can’t.

B:  MOM, can I play badminton?

Me:  Nope.

B:  This is horrible.  I can’t play any-fing.

Me:  Well, yeah cause it’s raining.


And all was right with the world again…..







So far, he’s doing great walking in it….

Now if the RAIN WOULD STOP!!!! 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Parenting 101

I’m sitting at my laptop having a Mommy moment. My moment involves me chewing my tongue off, by NOT reminding my child that he is supposed to have a certain piece of paperwork done BEFORE Wednesday night, in order for me to take him to get a certain item that MOST 16 year olds want as soon as they can get it.

I reminded him back over the Christmas break.  I reminded him over the winter break a couple of weeks ago, and I reminded him a week and a half ago.

I’ve done my part. 

Natural consequences occur naturally, hence the name. They are not controlled or manipulated by anyone, they simply just happen but are not always a surprise (especially NOT to this mom).  Then there is the whole positive and negative natural consequence discussion.  A positive N.C is planting a flower, caring for it, flower grows.  A negative N.C is if ya put your finger in the socket NATURALLY you will get a shock (sorry, bad humor). 

A natural consequence is different than a LOGICAL consequence.  Logical consequences are situations engineered by the person in authority and they are logically connected to the wrong.  A good simple example of a logical consequence is if you do not make curfew, I ground you. 

And now, he will need to either DO IT or face the oh so dreaded NATURAL CONSEQUENCE. Or is it a logical consequence….I really can’t decide in this situation. 

All I know is that I am NOT going to remind him again that the DMV FORM of your 60 hour driving record has to be done OR YOU DO NOT GET YOUR DAMN LICENCE! 



How’s that for a consequence big guy????

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

High Anxiety

My anxiety level is a tad high today.  For one, the weather is CRAP and I’m really wanting and needing to be in some warm sunshine!  It’s been raining all morning….ugggg.  When I say that I am desperate for WARM weather, flip flops and NO SWEATERS – I am NOT exaggerating. 

The oldest is home not feeling good.  I think it’s his allergies and he needs to listen to me and take his allergy medicine everyday.  But what do I know, right?

And I just dropped off the registration paperwork for Bubba to go to preschool this fall.  I know that I should not be as tense about this as I am…BUT that is not the case.

I started Pootie in preschool when he was 4.  He went two days a week.  It was a great situation.  And then he started kindergarten….and Crash started when he was 3 years old and went 3 days and he went 3 days when he was 4 years old.  And then he started kindergarten and Lola started 3 year old preschool and went 3 days.  When she was 4, I sent her 4 days.  And everything was fine. 

I should NOT be totally stressing over Bubba going to 4 year old preschool 3 days a week….BUT I AM!!!  It’s not that I don’t think he’s ready…and I really don’t know why I am so apprehensive about it.  I sometimes giggle to and say my nerves are because I’m afraid he’ll get kicked out.  He is the baby to 3 older siblings. 

He knows more than he should about lots of different things.  He knows songs that most 3 years old probably don’t know (or shouldn’t, don’t judge). I’m Bringing Sexy Back by oh so cute Justin Timberlake is his current favorite.  And don’t even get me started on when he starts singing about his Red Solo Cup (Toby Keith).  He is too dang cute when he karaoke’s that one.  He can recite appropriate nursery rhymes….so put that on my plus side please.  (My personal favorite is when he does the Star Light Star Bright and then says he wishes he brothers would play FIFA with him.) He can tell you his phone number, birth date, his address, he can count, spell his name and tell you who scored a goal for Manchester City.  He plays the PS3 with the big kids – FIFA  and can talk about the players….most 3 year olds don’t do that. 

And yes, he’s been known to bust out in a soap worthy word, or two. (His ability to put a sentence together is VERY impressive Smile haha…)

Maybe that is the cause of my stress right now??

I have until the Fall to work on that…..

On a different note, here is Bubba at OrthoCarolina, waiting on his daddy to join us for the appointment…



And sitting and waiting for the doctor to come in…..


And after we got home. He was exhausted and totally passed out asleep!!!  He did really well – and we have seen signs of it working…..


And heading out on Saturday night to play in the snow….he was so excited.  (FYI – I was NOT)




And my favorite – yesterday evening – playing out in the very muddy front yard.  He dressed himself.  Notice the sweatpants AND the cowboy boots…(oh and he has a soccer jersey on under his jacket.)




Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Botox Baby…..

We are all set for Bubba’s botox treatment this Thursday morning.  Hubby and I are both anxiously optimistic that this will help the boy get a bit more flexion in his right heel.  I’m not really nervous about it…..it’s a shot.  He’s going to cry.  I can deal with that.  (I don’t LIKE watching him cry – but I KNOW it’s going to happen so I just role with it) 

So we will go in – Hubby is going with us….and as I understand it, at that point Ortho Doc with make a decision on whether to cast his foot as well.

I’ll let ya know!  Keep your fingers crossed that this works! 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Teenagers– Oi vey!!

The eldest of the big 3 is going to be turning 16 soon. 

If I don’t choke him first.

He is acting like a teenager. 

Shocking…(I know.)

And it’s getting on my nerves. ON MY EVERY LAST GOOD NERVE.

And at my age – there really aren’t that many left.

I can be flexible and roll with many things.  ONE thing I cannot stand (and WILL NOT ) is the lack of consideration when my child does not tell me where they are after school when they should already be home.  (again, referring to the teenager who rides in cars with other teenagers.)

The rule is this.  School gets out at 2:15.  With the line of students getting out of the parking lot, traffic, etc…..his butt should be in this house about 2:45.  If he is staying after for club, study session, waiting on his ride, going to grab a bite…WHATEVER….LET ME KNOW.   I’m good – just a quick text….ya know on that phone that I provide for you. 

(FYI, I am like this about my hubby too.  Stay at work till the cows come home.  Just tell me before it’s late so I don’t worry that you were one of the cars in that horrible accident that the news just reported…..)

A simple text.  At school.  Going to Chi-fil-a. 

When I have to text him at 3:15 to find out where he is…I get really peeved.

So, in my frustration the other day….when it was 3:08 and I’d still not heard from him….

and then this came across my phone.

3:09pm Pootie:  Oh my goodness I thought I texted you.  We’re at chickfila (his spelling by the way).  I thought I text I’m so sorry.


3:32pm Pooite:  Is everything alright?  You didn’t text back?

REALLY ??????????????????????????????

How about NOT texting at all???????