Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday Evening News

HUGE News to announce!!!!! No, I am not pregnant.


He got home to Fort Benning, Georgia late last night. He is home for maybe 6ish months..not sure. There is alot going on in Afghanistan, so they really don't know. But he is in the United States and we will hopefully get to see him in the next couple of weekends. Lola could not stop crying this evening because she was so excited that he was home.

and in other news...

The Peanut Bug-a-Boo weighs 12 pounds 6 ounces as of Thursday of this last week.

and as a follow up story....

Today Hubby asked if I wanted to go for Mex tonight (my favorite) and I said, no, I have dinner planned. How good is that? It was yummy too!!! It was a huge amount of food though. We have leftovers of it. Tonight was the Tortellini with Italian Sausage.

and coming next week

Hubby is playing in my favorite golf tourney on Monday. It's a charity event, and the sponsors, do the do the players up right. He comes home with a HUGE box of soaps, shampoos, lotions, razors, all that type of stuff, and it lasts us the entire year!!! Gotta love it!!! And it's the good stuff that I like!! OH last year there was a mamajama thing of Sauve hair spray...loved it!!!

Speaking of hair. Mine needs some color big time. (Here is where the gay husband swap would come in quite handy.)

And here is a picture of the little one from the other night...he is growing so fast and is just such a neat baby. the lighting is a little yucky - the flash didn't go off on the blackberry...
That concludes our news stories for this evening. Whew. I'm exhausted after all that!!! Time for bed, it's almost 9!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wife Swap

Do ya ever watch Wife Swap? It's one of the shows that I dump into that "train wreck" category. You shouldn't watch, but ya just can't help it!!! I----just----can't----look -----away.

So I pondered the whole Wife Swapping idea and I came up with a thought....wife - shoot, let's swap husbands. I will swap my man for the gay couple husband. I think it would be a good deal. I need help getting my hair colored. and picking out clothes. And cleaning the house. And rearranging the house.

My hubby is a good outside yard man's man kind of guy. Not a beer swigging pootin and belchin' kind, but a good, honey I take care of the yard kind. Warning, he says things are broken, when they aren't, they just aren't working (ie batteries) but aside from that he doesn't come with a big owners manual. (Ya know how the one wife always leaves a manual for the other wife..)

And then I got to thinking. (Shocking.) What would I declare as the Dub House Rules in my manual if I ever did Wife Swap?

1- Kids do homework before anything else when they get home from school. Snack while ya work. (That's not a big shocking kind of revelation)
2- Kids help with the chores and no they don't get paid to do chores. Nobody pays me.
3- Soccer practice carpool for Pootie once a week. Hubby handles Crash's transportation (he's the coach so it only makes sense) Soccer on weekends.
4- Spring time Lola plays soccer too. Add that to the schedule.
5- Speaking of schedules, keep one on the fridge.
6- Pack as nutritious a lunch as possible for 3 kids.

yeah - we are BORING!!!! I don't feed the dogs on the counter top.. don't make hubby sleep in the garage because I like my dogs better. (ok, maybe every once in a while I might want to send him to the garage). We don't dress in coat and tie for dinner, nor do we eat fast food off of paper plates every night. I don't live in a dirt hut because I am super enviromental, nor do I live like a queen who goes to workout every morning (although the working out part isn't a bad thing.)

I'm BORING. I have no gimmick.

I need a gimmick.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Planning Ahead....

My friend Marybeth, Cheaper by the Half Dozen Marybeth, is a phenomenal mom, wife and writer...I could give you many examples to support that statement, trust me. But one of the top reasons, she is a good steward of her family's money. (She and her hubby Curt have a book that every married couple should read about finance and marriage..super great goal is to have our family on a simliar budget as theirs..and oh yeah - they have 6 kids. SIX. That is not a typo.)

One way Marybeth keeps control of the expenditures is by planning meals that the kids will enjoy, that are good for them, and keeping to the menu. (Although she admits to every once in a while skipping a nightly meal for a chic-fil-a kids eat free night.)

I did this once in the fall and I was so proud of myself. I felt like I had control of what was going on in my house during a crazy time (that was when I was pta president and I needed to stay in control of one more thing.)

So I am sort of over my pouting about school being in session and decided to take back control back and put my house in order. I started with the menu and planned out 8 nights of yummy dinners.

Let me give my disclaimer - all recipes but two i got from the RecipeZaar!!! Gotta love this website let me tell ya, it's the best!!! It is super user friendly and you can "filter" any option that you can possibly imagine!! Want recipes with under fifteen minutes. Done. 5 ingredients or less. Done. Main Meals. You bet cha.

So here's what's cooking here in the Dub Household ...

  • Monday night we had Ravioli in a Dish. I used frozen cheese ravioli this time. They also have meat ravioli and a portabella mushroom ravioli. I might try one or both next time. (Got the ravioli from Aldi) Very yummy and the whole family liked it!! There were only 4 ingredients and it took 10 minutes ish to prep and 25 minutes total cook time. I forgot to put the garlic bread in the oven, which was ok with the kids, so we had buttered white bread instead.
  • Tuesday we had Cheesy Chicken Casserole. Again, kids loved it. Lola took the leftovers for lunch today she enjoyed it so much. 5 ingredients. I served it with buttered noodles and green peas.
  • Tonight (Wednesday) we had one dinner that was not from the Recipe Zaar. It was a dinner that one of my friends from the PTA brought over during the whole NICU stay. It's called Chicken Sundae's and if you don't like it, it's your own fault. I think it is a fun "Bar" idea. I served it with pineapple a la Dub. (Baked pineapple with lots of brown sugar and pecans)
  • Thursday is Taco Bake night. This has a tad more ingredients but is still super simple and looks really good. 15 minutes prep time and then just bake easy is that. I"ll serve this with Mexican rice.....
  • Friday night we are having grilled pork tenderloin and tossed salad, again, not from Recipe Zaar. This is a family favorite.....of course they would like it even more if my cousin in law would drive down here from VA to cook it, he has a secret marinade that he uses on the pork tenderloin at the beach and it really is the BEST.
  • Saturday night is Baked Tortellini with Italian Sausage. 7 ingredients with 10 minute prep time...garlic bread and leftover salad.
  • Sunday is a Chicken Casserole with Chipped Beef. I personally love me some chipped beef (of course it's usually in gravy served over biscuits :D) I'll probably serve this with some yummy green beans and either rice or mashed potatoes.
  • Monday Italian Style Chicken and Rice. 4 ingredients....5 minutes prep time and 30 minutes cook time. Monday is typically my get straight around the house day so this will be something that I can do ahead and have ready for a nice dinner for the everyone on a Monday..who likes Mondays anyways?
  • And then to wrap it up on Tuesday night, soccer practice night, it's a classic Macaroni and Beef Casserole. This is another easy kid pleaser around here. This is go well with green beans and applesauce!!!

I'll probably do Baked Potato Bar on Wednesday night next week because I got some great baking potatoes at my favorite grocery store, Aldi. By the way. I got all the families grocery needs for these meals, plus lunch and breakfast stuff, at Aldi with the exception of 7 things, which I picked up at Bi-Lo. I spent less than $200.00 on all the groceries for three meals a day, including snacks for a family of 5 for 8 (or 9) nights. This is also not taking into account that I can shuffle a night if I need to because of left far, we have had minimal leftovers..which around here is a good sign.

So that's the plan. I'm going to stick to it. I should not have to do a big grocery store run again until next Friday :D I'll do a quick pick up of a fresh loaf of bread, milk and dishwasher detergent tomorrow...other than that, we are good to go and I feel so good and in control of what my family is eating. Trying to figure out what's for dinner at the spur of the moment and running into the HT throwing away $60 really gets old!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009


Not really. I am actually pouting because vacation time is over! School starts tomorrow.

I'm bummed. I'm pouting.

I don't want the kids to go back to school......honestly. I don't!!!

I'll be back when I am done pouting!!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Bullet Point Monday

  • It's hot. Too hot to be outside. And when I AM the one that says it's HOT - it's Hot.
  • Beach was awesome.....hated coming home.

  • Last week was a week of doctor's appointments. Me and Little Bugaboo. (He's not a little Peanut anymore- he's big)

  • I'm all healthy. My uterus is not retarded anymore.

  • Bugaboo doesn't have to go back to the eye doctor again until April!!!

  • Bugaboo's head scan and neuro doc appointment went well and we don't have to go back there until November.

  • Bugaboo got put on the scales on Friday at Pootie's doctor's appointment and he weighs slightly over ten pounds!!!

  • I have fatty breast milk.

  • We had a great weekend. Even Hubby said something about it on his way home his way far out job location.

  • Took lots of pictures of the big kids at the driving range on Saturday. That was a hoot!!! Lola whined and whined about how hot it was and how she couldn't do it. Once she shut up, for the first time, she wasn't so bad!! Pootie can hit the stew out of it and Crash loves to hit the balls and is really good too!

  • Both boys had soccer on Sunday. Lola went with mom and dad to church.

  • Soccer tourney this weekend. Can't wait!! Life is back to normal!!!

  • School is going to start soon. Don't want it to. I like having the slobs, I mean kids, home with me. Seriously. I really do. HOME SCHOOL anyone?
Here are a couple of pictures to show you that all is well and good here in MomCanI town!!!

Bugaboo's first day on the beach...

The Boys of the Summer....(is that song in your head now?)

One of my favorite little girlies in the world holding Bugaboo

Driving Range on Saturday-so stylish!!

And Crash looking like he's ready to take on Tiger.

Pootie - so serious!!!!

And my sweet hubby.....

Coming soon - my freaking out over the's a story let me tell ya!