Monday, November 19, 2012

Travel, Braces and Art!

So we’ve had a several busy days.  We took Pootie to Raleigh for a Soccer College Showcase.  Two games.  They won.  College coaches watched.  There ya have it.  Crash and Lola went to Bristol, Tennessee with Itsy and Poppa Dave for Dave’s moms 100th (yes 100th) birthday party.  Crash, being the charmer that he is – told her she didn’t look a day over 90.  He has such a way with women, don’t cha think?


Bubba and I went for a fitting for his new braces this past Friday.  He was NOT happy about it.  He says that he walks "jess fine Momma” and that we “will not wear them”.  I am HOPEFUL that since he will be in two SMO’s (little braces that just go around his ankles) and not an AFO (the big one that went up the back of his right leg) that he will be more tolerant.

I know.  I laugh as I typed that too.





Here he was a YEAR ago, getting the first set of braces.  Not only has he grown 4 inches since this time last year – CHECK OUT HIS CURLS!!!! 



Look at that face!!!  OH he makes my heart melt. 

Last year he picked out BLUE soccer balls and cleats as the design.  This year – he went really out on a limb and picked out GREEN soccer balls and cleats. 


And here was this mornings PT and art all tied up together.  Painting!  This was a GREAT PT exercise too because he had to maneuver around the table and keep his feet FLAT (no tip toes on his right foot).  He loved it!  There was lots of stretching and movement…and let’s face it.  HE GOT DIRTY and had  BLAST!!!!!  He must had painted 5 coats before I finally pulled out the black paint and then did his hand prints! 


Isn’t it cute for my office? 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sexiest Man Alive

Sneak Peek: Hello, Channing! | Channing Tatum

Yep – it’s that time of the year.  The annual People Magazine naming of the Sexiest Man Alive….I love all three of those hot gents above.  Denzel Denzel Denzel.

BLAKE SHELTON photo | Blake Shelton

And this one – I love me a good ole country singer…and when he sings this song…..oh I melt.  



PAUL RUDD photo | Paul Rudd

And Paul – he’s a cutie too….I always feel like he has a sense of humor about himself..

BRADLEY COOPER photo | Bradley Cooper

And for real – BRADLEY – can the eyes get any sexier?  The man is FINE…


And fo-real…..Adam Maroon my 5 ANY time he wants.  I’m not crazy about this picture of him in People – I much prefer this one…er, I mean three…



Dylan and I have had a long standing stalker love relationship since his days as an attorney on The Practice…


                           MAINE: PATRICK DEMPSEY photo | Patrick Dempsey

And let’s be honest….who would have thought HE would have grown up to look like that?

NEW YORK:ROBERT DOWNEY JR. photo | Robert Downey Jr.

And you already might know that I love love love RDJ.  Matter fact, it’s about time for me to start me some holiday tunes from RDJ.

But I think I’ve decided who I think, out of all the men, is the sexiest….




Yep – For me, it’s this guy. 

Sexiest Man Alive.

Monday, November 12, 2012

This weeks entrées

This is a quick summary of the menu for the week. 


Chicken Parmesan – as requested by Crash. It’s going to be the only night for a week or so that we all get to eat dinner together.


Pork Chops – Hubby loves him some pork chops.  Think I’ll do green beans and some sort of hash brown casserole side.


Chicken Thighs – I’m thinking something teriyaki with pineapple and rice



Memo to my chil’ren

(and yes, that was in honor of GramMabel – she always called the kids “her chil’ren")

Memo to all my children:  You will get to bed early tonight so you can get up tomorrow…get your chores done so are set for a couple of crazy weeks.  Then you will do your homework.  This is not an issue up for discussion, voting or any argument.  You will do it with a happy hear and smile or I promise I will make you miserable!  There will be no lollygagging, moaning or complaining.  Somebody else does not live here so don’t even suggest I ask them to do designated task.  I love you all very much but cross me on this and you’ll be sorry.




I copied Hubby on it as well.  His response to me was this..

I am glad I have to go to work. Ha Ha.

Most all of what I wanted them to do today did get done.

It’s funny, three out of the four heeded my warning.  One still likes to pop off at the mouth.  I will be taking his phone tomorrow morning! SURPRISE!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Gag me with a spoon

Last week when Bubba had the croup was the first time since leaving the NICU that he “had” to take any type of medicine with the exception of when he was a baby baby and teething.  I THINK I recall once or twice giving him some infant Tylenol once or twice. 

So last week having to give him the NASTY tasting steroid ONCE a DAY for THREE days was an absolute NIGHTMARE. 

It took all my energy to sit on him, literally, hold both his arms, hold the syringe of medicine, blow into his face and close his nose…. to get it in him….

But it was only 1 x a day for 3 days.    We can handle that right?  This is hubby who said  and I quote “I can do it….it will be ok because it will be me not you and he’s just made at you”.

fight fight fight fight

Oohhhhh reeeeaaaallllly

How did that work for ya?

Then he got the ear infection…HIS FIRST one ever…and his first prescription for an antibiotic. (Again, not bad for a 28 weeker)

Except that I have to give him the Rx TWO times a day for TEN DAYS!!!!!!  TEN!   TEN Freaking Days!!!




I asked Dr. Jenny – is there a shot?  NO.  Not for a first time antibiotic taker with a first time ear infection.

So, instead of going all WWE on him I took a different approach. 

Take the medicine or sit in time out.

That was Tuesday about 6:20ish in the evening.

He screamed and hollered and screamed and hollered.

I not taking that medicine Mommy.  It’s gross.  I will throw up.  It will make me sick.  I cannot take it.  You’re weird.  This time out chair is stupid.  You are so nasty to me Mommy….and my favorites..I’m not your son anymore Mommy….and wait for it….I hate you Mommy. 

My retort after everything he said was this…..

I’m sorry you feel that way son.  I love you very much.  You can take the medicine or you can sit in time out. 

More insults hurled at me.  You’re mean Mommy.  I do not wike you anymore Mommy.  This is stupid.  Time out is stupid.

Now his time out chair is a little wooden bench that belonged to my grandmother Mabel. (no, the fire place does not open, nor has it been turned on in 11 years)

I sat away from him, in the den.


And the yelling continued.

This is not fair.  That medicine will make me throw up. (Fyi, it’s amoxicillin – that shit taste good!)You are not my Mommy.  I hate this…it’s not fair. I’m going upstairs.

I’m sorry you feel that way son. I love you very much. You can take the medicine or you can sit in time out.

And I popped a cold beverage and sat in my seat.

When he would get up and walk to me in the den.  I would ask “Bubba, are you ready to take that medicine?”

I discerned that the answer was NO each time he stormed back to his time out bench and screamed NO – I am not.  I’m sitting in TIME OUT!  (my ability to discern things is a-freaking-mazing)

This went on for almost TWO HOURS and 45 MINUTES.  I am NOT kidding nor am I exaggerating any part of this.

I was exhausted – he was exhausted…..and guess what – he still would NOT take the damn medicine. HE SAT IN TIME OUT FOR 2 HOURS and 45 MINUTES!!!!!!

So hubby gets home – we tag team him.  His exhaustion made it a little easier for both Hubby and I to take him. 

We think we got enough in him.  At that point, sobbing in my arms, he said in the sweetest little voice, Mommy, I wove you so much.  I will not pitch a hissy tomorrow.

Thank you Bubba.

He lied.

Wednesday morning he gets up, eats his breakfast….and tells me he will take the medicine “in a minute”.  Didn’t happen, Ninni (my mom) comes over with a donut and tells him “if you take your medicine you can have the donut”. 

I not taking that stuff.  It makes my throw up!  I hate it!  Mom you are so weird….

yes the insults and screaming started right back up where they left off….

And I put his butt right back into time out. And resumed my chanting of I know, I love you, blah blah blah…you have a choice, you can sit in time out or you can take your medicine. 

He sat there screaming for close to 30 minutes (my mom will vouch for me on all of this….swear)  and then he gets up….

walks into the kitchen where mom and I are chatting and says…

I’m ready to take my medicine.

And the little turkey drank it down and had the NERVE to look at me and say “it wasn’t that bad”.


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Menu

I did have a menu all planned out for the week – just haven’t had a chance to post it.

Bubba got over the CROUP (yeah- that was 6 days of miserable last week) and then he came down with an ear infection.  While is has been rough – it could always be rougher….this was the first time since leaving the NICU that my baby has had to have a prescription!!  Last week was steroids, this week an antibiotic….All in all, I will keep quite and only mumble my complaints.

To the task at hand.

The Menu

This week was funny because the boys decided to pick the items – and I picked which day…it tickles me that they each have certain things that they always request…


we were supposed to have Lasagna, I moved that to Monday night because of a late soccer game.  So we ordered pizza. 


I made the Lasagna.  It was very good if I do say so myself. 


Leftover Lasagna and Pizza.  It was a great’s so weird, I always think that Lasagna is better as a rerun…


Beef Stroganoff.  This was a request of the eldest child….he loves it for some reason.  I made a double batch and will throw the other part into the freezer.  I did the “real” Beef Stroganoff….not Hamburger Helper.  (Which oddly enough is something the family likes)


Hubby’s Choice….Meatloaf and Mashed Taters and green beans


We would normally do Chile Verde.  HOWEVER – Hubby and I will be at the Memorial Service for our friend, Robb.  It’s weird to think that Hubby won’t be with them every Friday night now. It makes me sad.  I know that he treasured his time with them -


I’m guessing we’ll shift to Saturday night Chile Verde. (if you are concerned that Lola is being left out of the top picks – don’t be- Chile Verde is her top choice…she is the one that wins this every week-)


Crash’s choice – his favorite is Chicken Parmesan.  He has his last regular season game in Asheville on Sunday – so I will probably send Crash and Hubby on their merry way and I’ll cook it for him.  I really have NO desire to go stand in the cold mountains!


Pork Chops, mac and cheese and Peas and some sort of apple/oatmeal concoction.

Here is a totally random picture for ya…my dining room….they use it every dang day.  I LOVE my dining room now….the boys crack me up sitting at opposite ends working….


Next Post: The task of giving Bubba his medicine.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Robert Charles Pugh “Robb”, our dear friend, passed away Sunday, November 4th surrounded by his amazing family.

Robb was 42 years old and fought the most courageous battle against ALS (Lou Gehrig’s).

robb 4 - Copy

Let me tell you about Robb … 

Hubby and I met Robb and his older brother, Mike, when we were dating.  Both played in the men’s soccer league with Hubby a LONG TIME AGO.  Mike and Robb were these cute new guys on the field…..and they were HYSTERICAL.  You couldn’t help but just love ‘em…..(It took a while for us all to find out there was a younger brother, Jamie…I remember thinking – there’s no way – how can we all handle the angst of THREE of them!!!)

It was so cute how they ran around together – they appeared to be each other’s best friend.

I’ll admit it (and yes, my hubby knows this – he’s heard it for 20 years…) Robb had THE BEST legs!!! HOT LEGS.  Damn hot.  A couple of the other girl friends and I would comment (and stare) on his legs…..cause those legs were FINE.  (Am I being clear that he had amazing legs?)

We all became friends with “the Pugh Boys”.  Thank the lord because they were great eye candy to have around!

Robb was just the proverbial “great guy”….he helped Hubby whenever Hubby needed a pick up truck and an extra hand….Our first big dog house purchase – Robb was there to help hubby pick it up and get it home….  We needed help doing some sweat equity on our first house – Robb (and Mike) was there to help.  Had a baby (Crash) Robb shows up with a baby outfit (a Kentucky outfit, of course) for the babe – AND a Big Green Machine big wheel for Pootie – he didn’t want Pootie to get his feelings hurt because there was a new baby around.

Robb showed up for the boys soccer practices when they were little.  He showed up to their games when they got older.  (Thanks Mike). He’d stop by to say hey and hang out……and he’d send sweet little text messages and call me “Gorgeous”…..he was such a flirt.  I know he said that to many of the wives….Marian & Leslie I know for sure got the same flirtatious notes that I did.  (FYI- our hubby’s all knew too – we all loved him.)  I know both Leslie and Marian would agree – WE DIDN’T want Robb to ever find a girl – because then he wouldn’t be our “sub” hubby and we’d have to be nice to her! 

When the time came that Robb and his family needed help….well for my small family – there was no question.  Hubby would and wanted to help.  Who better to help care for him than the ones that love him and knew his so well.  Robb was ROBB.

The most amazing thing was as easily as we all fell in love with Robb as our friend – was as easily as we fell for the whole family.  Robb’s family is an amazing, rowdy, loving bunch. One sister, Laura, amongst three boys. Bless her heart…I know that growing up they tortured the sh*t out of her. They just had to….no way around it. Robb and his brothers, Mike and Jamie, love their torture was part of it! His Mom and Dad…just strength and love they have for each other…Robb lived as long as he did, I know, because of them.

Hubby was lucky enough to be one of Robb’s weekly helpers.  The time that my Hubby spent with Robb was time away from us – but I am so glad he was able, and willing to do it.  Hubby and I think he was perfect for the job because of his experience with Bubba in the NICU…..he had the patience, tolerance and humor to do it.  He learned to feed Robb and to use the eye chart so Robb could talk to him.  My kids got to see Robb – oxygen mask and all.  Bubba spent time over there – he loves being with Mr. and Mrs. Pugh.  To him – it was Robb.  Robb’s dog.  Chloe.  Bubba always reminded Hubby to take a treat to Chloe. 

For Robb, the pain is gone.  I am grateful for that.  For him and for his amazing family.  I know that Robb was loved and will be missed.  He will live on in all of us who knew and loved him.

We love you Robb ….and the entire Pugh Family!!! 

Death ends a life, not a relationship.”
― Mitch Albom, Tuesdays with Morrie

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Decisions Decisions

First he thought he wanted to be an alien (remember, he has older siblings, so going thru their trunk of old costumes is just what he does)


Then he thought maybe the SCREAM guy was a good idea…



Then Jason…




But he decided on Captain Hook….now, Just so ya know – Pootie and Crash both wore this same outfit….how freakin’ cute huh?



Bless his little heart – he did manage to Trick or Treat at SEVEN houses, but that was all he could handle.  He has the CROUP and it has really wiped him out.

On a side note, the steroid is HORRIBLE.  Dealing with a 3 year old jacked up – is HELL.  Doc said it would probably make him mean as a snake. 

Snake is mild in comparison.


and here he is sporting one of his new tatoos (he calls them Hi-Toos)  just so ya know – that is a MACAW on his shoulder.  He said it was a MACAW – not me.  I called it a damn bird….

And all Pirates wear a MACAW on their shoulder.

One more funny thing…

This is my crazy big dog, Henry Cooper, (yes, he was named after a soap opera character – if you ever watched Guiding Light.)

Henry is HUGE – he’s a black lab and boxer mix – just big…but he has never acknowledged he is big…so here he is this morning – trying to relax on the stairs….he’s bracing himself so he doesn’t fall off!!! Smart – but not working really well….