Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope that everyone has had a most fabulous Thanksgiving Day. We went on the long ride up the street up to mom and dad's. Mom cooked everything but the Blueberry Jello that I love so much. I made that, and brought the rolls. Oh and I made a southwest squash casserole that we like. The turkey was amazing!!! Mom really does cook the best turkey ever.

Another couple, Dave and Gloria, from the church joined us. Dave worked for the Missing Children group. As an investigator. He has found over 1200 missing children. Only 14 of those children were not alive. It was amazing to hear about it. He talked to my kids too about safety. Pootie was just shaking his head. He told Dave - "that's what my mom does." I got the thumbs up from "the man" about the rules. Pretty cool. It was especially good for Pootie to hear that I am not some crazy wench. FYI, 1 out 100 missing children are abuducted by total strangers. The rest are parents, family members and acquaintances. Scarey.

So, we are home, it's after 8. We are all stuffed. Ready to go to bed. Lola ran a fever all night last night, which meant that once again, I was up and down. Ok, that is a lie, what happened was, she would moan (she was in the floor next to my side of the bed) and Shelby would sit up and look at her, which meant her little name tag would jingle, thereby waking me up. I've learned after 3 kids to sleep thru some fever talk....

Anywho - Happy Turkey Day!!!! Be safe!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Today is the big day!

We are getting ready to head out towards the hospital. Today is the big day for the knee surgery. Yippeefreakingdoodaa!

More info to come.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Week is quickly going down the drain....

We went to the funeral for Grandmother. It was truly lovely. She would have approved. We had to the "visitation" at her house after the funeral. Everything was just as she would have wanted it. The silver platters, crystal pitchers, dollies. Pretty table clothes, and yummy food. Ok, the iced cooler in the laundry room with the beer in it that HollyBeth's dear husband stashed in hiding for us would have gotten us a tisk tisk or two from her. But - we needed it!

And then we got home Sunday night. And I came home with what I first thought was too much rowdiness, but is for sure a stomach bug.

Monday night, cat number 3 died. We think he was hit by a car and then crawled (dragged) his poor little body home, to die there. Great.

And Hubby has his knee surgery tomorrow.

Yeah - it's just headed down the drain. Trust me when I say I cannot take much more.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My Grandmother

The dear lady on the right is my Grandmother Doris, her "real" granddaughter HollyBeth, and my Aunt Mary.
Grandmother passed away this afternoon. She was almost 93. She was an amazing woman, a true lady with such a big heart!!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

I am so Mad!

Pootie usually gets home from school anywhere from 3:45-4:00. Depends on if their bus is broken down AGAIN. Yesterday, about 4:15, I started looking out the window to see if he was just walking down the street really slow. Not the case. No Pootie.

About 4:25, BFF calls and says, I'm getting in the car, the bus has been in accident, walk outside and get in the car with me. So, I go flying out the door. 'Bout that time, Pootie calls from Sheild's daughter's cell phone. (Of all days, Pootie's phone was here at home on the charger.) He is fine. Come get him. I told him that BFF and I were on our way.

Get to the "scene". Dumba*^ bus driver, according to all the children on the bus, fell asleep and ran into the back of another school bus. Lovely.

I am so mad on so many levels. The pompous a*^ from area transportation was exactly that, a pompous a*^, and will forever more be known as PA. And while PA was there, not a single person from the middle school showed up. PA almost got himself smacked a couple of times, and that's not even counting the me. That was from the police officers that he was totally ticking off. Un-freaking-believable. PA did nothing but spout about of political nonsense that, come to find out, because I know people, was a big fat lie. Just like him.

So, police are trying to get all the info, news helicopter is flying overhead, kids are being moved form one bus to another and PA is talking out his rear end. The police were trying to get the names of all the children on the bus. Because they have to have that. Well, NC law states that within 30 days of school starting, all buses should have a from filled out listing each child's name that rides that bus and where they sit. Did the bus driver have that list, nope. she did not. She tired to pass around a blank list and have the kids quickly write their names down. The list did not make it to every child. And some of them were not writing very legibly. Not their faults, they were just in a bus accident!

Here's the best part. The kids are put on a new bus. They have a new bus driver. The sleepy bus driver has to immediately go down for drug testing. Guess how she gets there. (you are going to love this)...she got on the other bus and drove it there.

Ain't that something. That scenario is comparable to'am, we think you might have been drinking - we'll meet you downtown for a DUI test.

Monday morning, BFF and I are headed over to the school to have a pow wow. We still have had to phone call or anything to check to see if the kids are ok. Nothing.

And the kids whose parents didn't get the phone call from the illegal cell phones, their kids were probably about 2+ hours late getting home from school. And had they tried calling the school to find out where their bebe's were...there was no one at the school.

They could have watched the news was breaking news!!!!


Thursday, November 6, 2008


Seriously. There are very few things in this world that just make me want to MELT!! Fall down in the floor and melt kind of melt.

ahhhh Doug Ross, MD. He makes me melt. this is our song too, if you must know. I let them borrow it - you know, they have twin girls together. It seemed, well, the only thing I could do.

Yeah - I know he looks happy to see HER in this clip, but he is really just fooling her. He is still begging for me to leave Hubby. I keep telling him ya just can't throw 14 years of marriage down the drain....or, well, we'll talk about that later. The surgery is coming up in less than 2 weeks after all.

So you ask where all of this is coming from? (Hello, did you just miss the part about THE knee surgery? Wake up, pay attention willl ya!)

My life has been very incomplete since he left me andm well if you must know, County Hospital. We've managed, but it's been tough. Luka was really nice, a man with an accent is always a good choice, although I cannot stand "the new Aussie", what's his face. I can barely understand his utterances.

Mark was very dependable. The kind of guy ya marry. (I have one of those for goodness sakes, why would I want one more?) John fell into the same category for me as Mark at first, however, he so got better with age! And then he left for freaking Africa and that skinny wench.

Ray tried to help, but eh, the whole car accident-double amputee-him moving to Louisiana really got in the way of things. Of course there's Tony, and he's a fun guy and all, still not sure if I can trust him. I still do not get what they all see in Neeeee-la. GAG.

But NO ONE has ever done it for me the way Doug has. It's the put your chin down, tilt the head to the side ever so slightly and then look up with your eyes.

Why am I bringing all of this up now? Well, I just got a letter from Doug. It appears that he is in desperate need a break from Carol and the twin girls, Tess and Kate. He is coming back to me and County. Finally. Maybe.

He said John and Peter were coming back too!

I can hardly wait.

My heart is all a flutter.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

He's out there!!!

Hubby is outside doing yard work in the dark. 'Cause of this whole fall back crap it's dark dark dark at 6:00 pm. Really gets on my nerves. I need sunshine for as long as possible. All this does is make me put my kids to bed earlier than I already do, just so I can go to bed!!!

Honest. Ask them. They hate it.

Oh, back to the point. Hubby knows that I am watching, waiting, stalking him if you will. TRYING TO GET A DANG PICTURE OF HIM WITH THE DANG HEADLIGHT ON HIS HEAD. So, he is purposely NOT wearing it right now.

I'm mad.

I"ll have a beer - as I listen to my man Trace singing to me. Man just gives me chills. And I liked him before he was a hunka hunka burning love on The Apprentice. It's the hat, the voice, the butt, the jeans, the hat, the hair.

I know, I'm off track again. Big deal!! It's my website!!! Don't like it? Get your own!!!

So, hubby is out in the dang dark, trying to weed and feed by the house lights JUST so I can't get a picture for my website.

I personally think that is sooooooo selfish of him.

And yes, today I am talking about anything other than that dang election. :)

Cause I'm a rock star and I don't need you, and you're a tool. Again, off track.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I can check one thing off of my lengthy to do list (most of which includes cleaning and washing the dreaded clothes)

Did you vote? If YOU DO NOT VOTE, you have NO RIGHT to COMPLAIN!!!!!!
There, I said it.

A Crash Story

Hubby & I went to the 2 younger bebe's teacher conferences yesterday. The kids are smart, doing well in school. blah blah blah. Don't misunderstand, I totally think it's important. Crash had to come to our conference with his teacher. It's a student led conference. Cool.

His teacher is a good guy, yep, a guy, Mr. P. Mr. P lets us in on the fact that Crash is somewhat of the class clown. Lovely. (Although, that really doesn't bother me either. I figure if I'm not getting notes home that he's disrupting class, it's all good.)


Mr. P tells us that there was a class spelling bee. Crash didn't do so well. I'm stunned (NOT! - Crash hates standing up in front of people being put on the spot.) Two misspelled words knocked him out. One was teriyaki. (Heck, I"m not sure I just spelled that right.) And then then other one, MENU.

Yes, the word that knocked him out was MENU!!! Go ahead, ask me how he spelled it.


P-I-E. He spelled MENU, PIE! I said "Crash" and he looked at me and said, I didn't want to do it mom. Which again, no big shocker there. Give him something to memorize and recite, he can do it, put him on the spot with an unknown. NOPE. He turned down a spot last year to meet and play a game on stage with some Carolina Panthers guy, just because he didn't want to be ON STAGE!! HELLO!!!

So, PIE it is. I'm good with that.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween

Here are two of my three bebe's in their Halloween get ups. Pootie left the house before I could get the required group shot of the 3 of them. So much for required! Pootie was Jason Vorhees. First attempt at something scary. Crash was "Wassup", and Lola was a Vampire Bride, or something like that. Now, Crash had decided a couple of weeks ago he was going to be an army man, he changed his mind literaly at the last he had to go to the trunk of Costumes from Halloween Past. And Lola wanted to be a Ballerina. She too, changed her ever so fickle mind. She too, found herself in the truck...
Like I'm running out to Halloween Costume store Hell at 5:00. I DON'T THINK SO!!!!

OK - so the two bebe's...and fyi, Lola strikes that pose all on her own, I have NOTHING to do with it!!!!! She watches entirely too much Project Runway!!!! And isn't the hair just fabulous!!!?