Wednesday, November 30, 2011

From the mouths of babes

My mom has this lovely nativity scene.  Last year, mom would hold Bubba and point out all the “characters”….and Bubba learned everyone’s name.


MaryNeil…(this one cracks us up…poor guy – sister’s name is MaryNeil after all)…..

and Baby Ye-sus.

Mom has been decorating the past couple of days.  And Bubba and I were over at the house this morning so I could work.  Mom showed Bubba that the nativity was back out and on display.

Bubba  just loves looking at it…so as he and mom were standing there….he hollers

“Hey Poppa, come here, Baby Ye-sus is back!”

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

ChaChaCha Changes



December 2009

kids 2

November 2011


(it’s not the best picture of the oldest one, but he kept blinking and I got quite tired of trying to get another one……)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It was a PERFECT Fit!

This is the right leg getting it’s AFO brace……..





And the left foot getting it’s SMO…..



See, the left brace you can hardly see with the shoe on…


Made a couple of adjustments to the AFO’s….




And off he goes!




he was fascinated with the parallel bars and there was a little walker there..he thought that was nifty….(That’s his PT Christy’s head in the corner)




Nothing like a man in uniform

I love a man in uniform.  Always have.  Big joke with my hubby.  He does NOT wear a uniform.  He looks hot in his business suits.  But DANG – I LOVE ME SOME………



YEAH – I know I know, that is NOT the ATF uniform – but it’s hot huh?


UMMMM – YES he is – he’s CRIMINAL MY MIND hottie Shemar I wish there was Moore of him to go around. 


That would be one of my favorite bad boys – RDJ.  (he has the most incredible voice in case you didn’t know….)

which I then have to counter with my favorite older man US Marshall

I really really like the whole “rip” pants and boots thing.  Ya know, those very navy colored cargo pants that “they” wear…

Yep – LOVE them….

Add a nice fitting t-shirt with their affiliation on the back -

Yep, I’m set.

Are you waiting for me to get to the point.  There is none really – except I got to see the HOTTEST CUTEST MOST INCREDIBLE SAAAWWWEEEETTTTT Fireman on Sunday…


He even kissed me!!!!  My heart went all a flutter – and my hubby just stood there shaking his head…as this did NOT surprise him what-so-eva!!!!


How adorable is that?

(disclaimer – all the other stuff is true…can’t help it….it’s the pants….)

Monday, November 21, 2011

If the shoe fits

Got the call today – THE shoes were here, FINALLY.  (Remember, we had to order them….and there was a whole ‘nother part to that saga that I just “let go” because it stressed me out so bad…)

But they are HERE.  As in “IN MY HANDS”.

And the appointment for the braces – that’s tomorrow morning at 8:30 am.

Please Please Please say a prayer that Bubba does NOT pitch a fit over these things.

It’s going to be a HUGE adjustment for him….

He knows that he’s getting them – he just doesn’t really “get” what the whole gist of them just yet..


I’ll take pictures….

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Sweetest Thing

I told you about my sweet friend Libba and her precious baby Glory a couple of weeks ago.  Well, Libba is now 26 weeks along with the little Miss…and I am so honored to be walking by and with my friend and her family through this journey.  Their strength and resolve continue to make me love them even more.
I want to celebrate the life that Glory has right now – and if you don’t believe me that there is a life there – inside her mommy’s warm belly – look at this wonderfully amazing picture of OUR GLORY!  (And yes, I’m saying OUR because I love her already, just like I love her sissy and brother!)

Girl is sucking her THUMB!  Is that not the sweetest thing ever?

And here is the most beautiful Bible verse that Glory’s mommy posted along with her portrait on her website today….

Body and soul, she is marvelously made!

Oh yes, you shaped me first inside, then out; You formed me in my mother's womb. I thank you, High God - you're breathtaking!

Body and soul, I am marvelously made! I worship in adoration - what a creation!

You know me inside and out, You know every bone in my body; You know exactly how I was made, bit by bit, How I was sculpted from nothing into something.

Like an open book, you watched me grow from conception to birth; All the stages of my life were spread out before you,

The days of my life all prepared Before I'd even lived one day.

Psalm 139:13-16

I think it’s just beautiful.

Pray for my friend and for sweet Glory.  They are not asking or praying for miracles – because I believe, they know that she already is.  They are praying for love; that they get to love her however GOD plans for them.  Whether in life or death. 

The Sweetest Thing.

Monday, November 14, 2011

First you make the grass….

I worked in a daycare during my second year in college. I had young 4 year olds in the afternoon from 2 until 6.

I taught them to TIE THEIR SHOES.  First you make the grass, then you make the tree, the rabbit runs around the tree, jumps through the hole, and comes out with his two ears.

I am sure there are lots of versions or little stories to help the kids learn to TIE THEIR SHOES.

And that WAS 20 plus years ago….

because let me tell you – NO ONE CARES if kids today EVER learn to tie their shoes.

I KNOW this because I went shoe shopping with Bubba today.  He has to have new tennis shoes, that LACE, not velcro, close for his braces that should be in by the beginning of next week.

Ask me how easy it was to find a pair….

Payless – the very nice guy there told me they no longer make lace up tennis shoes in the “little sizes”.

Stride Rite – NOPE.  They had a pair of cute shoes that look more “hiking” than tennis shoe.  I  bought them in case I didn’t’ find anything else  but they were RIDICOUSLY expensive. 

Walmart – Oh HELLLLLL NO.  That would have been to easy. 

TARGET – not a single pair, not ONE without velcro.

So we went to SHOE IN.  The rumor is the guy that works there is a mastermind in finding shoes AFO’s and SMO’s – well it’s true.  I told him what I needed – he said I have the perfect shoe.

And it wasn’t a terribly ugly tennis shoe.  No Spiderman or StarWars CRAP all over it..

Just a nice BLUE running shoe type SHOE. 


But they didn’t have his size.

That would have been too easy.

So we ordered them. 

And they cost way less than the ones from Stride Right, that I’ll be taking back‘

Not too bad, huh?


And back to the thing about velcro?  REALLY – don’t cha think it might be a good idea for a kid to learn to tie his/her shoes BEFORE they go to 4th grade!


Friday, November 11, 2011

A thin line….

Here is what my den floor looks like….


I have blue painters tape down on the carpet – and it’s going to be there for a while...(And YES, I know, toys are IN the floor)

No, the carpet is NOT torn, dirty and stained but NOT torn.

No, I am NOT going to paint the very old nasty carpet in my den that I refuse to replace now that I have a toddler again.

So Why?  Why would any sane person put TAPE on the carpet?

It’s physical therapy! 

The Bubba needs it to




That would be because he can JUMP!  It’s a little jump – but for him – it’s the equivalent of jumping over a huge ravine. (Ok, slight exaggeration, but I’m entitled.)


Bubba can FINALLY get both feet off the ground with a tiny little hop that gets him up and over the blue tape.

PLUS – we use it for side stepping….he side steps back and forth – stretching the muscles in his legs…GREAT exercise for him. 

Bubba’s PT, Christie, told me in the beginning that ANYTHING can be PT – and that I would get the hang of making ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that he does be beneficial to his body. 

She was right. 

Morning Baths -  great time to stretch those legs in warm water.

Eating lunch -  he stands at the coffee table in the den and keeps both feet flat on the ground as he reaches

Up and Downstairs.  GREAT exercise for him  - no more zooming down the stairs on his belly for him!

Playground at brothers’ soccer practice – EASY = it’s PT just screaming to be done!

Sitting with me ON my desk while I work – Yep, great PT, working on core strength.  Playing with pennies, playdough and cutting paper.  Passing ball with brothers…and sissy can even get some good stretches out of him while they’re watching a movie.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Men -

I’ve never had a difficult time saying what is on my mind.  (Stop laughing) Over time, I’ve learned to use my edit button, sometimes.  (I said sometimes – give me a break)

When Bubba was born, I was all about putting things down “on paper” (actually here, on my blog and in emails to the masses).  It was my emotional dump.  Plus, like many, I wanted a way to remember.

I’ve never really considered what my hubby did.  He is not one to sit down and write.  Not his favorite thing to do.  So how did he do the emotional dump?  I feel bad, because I don’t know how he let go of some of his thoughts and feelings about what we were going thru when Bubba came along.

One of my favorite Blogger mommies, Jesse, her hubby did the writing and the blogging….and low and behold – it’s now going to be a BOOK!  Isn’t that cool? 

I love that he was able to keep the memory for them….and what a neat thing for their Jack to have! 

I think that it’s going to be good for many daddies and hubbies to read – and mommies – to see this preemie thing from a daddy’s point of view.  I can’t wait.  I am so excited for them!!1

Read an excerpt of YOU DON'T KNOW JACK here

Sometimes I forget..

The Bubba has a cold of sorts – he’s had it for the better part of a week.  On and off fevers and a stuffy head…and a runny nose.  Nothing major right now, just a cold

But when he has the moments that it’s kicking his butt.  And during those moments, he wants to be held.  And he wants my arm. 

I swear it’s from the kangaroo time we had when he was  baby.  So as I am holding him right now and he’s sticking his hand up at the top of my shirt to get at my arm – I told him when he was little, he used to fit inside my shirt and in my bra ('I’m wearing a sports bra right now). 

It’s funny to think of how gi-normous my boobs were and then stuffing him inside my bra – AND HE FIT!!!  Here was the first time holding him and he was literally inside my bra – he loved being held skin to skin.  And I sometimes foget now how far we’ve come and how much he’s grown!



Flash forward 2+ years – he still likes to be touching my skin (or Neil’s, although he does prefer me hehe)

He gets picky too about my jammies at night if he cannot get to my arm when he is trying to fall asleep…..and forget it if he’s not feeling good.  I should just walk around in a tank top – he’s be happy…..I’d freeze.

Oh well -

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Cinder-ellie Cinder-ellie

Hubby is at the park – more like a soccer complex, but it’s AT a park.  He’s the only one with soccer on the agenda today. 

And I The kids will be cleaning. 

They are thrilled.

Today is CINDERALLA SATURDAY for this crew.


As in, I’m the wicked stepmother mother.  And ya’ll aren’t going to any damn ball party or renaissance festival  until this house is spic and span. 

Call the mice, the birds and the old dogs and get them to come help yo sorry butts ..

Their names are Jaq, Gus and Bruno, in case you are wondering. 

Because today.





(FYI, I tried to find a clipart picture of a mom relaxing while her kids cleaned around.  NO SUCH PICTURE EXISTS!  Can you believe it, yeah, me either.)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Memory Lane

It’s really weird looking at old photos of the kids – partly because there are so many years without the Bubba.  I feel guilty sometimes putting old pictures out – because he’s missing- but then I remind myself – of two things….

1- that’s what happens when you have an 8 year gap between kids

and 2- the Bubba has more pictures of him than all 3 combined….technology made that happen.

So I cleaned out a drawer in the family room coffee table and came across a stack of totally random (but mostly holiday) pictures…

Like this one…

xmas kids old pix

They were all dressed up for Christmas pictures – we went to the shopping center up the road…Crash and Lola ended up sick as buzzards the next day.  A total coincidence….but still.

Or this one….I think they look so sweet here….

xmas kids old 2

Now, this one is really old….this is out at Aunt Mary and Uncle Ervin’s farm…..that’s my Daddy holding the horse….then from left to right ON the horse, that would be my cousin Jon, my cousin Holly (HollyBeth), me, and my brother.  Not sure why Chris didn’t look at the camera….

kids old 3

And then this is at the farm – but this is Crash and Lola several years ago….

kids old 5

This is Halloween a long long time ago too.  Lola lived in this costume.  Seriously.  She wore that AND the wig EVERYWHERE. 


kids old 4

and this one….at the beach…..


kids old 6

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

AFO’s, SMO’s and UFO’s

Bubba and I went to go get him fitted for his braces this morning…….He was NOT happy about it.  I think it was really because he still doesn’t feel great.  Little guy ran a fever all yesterday – and we still icky this morning.  

His PT, Christie, met us there – and all he wanted to do was go to Chic-fil-a and he told her MULTIPLE times that he was going to Chic-fil-a and she was NOT going.  She totally knows how to handle him – she tells him like I do – to be nice!

Jimmy is his orthotic specialist and he did a great job dealing with a little guy who really just whimpered and asked me to hold him. 

We picked out a blue background that has (shockers) soccer balls and cleats on it…..

Now we sit and wait to see what insurance says….they’ve said YES, but they want all the codes. 

This could take another couple of weeks.

RIDICULOUS – you realize that, right?


As for the UFO- got a letter today from THE INSURANCE company – they said that based on the doctor’s letters that they will approve the orthotics……I have NO idea if they still want the codes they asked for this past week….who knows – they’re all NUTS