Monday, December 9, 2013

Do you smell that??

The other night while washing the dinner dishes I started smiling.  Had a funny little chuckle all to myself.  Not because I was washing the dishes, but because of what I was thinking about.

My Gram’Mabel.

Go ahead, ask me why washing the dishes brought her into the forefront of my thoughts. 


The smell of it made me think of her!

Are you old enough to remember Madge, the lady that gave manicures with Palmolive dishwashing soap?  


I just stood there laughing to myself. 

Weird how certain things, smells, sounds, make you think of someone. 

A smell that sends me a wave of emotion over me…

IVORY Soap!  My Gram (mom’s mom) LOVED some IVORY soap!!  (She was also a firm believer in PONDS cold cream….and yes, I use that too.)

So in honor of thinking about my Gram’Mabel…and because it is the time of year that made famous one of her lines

Mer’ Cri’ma Chil’ren!!