Tuesday, June 30, 2009

So Cute!!!!!!

How stinking cute is this picture?!!!????

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Growing Pains

Last night hubby and I took Pootie to a rather large and nice Charlotte hotel for a Bar Mitzvah celebration for one of his good buddies. It was a very emotional event. I am sure it was for Buddy's family too. But for me - major Growing Pains!!!!


Pootie was dressed up (dressed up for kids his age) and he looked so handsome.

And he looked so grown. I had major growing pains.

It was sad. He IS growing up. I've known that, he acts like it for sure, (voice is changing too) but that was a very in your face moment for me. And it wasn't until I saw this picture that it hit me.
He looks older than he did earlier in the day! And the fact that he is now as tall as me doesn't help. (Yeah, I know, I'm not THAT tall, but as a mom, there is something about your baby passing you and looking down on you that is kind of freaky!)

Isn't he handsome!!???? Here is the full shot -

I am sure he had fun. I walked him in and it sure did look like a BIG party!!!! They had a sit down dinner, DJ, dancers (hip hop, not lap, haha) and all sorts of major decorations going on. And that was for the kids - there was a separate thing going on for the parents.

OH - and how about the fact that the moment Pootie and I were walking him in, a GIRL squeals and runs up and gives him a big old hug. Not cool. OK , one girl did run up and give me a hug, hadn't seen her in a while and we've known her since kindergarten and she is just the sweetest of girls.....I see her and I always hear the song Sweet Caroline in my head. I would have been more ok with that girl running up and hugging him...I didn't know who this other young lady was at all...will need to investigate this more.

Getting old stinks.

Monday, June 22, 2009

My brother....

my brother can be absolutely infuriating. But only I am allowed to say that. I am the sister after all. No matter how much I want to smack him, I want me to be the only one to say that, or have the right to smack him. And trust me, Chris and I can go at it arguing with the best. He likes to pluck my nerves, and I let him, and then the feathers start to fly.
It's always been that way. Ok except for when we were really little.
BUT, as many times as I'd like to just smack him, there are just as many times as I just adore him. He might be a turkey to me, but he loves my kids just like an uncle should. He spoils them rotten. Teaches them how to get maximum velocity burps. Holds them upside down in the toilet. Rents them video games that I do not approve of. Lets them eat ice cream until they yack. Whatever - he's wonderful, cool, goofy Uncle Chris.
And Uncle Chris is being deployed next week. We think now it's Iraq, but we are finding out that can change in a nano-second. Chris came home this past weekend to tell us all goodbye.
To be blunt, it sucked. Lola cries every time she says his name. The boys are trying to be cool about it. I don't talk about it. Mom and Dad, well - obviously - they are taking it as any parent would, trying to be strong, but devastated.
So - here are some pictures that would get me sucker punched if he knew I posted them! :)

All grown up - but legs still look like he's 12...and take note of the SLICK 'do he has

Friday, June 19, 2009

It's Friday!!

It's summertime, so around here, everyday is like Friday!! I just LOVE summer!!! I love my kids playing outside until almost midnight. I love that they sleep in and I have to wake them up to eat lunch! Seriously - there is only so long you can do that and people not talk bad about cha!! Ya start doing that kind of stuff as an adult and it starts all kinds of comments!!

Peanut is doing great - I'm waiting on Paula, the home nurse, to come for her last visit. Anxious to find out how much he weighs because he is pretty much nursing all the time. He wouldn't take a bottle from me yesterday - he took it from Hubby, just not me. Silly boy.

Peanut and I spent our second night upstairs in my bedroom with Hubby. I had been sleeping downstairs with him. For several reasons but mainly....it was easier. One being that it was a 3 ring event feeding him. Nurse, Bottle and then Pump. Or Bottle then Pump. Needing a light on occasionally too....and Two, this baby is LOUD!!! He is a grunter - and not just when he is eating!!!! So Hubby says the other night, come on, come upstairs, it'll be ok. Yeah sure right. He hasn't slept for two nights. He looked at me this morning and finally admitted that Peanut is LOUD!!!!!!!! I just grinned and said "told ya". I feel bad, because he does have to go to work, I can nap. But I've offered to relocate again, and he is sticking to his guns about us "still being welcome". Whatever! I appreciate him wanting me in "our bed", but honestly, the man has to sleep!!!

My Aunt is having knee surgery today; she's needed to have this done for a while...so I hope that it is an easy recovery for her. She's a tad hard headed about going to the doctor - so god help us all if it's a yucky recovery. :) Especially help my cousin HollyBeth, because she will be picking up alot of slack I am sure.

Beach plans are underway. I cannot wait. We are going to go to HollyBeth's for a couple of days before the big house. The kids are psyched - and it's always so much fun for me too. HB and I will get a lot of the beach prep work out of the way - thereby giving ourselves more time to relax. Hold on, I have to pick myself up off the floor from laughing so hard. Seriously.

I still need to finish last years video.......you can go back and watch the previous years video's and wish you were a part of this beach family vacation!!! It's just the best time!!!!!! I love making the vidoes..it's called making a memory!!!! You will need to stop my music on the sidebar to enjoy the tunes that go with this video.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Didn't make Dave's Top Ten List

1. Harper's Island is a pretty dumb show. But I still watch it and it still scares the b-jeebies out of me. Hubby and I started watching it the other night and I got too scared and had to turn it off. Finished watching it a little while ago by myself..DUMB DUMB DUMB. Hate that I am watching such a DUMB show.

2. I WANTED to watch that new show HawthoRNe on tnt but my DAUGHTER stopped the dvr from recording it. Not happy about that at all. I love my medical shows. It's how i learned to call for a thoracodomy tray for goodness sakes! (Peter Benton on ER called for one EVERY time he walked into a trauma on that show.) You never know when you might need to get a thoracodomy try really fast!! Must be prepared!

3. Drumsticks are my second favorite ice cream, next to Baskin Robbins chocolate chip. Yummy!

4. Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches make me happy.

5. I am addicted to America's Next Top Model and I cannot believe that on season 11 they are going to have a transgender model. Totally freaking me out. It's gross and I am not sure I am going to be able to watch season 11. So Tyra, beware, when your ratings drop.....it's cause I did stop watching.

6. I also love Burn Notice and the new show Royal Pain. Such happiness to be found in a good tv show right now. My fabulous life revolves around holding my baby, nursing my baby and pumping the boobages, and sneaking in a nap when Peanut is napping. I'm a simple girl with simple pleasures. I need good shows to watch while I'm sitting on my butt.....

7. My daugther told me she finally gets why my mom calls me a dairy factory. She says, and I quote, "mom, it's because your breast sheild has four holes in it, like a cow." Smart child huh?

8. Trying to get a free phone from a certain cell phone carrier is a pain in the butt. I've exhausted that for the day...we need new cell phones, have credits and it just shouldn't be this difficult!! I am fine getting the new phones, it's the dang adaptors that they nail ya on!!!

9. My baby is sleeping and needs to wake up to eat!!!

10. Crash and Lola have been getting along really well since school got out. I think they are so happy to not have to get up and go anywhere. Crash has been staying in his jammies all day!

oh and number 11.

Peanut, as of yesterday, weighs 5 pounds 1 ounce!!! Big chunky monkey he is.

and, I know I have asked alot of people to pray for us but I must ask again. My brother is getting deployed on June 30th. His orders have already changed once, first heading to Afghanistan, and now to Iraq.....please lift him up to the Lord and pray that he and his battalion are kept safe. (oh, he is officially an ARMY RANGER.)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Baby love...

Just had to share this picture...when Peanut was in the hospital, (i love saying it like that, it makes it sound like it was a LONG time ago), I found comfort in a couple of things. One, that he was at one of the finest children's hospitals in the country, Levine's. Two, he was being watched around the clock. Three, there were incredible nurses and doctor's taking care of him. But four, there were a couple that really liked him....One of them was his primary day nurse, Jodi. This gal is the sweetest gal ever. Her voice is so calming and we know she really liked Peanut!!!
Here is Jodi and Peanut on the day of discharge!!! How sweet is this? Jodi had to get in one more rocking chair snuggle before we left!!! (disclaimer, Peanut doesn't have a cone head, his hat was falling off! Promise!)

And this is me and Deb, the nurse practitioner in Progressive Care. This lady is a crack up!!! We just loved sitting and gabbing with her!!! And let me add, that I had on heals in this picture!!!

Week One at Home

Week one went by in a flash with the baby home. He is such a blessing!!! He has totally adjusted to the day to day noise that goes on here. Between the 3 big bebe's and the 2 "other bebe's", there is a lot of just noise, not that my kids are loud. No not at all. But they are kids and the dogs do bark. Sometimes Peanut flinches, other times, he doesn't even move!!! Were I not to know that he had past his hearing examine - I would take him for a hearing examine.

So what all have we done? Nothing. And I know that this will shock you, but I am really good at doing NOTHING but sitting on my butt holding my baby!!

Peanut is up to 4 pounds 13 ounces as of yesterday. For the most part, he does just fine at night. With the exception of 2 nights ago, he is just getting up twice to eat. Two nights ago, he was up for HOURS and all he wanted to do was nurse. So that's what he and I did...all night long it felt like!!

Pootie, Crash and Lola finished school on Wednesday and I have to tell ya...YEAH!!!! I was so happy for them, and for me!! I was getting a tad tired of packing lunches!!!

Life has slowed down on the soccer front for them, now it's just little "get togheters" and "kick arounds". Crash is playing in a tourney tomorrow. It's a 3v3, and they should have fun. Pootie plays in one in July I think. Then we head to the beach!!! And yes, we are going to the beach!

OH - and Hubby is doing fine. He had the big V last Friday. Yes, last Friday, the day after bringing the Peanut home. I was so not letting him reschedule that doctor's appointment. No way!!! The catch was, he didn't want me and the baby going to the doctor's. So his choice on a driver was either my mom, or my friend Ethel.

Umm. Getting a V, mother in law, or wife's girl friend...how does one choose? He choose Ethel.
She is a nurse so it made more medical sense! :) And it does make for great neighborhood gossip ya know!!! He was only gone for about 2 hours, no pun intended but NO BIG DEAL! :)

Uncle Chris is also doing great. He is officially an Army Ranger! We are so proud of him. He worked very hard to get where he is. I have a fabulous picture of him in his little Ranger beret, but I cannot post it on the web, there are apparently strict army rules having to do with security and all. BUT, I can post this one of him holding Peanut this past weekend.

Summer is officially here in our house...late nights with kids playing outside at night and sleeping until late in the morning. I just love it!!!! I hope that you are enjoying the start of summertime as much as we are!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Really quick...

Our baby is home! He actually came home this past Thursday. The pictures from the other day are actually of the kids holding him AT HOME!!! It was the first time for them to see their baby brother. WOW. What an amazing day Thursday was.

I have not taken the time to sit and write, because I want to just sit and hold my baby. So Sorry!

All is well, we have all adjusted to Peanut being home...the kids are being great!!!! The other bebe's (aka the doggies) are being great!!! Hubby is being great, I am great (duh-we already knew that) .

I promise, I'll get everyone updated.....

Monday, June 1, 2009

Meet my baby, the chunky monkey.

He weighs 4 pounds 0.7 ounces
as of Sunday night at 8:45pm!!!!

He still doesn't like the lights on...so that is why he looks wrinkle-faced.