Thursday, October 30, 2008


The Nags Head 2007 vacation!!!!!

This one is dedicated to William L. Wilson, our Uncle who died on January 17, 2009!!!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Soccer Soccer Soccer

This is Pootie's soccer team, they were playing in a tournament down in Greenville, SC. They played really well and took 2nd place. Crash's team played fabulously too, Hubby was with him, so no pictures! He can't coach and take pictures at the same time. Sorry dang excuse if you ask me....You might have to turn my playlist off to enjoy the "Under Pressure"! And you can see Pootie's long gone Mohawk. He is number 7 (in the blue jersery).

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday evening.....

This weekend has been, well, not really anything. Crash had a soccer game yesterday in Asheville at 3:00, so that was the whole day as far as I am concerned. Pootie worked on homework, bless his annoying preteen little a*^. We might even have to change his name to ALT. (that would be annoying little twit) But we will see how he progresses into the week. Lola had a great time in Asheville. Ok, truthfully, she had a great time on the car ride to Asheville. Captive audience. One of Crash's team mates had to ride with us. He doesn't have a sister. I am sure that he is glad now that he doesn't. SHE TALKED NONSTOP!!!!! Swear! I thought I was going to pull my hair out!!! I was trying to FINALLY finish one of my books from my book list, (The 5th Horseman, if you must know.) and I could hardly concentrate for all her ramblings. ON and ON and ON and ON. I'd like to say that I don't know where she gets it.

Take note, I said like to say.

Poor Hubby is outside, it's getting dark trying to get the grass cut. I think he thinks it's a game now. To see what the yard looks like in the morning after he cuts it in the dark... oh - here's his little funny. He wears one of those miner lights on his head when it's dark. Cracks the neighbors up. They sit on the patio just cackling at him, whilst they consume their wine. I might try to sneak a pix tonight. Just so you can laugh at him too.

I am jamming to Styx right now. Don't let it end. Gosh, I love that song. Not sure why. It's not one of the oldies that you stop and tell your hubby that "oh - that was my song with so-and-so. 'Cause I really don't think that it was "a song" for me. I think it reminds me more of a time, than a person. The summers at my Gram's, in Virginia. Running around with my cousin. And yes, there were lots of boys!!! Wonderful Boys of the Summer.

This week is lots of meetings here and there. And work. And soccer. And both Pootie and Lola have projects coming up. Pootie got most of his donw this weekend, Lola left her book at school over the weekend that she needs to finish reading before she can start said project.

Lovely week ahead, just lovely.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mrs. Erotica

Thursday and Friday I was a substitute teacher at the school, 1st grade class. I LOVE doing it, and no, I never wanted to be a teacher. Nor do I now. I like the substitute thing. To Pretty Woman, I say who, I say get the picture.

One precious little boy went home on Thursday and this is the conversation.

Boy: Mom, we had the BEST teacher ever. She was so nice.
Boy's Mom: Great, who was it......
Boy's Mom: I don't think that's how she pronounces her name.
Boy: Yes it is but she said the class could just call her Mrs. W if they wanted.
Boy's Mom: Maybe you should stick to calling her Mrs. W.

I can't make this stuff up, honest!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Baby E

This is my buddy, baby E. Isn't he cute.....We hung out today. It gets me my baby fix. Hubby is so happy about that. So, what did we do today? We did laundry, answered emails, did some PTA stuff, took a picture or two. AND then we wrote his mom an email today while she was at work, and sent this picture. I just typed what he told me to say....honest! This was when I told him a joke - cracked him up!!!!!

What a load of bunk!

Have you ever received an email, or real letter, from someone that just sent you over the edge? I just did and I am so mad I could spit!!! I want to write back and say,

"SERIOUSLY, you forget who you wrote this to, because I know you too well, and I think what you said is a load of crap!!!"

(And to my friend with the broken hand, NO, I am not referring to you and what you said being a load of crap. Promise)

And I know that what this person did is so insignificant in the big picture of what is going on in the world...and it really is...but the fact that the note was such a load of crap really ticks me off.

I'm trying to decide if I should respond. I'm waiting to talk to my hubby. He is more level headed that I am. (don't tell him I said that please.)

In other news....

I got to watch baby E all day today. I tell ya, this is the sweetest, easiest most talkative baby ever!!! He's not quite 10 weeks old and just talks and coo's. And it was just us most all day. the dogs are so funny around him. They are not really sure what to think of his noises. We all took a nap in the den together today. He was in his little carrier, the other bebe's at me feet and me on the sofa. 10 minutes was all I got, cause I had to watch the JDMA show. Yes, the supermodel plastic surgery lady that cusses like a banshee. Can't help it, I'm totally fascinated by it!!!

Oh - Lola has been asked to be a flower girl in a wedding in May. It is the (and i quote) the MOST EXCITING THING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED IN HER LIFE!

Pootie has a soccer game tonight. I must pull out the scarves and mittens....

Monday, October 20, 2008

A new picture

My 3rd cousin Kristi took this picture at the beach. HONEST - we really hang out with my 3rd cousin during the summer. My kids think it's so cool, cause it's their 4th cousin and they even got to hang out with a 5th cousin!!! How is that for COUNTRY FOLK FROM NORTH CAROLINA!

Oh - the picture - I like to call this one "Three Copies". Mom won't like this at all..she say she looks like "insert negative comment here"..but it was before dinner..we were just relaxing. Dang i was tan.. Need to go back to the TB!!!!

And here are all the men. Boys, whatever.

Bottom row, left to right. Sweetie (red shirt), Pootie (blue t-shirt) Uncle Ervin, Crash (black shirt in front of Uncle Ervin), Johnny, Da' Beav
Back row. My brother, Hubby (red and white stripe), Keith, Jon (holding Jon Howard), Solomon and my Daddy

I've got theme songs!

Don't ya just love it! I have music. And you can pick and choose what you want to hear, or you can turn it off. This is just a quick sampling of some of my favorites. I know, I like old dumb songs. Gotta have my Styx. My friend, Martha, will tell you that I am very prone to turn it on loud while I am working on the computer.

This weekend was very cold. I VERY MUCH DISLIKE the cold!!! There isn't one single thing that I like about it. I hate cold weather clothes. Lola and Crash don't like it either. Hubby and Pootie like it. Crash thinks he likes it until he has to dress appropriately. Then, not so much.

We had soccer all weekend in some varying form or another. Hubby has goofy parents from the younger ages complaining. So he will have to deal with that this week. (They complain because they are losing. Hello folks, not everyone wins. Suck it up and teach your kids to learn to lose with style and have fun! You can go back to one of my earlier posts and see how I feel about parents who act like that. NOT EVERYONE CAN WIN!!! NOT EVERYONE CAN MAKE A TEAM!!! NOT EVERYONE IS GOING TO GET THE JOB PROMOTION THAT THEY THING THEY DESERVE! Are you still going to write ugly letters for them then? Get over it.)

Anywho. Busy week again. Work today and tomorrow at Dad's. Babysit on Wednesday and sub on Thursday and Friday. First graders. They are so cute.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Looks like we made it...

Barry Manilow is coming to Charlotte. Just cracks me up, that man is still touring and singing his little skinny anorexic heart out. Want to see a cheesy video? Go here. Extra Cheese.

We were so tired from the weekend, that we couldn't even stay awake to watch all of the DVR'd Desperate Housewives. I also must add that I think the producers/writer/whomever's idea it was to fast forward 5 years.....BRILLIANT!!!! I know that Eva was asked to cut her hair, she did. I also know that they asked her to gain 10 pounds, she did, PLUS she is wearing some extra padding...fabulous. And the fact that she can't wear all her little clothes - even if it's just for the show - EVEN MORE BRILLIANT!!!! I'll watch it later on this morning, when I have some peace and quite....hahahahah - that is funny.

This is the rest of the week.

Today - go back to work at the office. Be at school by 1:00, Crash is running the challenge run. Pootie has practice at 5:30, Crash has practice at 6:00. figure out what the heck to cook for dinner, might be breakfast night.

Wednesday. Lola has challenge run at 8:45. she is already faining sick and knee/ankle/leg hurt. Pootie has practice. Lola has GA's at church. Figure out what to cook for breakfast. :)

Thursday. 7:45 meeting at school, PTA. Go back to work at office. Crash has practice and we have a big family night dinner at school, so I'll be there. Don't have to worry about dinner for that night.

Friday. Substitute teaching for the first time this year. 2nd grade. Very excited. Then Pootie has a soccer game at 7:30.

Weekend. No late sleeping though. Pootie has a game on Saturday at 9:30 am. Thank the good lord above it's not an away game, one of three home games, so we just have to drive up the street. Hubby is going to ref the rest of the weekend. Crash has a game out of town on Sunday, and Lola has auditions for the Christmas program at 5:00 at the church.

And then it's Spring.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ahhhhh!!!!!! Life summed up with Bullet Points!

Seriously. If today isn't a bullet point day, nothing is. SERIOUSLY!!!!

  • Woke up, felt like crap. Back and hips really bothering me. I'm getting old.
  • Went to church. Was very uncomfortable. Back and hips hurt. Did I say that already?
  • Pootie called shot gun and got to ride home in my seat in my car. Really ticks me off.
  • I wore my new dress to church that mom got me. I looked good!!! SERIOUSLY!!!
  • Got home, went thru Lola's jammie drawer. I really have an issue with my kids and jammies. She has alot!
  • Day just wore me out, so I watched Project Runway reruns and took a nap. I cannot wait to find out who wins. I swear, I want to slap that girl Kenley! She is a be-ach! Nasty attitude. I am very upset that Jer'rel had to go home. Lola likes to watch it with me and let me tell ya, girl has her own opinion about some of the designs. Totally cracks me up!
  • Got up, Crash had a soccer game at 4. Uncle Chris's girl friend Amanda came. Uncle Chris called us, we missed the dang phone call, but he did leave us a we have saved it and we keep replaying it. I miss my brother. My kids miss his terribly. Crash wants to be an army man for Halloween, because of Uncle Chris.
  • Was trying to be a sweet doggie mom and take the bebe's to the game. Shelby starting acting very weird and Henry was being a brat. So I said, hey, it's right up the street, I'll just run them home. SHELBY THROW UP IN THE CAR ON THAT SHORT RIDE HOME. It was disgusting. Now, what I found out, was she had eaten some sh*&%. No, literally. Sh*&^. And thrown up sh*&^ in my car is horrible! Lola was screaming bloody murder, Henry was trying to get in the front seat with Pootie. (I'm driving here folks and have a 86 pound dog throwing himself into the front seat!) Shelby is car sick and laying in the floor with Lola crying "she's touching me".....The smell - oh - dear lord I cannot tell you how fowl it was!!!!! Pootie is just like Uncle Chris and he is gagging, his head hanging out the window gagging. Yeah, realllllll funnnn-neeeee.
  • Spent a million dollars at Bi-Lo buying cleaning supplies. Can you say baking soda big boxes!!!!!! SERIOUSLY - this was the nastiest thing in all of forever that you can imagine!!!!!
  • The dogs are outside. Think Miss Shelby is going to be sleeping in her crate tonight - and gonna be getting a fierce toofer cleaning in the morning. With mouth wash, extra strength.
  • Hubby is at a soccer club meeting. Don't even get me started on why they have this on a Sunday night. Because the reason will be STUPID.
  • Lola just got home from choir practice - she is trying out for some part or another for the Christmas program.....lord help me again. Please.
  • Have a crazy week and alot of work work, not pta work, not soccer work, work work to get done.

POP - that would be another beer can opening!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Feeling out of the loop

I don't do well when I am left out of loops. Really throws me into a tail spin if you want to know the honest to goodness truth. And boy, I am out of the loop on somethings.

Things I didn't know but should have:
  • Pootie attempted to create his own myspace page this summer. I say attempt loosely. It was a sad attempt to be honest.
  • Pootie, in setting up said myspace page, lied about his age and said he was 15. No smart comments here please, I am venting. YES, I realize that he is my child. HOWEVER, as HollyBeth would tell ya, go with a better age than 15!
  • Pootie is not as smart as I thought he was.
  • Lola's room parents have completely left me off of their classroom list.
  • I am very far behind in what is going on in that classroom! And yes, that bothers me.
  • What really bothers me is that one of the room parents knows me, and she should noticed that I have not responded to anything, or sent in any money. (Not that that should be a complaint :o) )
  • Lola's teacher reads aloud scores on Fridays for this reading program. Which, if you have someone who is a speed demon brilliant reader, is fine, but if not, hello, you have a child in tears! Like mine.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

My brother!

I just got a text from my brother!!! He is fine and happy...send us a picture of his handsome self in his uniform...wish i could figure out a way to get it from my cell phone to me email? Anyone have any fabulous insight into that?????

I miss him!!!!

And he has only been gone a week!!! How sad is that?