Monday, March 22, 2010

Prayer Request

Dear Friends,

I am writing to ask for prayer for my cousin’s family and her young daughter, Lauren (Lauren is getting ready to turn 9 years old).  She has been suffering from excruciating headaches accompanied by vomiting.  While the doctors are hoping that these symptoms are simply the result of a severe sinus infection (which they are currently treating), they discovered a cyst in her brain while performing an MRI. 

It may be no big deal and may or may not be connected to her symptoms, but they are not sure and will be performing more tests in the week(s) to come.

At this point, they feel confident that this will turn out to be nothing and the doctors are similarly hopeful.  Regardless, they need your prayers.  Please pray for Lauren and for her mom (Merae, my cousin), her dad (Daniel), and for the rest of their family while they go through this trial and await results.

*Please pray that the cyst is “nothing”.* 

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Still here

I am still here.  Just been so busy with “stuff” and my brain needed a break. 

This past week has been one that has truly worn us down – emotionally.  My faith in the school that my oldest is at has been tested to the brink of really wanting him out of there and home, safe with me being home schooled. 

The story is long, so stick with me.  I’ve changed the names to protect everyone, even those that are NOT innocent. 

Tuesday at 3:52 I received a phone call from the 7th grade principal at Pootie’s school.  Mr. Craft told me (and I quote) that Pootie had been in a fight.  MY SON!  I was floored.  STUNNED!!!  I was sure that he had something wrong (he did just so ya know).  Pootie had asked another student, Wren, a question.  Wren wigged out, came at Pootie pushing him, so Pootie pushed him away.  Wren came back at him, tried to strangle him, and punched him several times, once in the face. 

What was the question that MY POOTIE asked?  He asked Wren why he would say to Davis (one of Pootie’s best bud’s) “I hope your mom dies.”  Yes, Wren said that to Davis.  Now, side note about Davis’ mom.  She has battled and survived cancer.  Pootie was simply asking “why” and “how would you feel if someone said that about your mom”. 

Mr. Craft wanted to charge Pootie with fighting.  All Pootie did was push the kid away.  He gave him 2 days of in school suspension.  We fought it, of course at the point that we were able to get in front or the principal Pootie had already served almost one whole day. But the principal took back that second day.  The other kid got 10 days of out of school suspension. 

Pootie did not go all out spider monkey on Wren as he wanted to because he would have been kicked off the soccer team.  He had the self control and head smarts to be able to control himself.  We are very proud of him. 

I did have major issues that my kid came home from school with finger prints on his neck and scratch marks.  I also had major issues with the fact that the “incident” happened at 1:30 and I did not get a phone call until 3:52.   A nurse checked my kid out, he was questioned and put in solitary confinement for 2.5 hours with out my knowledge. 

It’s funny the things that we find out after the fact.  Things that  Pootie didn’t even know.  Wren had had a melt down earlier in the day and had to be escorted out of class by a security guard.  They let him go back to class.  Should not have happened.  He has threatened to kill Davis. Obviously, this child needs help.  While I can have empathy for the situation, I really am over it.  Let’s face it, Columbine is in your mind right now, isn’t it?  It should be.  It’s a fact that we don’t live in a safe world anymore.  My concern is now the safety of my child once Wren comes back to school.  I can tell you I’ve talked to Davis’ mom, that’s her concern too.  I hope that Wren’s parents act and get him help.  He’s a time bomb. 

My son knows that he did the right thing.  I am proud of him. 

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pootie is 13

Sunday was Pooties birthday.  Sweet baby boy of mine.  We thought we were going to be a great day – and it did start out as that….

Hubby made us breakfast and then headed out to referee a soccer game.  Pootie, Rowdy and I headed out to look for “the” birthday gift…with Pootie that means shoes.  He has a shoe thing.

Not sure where that came from.

Hubby came home and picked us up, along with Crash (Lola was at my mom and daddy’s) and we headed out for Pootie’s soccer game that started at 3…

And Pootie played fabulous – he plays defense – but his coach even moved him to offense – ya know, that old adage about people scoring on their birthday. (no vulgar comments or thoughts please ;0) )  anywho – Pootie did score.  He looked awesome – they won…and then the game was over. 

And my sweet baby boy was walking towards me with tears in his eyes.  Honestly, I thought, did I miss him getting hurt?  couldn’t even imagine why, after scoring, playing terrific and winning he would be crying…..

And then he told me….HEADACHE.  The turkey had played the whole game with a headache and he was miserable and on the verge of throwing up.  All he wanted was for me to get him to the car before he threw up in front of everyone.  It was the most pitiful thing ever.

I got him to the car, hubby was already there putting baby and chairs in….and Pootie just sprawled out on the parking lot.   Got him home, Hubby dragged him upstairs and he threw up.  Glad for once Hubby was home to experience the whole thing with me.  It was bad.

Needless to say, we had to cancel the dinner plans at Nakato’s.  So we went on Monday night….here we are, as is the tradition.  If ya look close, Pooite is holding  a picture of Uncle – since he has always gone with us, we thought it only appropriate that he be there in spirit. 

So here he is with Ninni and Poppa, my mom and Daddy.


And here is Crash and Poppa


all the kids with my mom and dad….


Rowdy getting a bit of cake…yummy!!! 


And a very bad picture that a waiter took of all of us – but you get the idea…

100_1360  And as I promised, here is a quiz….

which kid is this??




jan 22 018 100_3455


Well – if you guessed this order, you guessed right..

Crash, Lola, Pootie, Rowdy,Henry,  Pootie

Like the way I put Henry in there.  I’d put Shelby in, but I don’t have a baby picture of her……Sorry. 

So, really, depending on who Rowdy is with, is who he looks like… this picture below, for me, is what I see when I see Rowdy, it’s Pootie at one year old….


jack baby 001

Of course, we could always put him in drag and he would look like Lola at one year!!!! 


But sometimes he smiles like Crash (on the right, Pootie on the left..)


One thing that is for sure, they look like OUR kids…and not to brag, I think we make beautiful bebe’s