Monday, June 22, 2009

My brother....

my brother can be absolutely infuriating. But only I am allowed to say that. I am the sister after all. No matter how much I want to smack him, I want me to be the only one to say that, or have the right to smack him. And trust me, Chris and I can go at it arguing with the best. He likes to pluck my nerves, and I let him, and then the feathers start to fly.
It's always been that way. Ok except for when we were really little.
BUT, as many times as I'd like to just smack him, there are just as many times as I just adore him. He might be a turkey to me, but he loves my kids just like an uncle should. He spoils them rotten. Teaches them how to get maximum velocity burps. Holds them upside down in the toilet. Rents them video games that I do not approve of. Lets them eat ice cream until they yack. Whatever - he's wonderful, cool, goofy Uncle Chris.
And Uncle Chris is being deployed next week. We think now it's Iraq, but we are finding out that can change in a nano-second. Chris came home this past weekend to tell us all goodbye.
To be blunt, it sucked. Lola cries every time she says his name. The boys are trying to be cool about it. I don't talk about it. Mom and Dad, well - obviously - they are taking it as any parent would, trying to be strong, but devastated.
So - here are some pictures that would get me sucker punched if he knew I posted them! :)

All grown up - but legs still look like he's 12...and take note of the SLICK 'do he has


Anonymous said...

You and the family are in my thoughts. The military changes can be stressful. Please let me know if they is anything I can do!!!

Ginger said...

Amy~these are great pictures. Your brother as well as the whole family is in my thoughts and prayers.

CFMom said...

Amy, haven't been on here in awhile, but wanted you to know your brother and your family will be in our thoughts and prayers. One of my teachers has a son in Iraq right now and it can be stressful. Maybe you can get your kids school to do care packages and letters to his unit. We did that and they so appreciated it. Nothing like getting a sweet note from a child.