Monday, September 27, 2010

You know your busy when…



Walk 5 miles at 7:15 –7:30. 

By the time I get back, which is usually about 8:15, I get the babe situated with a breakfast of some sort…get the kitchen cleaned up from dinner or breakfast depending.  The babe and I play outside or as we did this past week, we had to go over to the middle school a couple of times because I am the football team mom.

We get back inside, he’s ready for a nap sometime around 10:30ish.  Put him down, run around house, work, answer emails, eat, pick up mess around house.

He is up about 12:30, feed him lunch and then head back outside until Lola gets home at 2. 

Get her going on homework, start dinner.  If i don’t start dinner at 2ish, it doesn’t get cooked.

Crash gets home about 3:45.  Monday’s and Wednesdays I have to make 2 sandwiches to be ready at 4, we leave the house with Crash by 4:10 to head to his soccer practice.  Drop him off, hubby is usually there to meet and greet in parking lot.  From soccer fields, we head to middle school since older son is on the football team.  Pick up Pootie from football practice. 

On Mondays i head from middle school back to soccer fields and Hubby and I exchange kids – I take Crash home, he stays with Pootie until their practice is over then comes home. 

Wednesdays, we come home from middle school and meet Hubby here and then go to soccer fields.  

Tuesdays is an easy day – no soccer.  This Thursday is the first football game – and so Pootie will be missing the soccer practices that are held every other Thursday. 

We eat dinner, get boys going on their homework, put Lola and Babe to bed.

Hubby looks at me the other night as I’m trying to clean the kitchen at 8:15 at night and says “You STINK”!!! 

Really???  I’m freaking shocked!  Me, smell – cause I’ve had some much free time!!!!! 



Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My BABY!!!!!!!!!!

Hubby and I are having some serious issues right now.  We really need everyone’s thoughts and prayers. 

I feel that I need to be honest with you and let you know what is going on.  I hope that you can learn from what we are going thru and maybe avoid the turmoil all together.  Here goes,

My dumb*&^&%$ older son (aka Pootie) decided to try out for middle school football and damned if he didn’t make the team!!!!  (and no, i don’t really mean that he is a d.a. he’s actually very smart we just are wondering if he’s headed the ball one too many times!)


Neil and I just sit and stare at each other and go ba-ba-ba-ba.  Little drool coming out of our mouths and all.  We are seriously having issues on this one!!!!!!!!  We don’t know what the heck to think about any of it!!! 

Soccer…oh yeah, he’s still playing that.  (We’ll call it "club ball”, because that’s what it is.  School soccer is not until spring….so right now, we are doing “club ball” and middle school FOOT-freaking-BALL!?) 

Another Breath….deep breath.

He is a tough soccer player.  He’s not what i would want to call a brut, cause that would sound bad, but he is tough and has been known to give a little hip check or shirt tug or just plain take the player out, (not trying to hurt them….that would be rude) if needed…

Soccer is still his first love, he told the football coaches that.  And when he went to talk to his club coach – he told him that.  He just wants to try this….

and you may or may not know this, but when you play soccer, you don’t wear pads, or a helmet, or even a mouth guard even if you have braces…..  (As Pootie would say, that would be YAG.)

So why are we are so distraught over him putting pads, a helmet and etc on, and playing FOOTBALL…he’s MY BABY!!!!!  the thought of some big middle school THUG-weighing 400 lbs getting near MY BABY just makes me want to scream! 

He’s just supposed to be the kicker for the team (yes, flashback to GLEE, auditioning for the role of kicker)  but Hubby and I are betting that they all of a sudden think he might make a good slot receiver or wide receiver… we’re just waiting for that shoe to drop. 



See how whittle hims is?  Hims is just a sweet whittle boy wooking all innocent wike a butterfly.

(shut up, i know that was a long time ago, but that’s the vision in my  head!)

So, maybe it’s a bit more of this..



And this is the vision in my head of the other players!!!!!!



Talk about stress on a marriage!!!!!!! 


And you don’t even want to know what my driving schedule is now!!!!!!

Busy Mom With Child And Pets Clip Art

Friday, September 3, 2010

Get out of my Kitchen!

Let me just say this to make sure there is no question about what  platform I stand on.


There.  I said it.  I’m also going to make sure I am very clear on a couple other things. 

This is going to seem very random but it stems from the fact that the Child Nutrition folks now dictate down to fruit what makes a “complete meal” (complete meal then gets the $2.00 charge, if it doesn’t count as a complete meal, then they a la carte charge you out the wazzu.)  What do I mean by down to the fruit…if you get your entree and side of grapes and a an orange it’s a complete meal.  If you get the entree and 2 sides of grapes because you LOVE grapes…NOPE – can’t do that!  It’s not complete, so they a la carte charge you!!!!  So much for loving grapes……

1- Yes, the United States has an obesity problem.  (It’s because reality TV is just so good…..yeah right.)

2- Yes, the United States likes to Super Size things.  Me?  My favorite thing is a super sized Diet Dr. Pepper

3-I DO NOT WANT THE GOVERNMENT telling me what I can eat and how  much I can eat.  I do not want them telling me what I can feed  my children.  PERIOD.  I want the government OUT, OUT, OUT of my kitchen and OUT OUT OUT of my McDonald’s bag!!!!

Do I think that the FDA/Child Nutrition “experts” have a place in the school cafeteria’s…absolutely...they need someone who can make the food taste good for one thing.  (see disclaimer at below)But do I want them dictating what type of MILK my child can get????  NOPE!!!!  Absolutely not.  Don’t want a milk with your “complete lunch”, fine, we’ll give you JUICE.  Oh you just want water..fine – but we are going to charge you for that.  (How is JUICE better than WATER, by the way.)

Let me add that my kids are pretty good eaters.  They eat what I cook, and they are very willing to try different things.  They eat salads, meat, veggies, fish.  They eat different types of foods..Chinese, Mexican, Thai, Vietnamese, you name it.  So it’s not that I have a hard time feeding my kids. 

What I have a problem with is the GOVERNMENT dictating MY choices.

We are AMERICANS……CHOICE was what the founding fathers were kind of working on……

BUT if I want to throw down on the a  Big Mac 2 times a week….BACK THE HECK OFF!!!!  It’s my CHOICE how big my BUTT gets!!!!! 


It truly drives me crazy. 

Cause here is the deal people.  SEE that sweet super size Diet Dr. Pepper that I so love…I’m afraid that if we start letting them control the small things, the things that we think don’t matter, everything, they are going to take away my DDP!!!  And let me tell ya, that would not be good! 

DISCLAIMER:  Our elementary school cafeteria does the absolute BEST job, within their rules and laws, of making the food as appetizing as possible.  But I don’t think that is why the kids buy our food – I think it’s because they are truly the nicest, most caring group of ladies in the whole wide world- and the kids just like seeing their smiling faces!!!!  My Lola thinks they hung the moon!!!!  As do I!