Monday, March 28, 2011

Miracle Monday

Miracles do happen.  If you don’t believe me, go read these incredible stories

A bout Grace – sweet baby girl.  Oh how her mommy and daddy love her.  I just know that God IS when I think of this sweet girl.  Grace was diagnosed with occipital encephalocele at 20 weeks gestation. there is TONS of stuff to read on her “condition” but let me say – is she not the cutest little thing ever?  I think her mommy is now on my list of heroes.  What strength she has!!!!

And then there’s Sloan and Lane, these little babies who have fought so hard to grow to be big 6 pound babies.  This amazing family had triplets and lost one of the boys soon after he was born.  I am sure they will forever mourn the loss of their little boy but they are so happy in love with their little boy Sloan, and little girlie, Lane.  Of course I have followed their story – makes me think of my little Bubba…who will be TWO soon!  ugg!

And my last little Miracle Monday comment is this”

I think that “us moms” are pretty much the neatest club to be a member of.  As crazy as mine can make me sometimes (Bubba keeps waking at 4ish in the morning screaming for MOMMA, MOMMA’S ARMS!  HOLD JHEW MOMMA!) they are really Miracles. 

I keep reminding myself

“A child is a handful sometimes, a heart full all the time”.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

My head is going to spin off

Literally, right now, my head is going to spin right off my shoulders!! 

I am so irritated.  WHY…….well let me tell ya.

The schmuck Peter Gorman, Charlotte Mecklenburg School System Superintendent, has plucked my LAST. GOOD. NERVE.

My kids will tell you that is a BAAAADDDDDDD thing to happen.

He is working hard to institute a pay for performance program for our teachers based on student TEST scores…  to the tune of 21 million dollars over a couple of years.  (That’s local, state and federal funds by the way.) 

It’s a DUMB idea.  Tried in New York City, Chicago, Texas, California, and Florida, to name a few.

Didn’t work in ANY of those states for what it’s worth.

Ain’t going to work here. 

I’ve spent the better part of the day doing research on it and putting together information for other parents so we can be informed.

I’d be happy if he resigned and LEFT CHARLOTTE.  I’d help him pack too.

and his wife and her stupid Parent University mess.

Our kids do not need yet another multiple choice test.

And you want to know who started all this mess…


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Are you for real?

Anyone that knows me knows that I’m pretty much a straight shooter.  Just kind of is what it is with me.

I don’t wear rose colored glasses.  Never have.  I’ve tried on a pair, but they are JUST NOT ME at all.

I like my for real world. 

I will tell you that I had a horrible day if it’s applicable. 

I don’t always have a clean house.

I always have piles of laundry in my room that needs to be put away.

Just. is. that. way.

I also try to write the way I am.

Not everything is hunky doory all the time.  That’s just not real.

There’s a blog I read and I swear sometimes I think this woman has to be on some serious happy juice because honest to goodness…she is always happy.  Things are always great – house is always clean – child (or children) are always dressed like they are going to have pictures taken.

It really plucks my nerves.  Because I don’t believe her anymore.  Not that I don’t think her love for her hubby and or kids is fake it’s all the other stuff.  Why does it have to be that when your child kept you up all night long you had to design monogrammed something or others to give out and some luncheon for wayward spiders?  Or since you were up decided to re-wallpaper the dining room?  REALLY?  You can’t just say you are dog arse tired and don’t really want to do anything but sit and watch HOUSE reruns?  REAALLLLLY!!!!???

I’ve always said this about women lying to each other and not telling the truth.

It’s like lying to other woman about childbirth.  Tell them it was wonderful and this story of what you think it was like – fine but they are going to find out the truth and then they’ll be mad at you. Childbirth hurts like hell.  Yes, you get over it.  It’s amazing what the body can do but it is also the most disgusting thing after.  Your butt hurts, your tutu hurts, ya boobs hurt.  It just does.

It’s the truth. Tell me you had a bad day and DID NOTHING.  Tell me you want to bury your husbands golf clubs somewhere in the back yard.  Tell me you want to run and hide from your kids.  And dear lord, please quit monogramming everything.  Especially the freaking cookies.


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Stuck in the middle…

I’m just really starting to realize that I am stuck right in the middle – being a mom of a teen and a mom of a tot – and of course the two in between.  My life is somewhat all over the board.

Pootie is such a teenager.  Over scheduled, overly tired and always hungry.  Bubba is well, a toddler now and just a busy boy.  Into everything and NOT wanting to be held or contained (stroller, shopping cart, etc.) 

I don’t have any friends really in this same situation.  (with honestly the exception of one…..)  I’m very scattered.  For instance, today (because Bubba is starting to feel better amen and halleluiah) I will be at the school sorting apparel orders for the spring sports teams…..and chasing my toddler. Luckily Crash has agreed to help me keep up with the toddler. 

The toddler who, by the way, has taken to watching Dora.  I never thought I would have to hear that stupid song again. 

We did it! (We did it!) We did it!  Hooray. I hate Boots by the way.  And it drives me NUTS how she asks questions, like “what was your favorite part” and then pauses like she can hear your answer. 

Oh, I’m off track. 

Point is, I feel like I’ve got one foot firmly planted in mid air in both worlds.  The big three and Bubba. 

What is it in your life that leaves you stuck in the middle….is it a working mom situation?  Is it a teen child and an adult “child”?  (That will be me too on down the road.)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Looonnngggg Weekend

It was a LONG weekend around here.  Not the good kind of long weekend either.  Whether was YUCK – which really makes me yearn (love that word) for summer to get here fast.  Just rainy and cold-ish. 

And Bubba got sick.  Really sick.  He’s had a little snuffle here and there, probably due to teething more than anything.  But this time, he got SICK. Has been feeling yucko since Thursday.  How sick is he?  I held him all day on Friday with the exception of about 2 hours, and that’s cause he was in his car seat while I ran an errand with my Daddy.  I have not held this child since well, he was a bitty baby in the NICU.  Honest.  Saturday, held him most all day and night.  Saturday night he slept with us and I held him.  And today, held him for the better part of 6 hours. 

Took him to the doctor on Friday late afternoon because he was having such trouble breathing.  Negative on the flu test, Negative on the rapid strep which shocked the heck out of his doc because she said his tonsils looked really nasty. 

He’s miserable and I feel so bad for him.  So, I sit and hold him, just like he asks….

Bubba:    Hold you Mommy.

Me:    Yes, Mommy is holding you.

Bubba:  Mommy’s arms.  Mommy’s arms.

Me:  Yes, Mommy’s arms are around you.

Bubba:   My love Mommy

Me:  And I love you Bubba.

Bubba:  Hold you Mommy.

Me:  Yes, Mommy is holding you Bubba.

We repeat this over and over again until he falls asleep.  And he sleeps until he coughs so hard and gags himself that he wakes up screaming again. 

Needless to say – we are going back to the doctor in the morning. Hubby is downstairs with him right now, asleep on the couch.  It’s the cutest thing. 

Plus it’s rained all day.  YUCK!  I’m over it!  I want spring.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Out of pocket

I’ve been gone for over a week.  Mentally gone that is.  Busy with I’m not sure what…but I guess it was important.  So let me update you on what all has gone on. 

  • Pootie turned 14 yesterday.  I swear it just seems like seconds ago he was the toddler that I was chasing around.  Time has just gone by so fast.  He is such a neat kid and we are just so proud of him.  He is goofy, sarcastic, serious, silly, uptight, lazy, moody, loving, sensitive, sleepy and hungry all in the same hour.  I love him so much and want him to continue to grow to be a good man.
  • We all went out of town this past weekend to Georgia for a soccer tourney for Crash.  Probably one of the last times that we all get to go together.  It was nice.  The kids argued like they normally do, but in between normalcy, they were so much fun and we laughed a lot.  I love being with my family when it’s like “that”.  Oh yeah, the soccer was good and the weather was great.
  • Middle School soccer started again for Pootie.  He didn’t need anything else added into his schedule right now.  HOWEVER, he loves playing with his school friends and he really likes the coaches.  They are super neat men, that don’t get paid a hill of beans to do this.  I offered to be the team mom again.  I like doing that kind of thing.
  • Lola got her hair cut – above her shoulders.  It’s super cute and if she keeps it brushed, she doesn’t look like a rag-muffin.  She is not into dressing up – at least that’s what she tells. me.  All. The. Time.
  • Oh and I agreed to be the President Elect at the Middle School PTO  this fall.  Which means Fall 2012 I’ll be President.

Don’t want any smart comments about totally losing my mind on this one either.  I know I have.  You don’t agree to do this stuff without being somewhat crazy!