Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Latest

So much as gone on this week I really don’t know where to begin.  Let’s start with a “light hearted” story.  Peanut.  On January 21, he turned 9 months old.  He weighed 17 pounds 13 ounces and is 27 1/2 inches “tall”.  He is doing just FAN-TAB-U-LOUS.  He can almost sit up by himself and is attempting to crawl.  When that doesn’t work for him, he rolls.  NO, he doesn’t not sleep through the night.  NO, I/we have not let him cry.  Not ready for that battle.  I hate watching 3 kids cry – yes, I am saying that my 3 big kids will have a major hissy fit over him crying in the middle of the night, so I will do that fight maybe over their spring break.  I said. maybe. 
The light hearted part…He is still a boob man.  No bottle, we are going right to a sippy cup.  Our goal is April 21.  HOWEVER, if he does what he did the other night, it AIN’T happening.  Did I mention he has 2 teeth?  He bit down on my boobage so hard that when I jerked, those teefers got me just so and DREW BLOOD people!!!!!  The PAIN!!!  It was horrible.  I think Hubby was laughing. 
Not funny.
Now for the heavy heart stuff.
My Daddy received the report on Monday that he has Prostate Cancer.  (He’ll love the fact that I am putting this “out there” for everyone to read!)  His doctor feels that it was caught early.  If you know anything about this sort of cancer, it was given a Gleason score of a 6 out of ten, ten being the worst.  Doctor said that they don’t even do anything if you score a 4, so his 6 really is an “ok” score.  This sort of cancer grows at a very slow rate and is very treatable.  Still scary.  Especially when you add in the fact that he had kidney caner 9 years ago.  He will have surgery April 20th.  Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.  And my mom, this is very stressful for her…….adding to that…….
My brother is home this week on leave before deployment.  (His Ranger unit is headed to Afghanistan Feb 15th ish)  Not to mention we are still dealing with the STUPID EX girlfriend who loves drama and stirring up trouble.  A country singer named Lorrie Morgan sang a song called “Go Away, Hey Wait a Minute.”  That should be her theme song.  I want to break up – then calls in a couple of weeks and does the I loves yous and I miss yous.

Now, I had something else in here but my MOM made me take it out - even though I don't want to, I'm not stupid enough to argue with my mother over this even though IT'S MY BLOG AND I CAN WRITE WHAT I WANT!!!!!!!! 

I’ve told him she doesn’t love him and just uses him.  I hope that it starts to sink in…..haven’t liked her for YEARS, tried to for him, should have gone with my initial gut reaction.  Anyone that won’t go on a family vacation with you because she can’t bring her stupid dog – even when you tell them how important it is to you (when my Uncle Billy was dying and it was the last summer of all of us together)  she said no, if she can’t bring her dog, she isn’t coming.  Please. 
And NO, I am not deleting that last paragraph, it’s my blog and I can write what I want WHEN MY MOTHER LETS ME. 

Gees - almost a certain age not to be mentioned and I'm still being bossed around!!!!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

This is the new look to get me thru until sometime after Valentines Day.  I like changing the look to fit the seasons and my moods!!  What do ya think?

Have a Great Weekend! 

Friday, January 22, 2010

Oh how they grow

This is a post that I did on October 22, 2008.  Yes, 2008 -

Baby E

This is my buddy, baby E. Isn't he cute.....We hung out today. It gets me my baby fix. Hubby is so happy about that. So, what did we do today? We did laundry, answered emails, did some PTA stuff, took a picture or two. AND then we wrote his mom an email today while she was at work, and sent this picture. I just typed what he told me to say....honest! This was when I told him a joke - cracked him up!!!!!

Isn’t he a cutie pa-tootie!!!! 

Well here he is December 2009…

DSC_1081 (4)

My….how we have grown!!!!!  Doesn’t he have the biggest eyes ever?????

Monday, January 18, 2010

A Little Late on the Celebration….


so I’m a little late on the the celebration of Delurker Day. Officially is was on the 14th of January.  I actually found out about Delurker Day from reading one of my favorite bloggers, “Happy Meals and Happy Hour”.  (as a mom you have to love that title)

Well, I’m a day late (or four) late and a dollar short…So…I’m officially announcing today, January 18th, as the 2nd official Delurker Day.  (It’s my blog, I can do what I want)

“De-lurk” means to leave a comment by the way.

So please.  All of you who keep saying “oh, I love reading your blog”, prove it.  Start leaving me comments.  Ya don’t have to comment on what I write about.  Comment on whatever ya want.  the weather, the price of tea in china, how much ya love me, whatever. 

Just do it!!  Pretend it’s a contest…it’s not, but pretend.

Delurk away!!! 

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Simple Things in Life

It’s funny, as complicated as the world can be “in this day and time”…the simple things in life can really make me smile.

So what are those simple things you ask?  I’ll tell ya.  Right now, it’s a somewhat dreary Sunday afternoon and I’m sitting in my made up bed with the baby asleep next to me, my oldest on the other side of him and we are watching a movie.  (Don’t Say A Word with the late Brittany Murphy)  Lola and Crash are downstairs making chocolate chip cookies and Hubby is up the street at a neighbors watching football. 

Yesterday was another simplistic day, we spent the day at the soccer field just hanging out.  The boys had a fun kick around with their buddies and then we watched the older boys (15 & 16 year olds play.)  I took a blanket and Lola and I played board games and played with the baby. 

Tonight we are going over to my mom and daddy’s to eat dinner with them and my brother.  He is in town this weekend.  It is always so good to spend time with him. 

My brother has just gotten word that he will be deployed again February 15th.  The powers in charge moved up their deployment a bit.  We knew it was coming.   REGARDLESS OF YOUR STANCE ON THE WAR, please remember that there are sons, daughters, wives, husbands and brothers and sisters fighting in horrible places around the world for FREEDOM.  Say prayers for them.  We want them home safe. 

The week ahead lands us back into soccer reality as outdoor practice starts up again for the boys on Tuesday and Thursdays.  Pootie’s team as also added another practice on Wednesdays. 


Menu Updates

1/15 Friday – Texas Flavored Pork ChopsWe did end up going out to dinner with Hubby’s dad and his wife.  1/16 Saturday – Crock Pot Chicken with Artichokes and Tomatoes with Egg NoodlesHubby and I decided that we wanted Taco’s instead – then we got the Pot Luck Saturday night call from our friends the Tom’s and Quants, so we took our Taco’s to go and headed over.  It is always so much fun to see what we all show up with.  1/17 Sunday – Taco’s.  Kids don’t have school tomorrow, it’s Martin Luther King Day.   Big change of plans for tonight, we are going over to Mom and Daddy’s for dinner there!!! 

From this point, I am not sure what I am going to do with the menu, I have lots of options.  But I have to add in the Poor’s Man Sheppard's Pie and the Chicken and Artichoke’s …plus we have taco leftovers. 

1/18 Monday – Tuna Broccoli Casserole.  1/19 Tuesday – Goulash 1/20Wednesday – Sausage Alfredo Pasta. 1/21 Thursday – Meatloaf – 1/22 Friday – Ranch Pork Chops, 1/23 Saturday – Pizza (probably) 1/24 Sunday – Pot Roast with Veggies  1/25 Monday-Teriyaki Pineapple Chicken with rice

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Menu as promised

As I said I would do, here is the meal plan for the next 2 weeks.  You know that I reserve the right to switch the items as needed or as my taste buds dictate……

1/10 Sunday – Ginger Shrimp Stir-fry with rice

1/11 Monday – Chicken & Dumplings with Salad and a lovely 9 grain sliced bread.  This was absolutely delicious and super easy!!!  And it was cold last night and this was so warm and comforting!!! 

1/12 Tuesday – Hot Beef with Green Beans and rice or potatoes (i haven’t decided which).  Made in the crock pot, my favorite.  Four ingredients including the roast!!!!  Oh and one of the ingredients was a BEER!!!!  Can’t go wrong with that!!! 

1/13 Wednesday – Cheesy Chicken and Broccoli Croissant Wraps, will probably serve with applesauce

1/14 Thursday – Poor Mans Sheppard Pie, a family favorite. 

1/15 Friday – Texas Flavored Pork Chops.  this is a new recipe from my favorite,, number 366324, it looks good.  my family loves pork chops so hopefully this will appease them. Crash has an indoor soccer game at 4:45, so we might have to change plans – but for now, we will roll with this.  

1/16 Saturday – Crock Pot Chicken with Artichokes and Tomatoes with Egg Noodles.  I got this one from RZ too, and it’s a crock pot recipe, 3 ingredients including chicken.  I am anticipating Crash and Lola curling their noses up on this one – but will have leftovers should then need them. 

1/17 Sunday – Taco’s.  Kids don’t have school tomorrow, it’s Martin Luther King Day.  

1/18 Monday – Tuna Broccoli Casserole. This is a quick fix family favorite.  We have to tell Lola that it’s chicken and she’ll eat it. 

1/19 Tuesday – Goulash (HollyBeth’s recipe.  It’s the first night of soccer practice starting back up – will need to have all my ducks in a row.)

1/20Wednesday – Sausage Alfredo Pasta.  3 Ingredients, super easy and my kids love it. 

1/21 Thursday – Meatloaf – my mom’s recipe…..again, it’s a soccer practice night, so I need things that can be eaten in shifts.  t

1/22 Friday – Ranch Pork Chops, gotta love recipezaar!!! 

1/23 Saturday – Pizza (probably)

1/24 Sunday – Pot Roast with Veggies  ( I got 2 roasts on a buy one get one free from BiLo on Sunday’s shopping bonanza.)

1/25 Monday-Teriyaki Pineapple Chicken with rice.  A 4 ingredient dinner including chicken. 

Should I decide to vary it a little, we might do a leftover night (if there are leftovers) or a waffle night, something simple like that. 

The great thing about this is that I have everything that I need to make all these meals!!!  I will only need to shop for more sandwich bread and milk at the half way mark!!!  whew…..makes me feel good!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Just Jumping!!!

Here is the little Peanut. he loves to sit in his exer-saucer and jump! Typically the dog, Shelby, hangs close by, ya never know when food will end up within her reach!!! She likes the Fruit Puffs that he chomps on!!!!

What else.  Crash and Lola had eye doctor appointments today.  All is well with them for the time being.  We are supposed to keep an eye on Lola.  ( No pun intended)

Pootie has a dance recital tomorrow.  No, that is not a typo.  HE has a dance recital for school.  All fine and dandy were he to have PICKED the class.  But he didn’t.  Remember?  He got stuck in the class because his French class was dissolved.  Lovely eh?  And I have to go buy a yellow t-shirt tonight for it.  Really busts my bubble. 

Ethel and I decorated PSE’s (the elementary schools) bulletin  board.  We did a damn good job.  If I do say so myself.  And I do.

jan 11 2010 009

Isn’t it cute?  Want to see a picture of Lola’s teacher? 

jan 11 2010 008

He’s the one on the right.  The one of the left is also a 3rd grade teacher at the school  The were part of a really odd Dodge ball team for a pep rally.  We feel good about her education!!! 

Guess that is it.  Did a big grocery shop yesterday.  Have dinner’s for the next 14 nights!!!  Think I came up with some good and different things…we’ll see what the family thinks!!

Last night was shrimp stir fry.  Tonight is Chicken and Dumplings – tomorrow night, not quite sure – need to look at my options since I have to work around the fact that Pootie has to be at school at 6pm.  I’ll post the list tomorrow or the next!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year! 2010?

Can you believe it?  2010!!!  I am not even sure to say it, two thousand and ten, or twenty ten?  So confusing! 

Today will have to be a random thoughts posting. 

  • GramMabel is in the hospital.  LONGGGG story, but she fell the other night and broke her hip.  They did a full ball joint replacement on Friday and right now, while all of her vitals are “ok”, she is not doing well.  One big factor in that, and we knew it would be, is the fact that she has starved herself for years and is SEVERLY malnourished.  My Daddy and Uncle Ervin have been there (eastern North Carolina) with her throughout the ordeal.  Aunt Artie is flying in from her home in California tomorrow.  Not sure what is going on and waiting for my mom to call with an update, but the doctors are concerned and have told them to be prepared for anything. 
  • Desperate Housewives was so good last night.  I balled my eyes out for about 10 minutes after it was over.  (I watched it this morning by myself).  It was the “What If” show.  What if I had made this decision instead of that one.  Lynette's part sent me over the proverbial edge.  I was watching it with my sweet little Peanut asleep snuggled up next to me looking so precious and of course, I did all the what ifs.  What if I hadn’t WHOOPS gotten pregnant.  What if, with his prematurity he wasn’t so dang tough and didn’t do as amazingly well as he did?  What if?  What if….and I just cried.
  • Speaking of Peanut.  He is cutting two teef-ers on the bottom gums.  He is not sleeping thru the night.  He is almost sitting up on his own and he has no interest in crawling but he can scoot on his back and get to where he wants to go…sorta.  He wants to be held all the time and is still a boobie baby.  He likes to eat food food – can sorta play with a sippy cup – but NO BOTTLE!!!!!  Nope, no way. He is quite happy at  night with my boob in his mouth from about 3:30am until 6 – I sleep quite well and so does he – this has become more prevalent as the teef-ers are coming in.  I know I should just let him cry, but that would require me waking up. 
  • Pootie, Crash and Lola had to go back to school today.  It was freezing cold out and wouldn’t you know it – the buses were late or just didn’t show at all!!!  Pootie’s bus was 40 minutes late and Crash and Lola’s bus was a no show.  Our neighbor friend drove them to school.  God bless her, that way I didn’t have to take Peanut out that early!!!  Ethel drove Pootie and her daughter up to the bus stop and let them hang in the car for that 40 minute wait. 
  • Speaking of blessing a friend, my friend Kim (who is so good to me and brings me BR chocolate chip ice cream) was at Aldi at 9 this morning and text, as she does every time, to see if I needed anything.  Usually I don’t, but today, I needed 4 things and I took her up on it!!!  She is truly one of the most thoughtful people ever!!!  Peanut and I don’t have to go out until this evening, when I have to take Pootie to his indoor soccer game!
  • Please, if you have a chance, go to this CaringBridge website.  This family is friends with my cousin, HollyBeth.   Please add this family to your prayer list.  They need all the strength, support and prayer that can be given.
  • I’m still not over Russell being totally DISSED on Survivor.  If any person ever deserved the title, he did.  He was a weasel but dang, he played the game.  Cause again people, it is a GAME!!!!!!  Out whit, out play, out last.  Not be all sweet and see who we love the most!!!!  DUH!
  • It is ridiculously cold here and apparently will be for a week or so.  I hate the cold.  All you folks who want it and “pretty snow”.  Move to the north.  Seriously.  There is NO good reason for us to have temperatures this cold!Watch the news, see what the impact could be on the fruit business!!  And yours mine and ours HEAT BILL!!!  I’ll have to go bag groceries at HT (remember Aldi doesn’t bag groceries) to pay for the heat bill!!  Actually not true, just if ya plan on coming to my house, dress warm because I am NOT turning that thermostat up!!! 
  • At what point in January can I stop saying Happy New Year?  Thoughts?