Thursday, May 7, 2009

Moving Day!!!

Our Little Peanut has been moved to the Neonatal Progressive Care Unit!

We kinda knew it was coming yesterday. There were little clues, like when Neo Doc said - "they are going to move him tomorrow".

We are pretty smart people ya know. Not alot gets by us. This is Hubby and the NICU nurse pushing the condo down the halls - headed to Progressive!!!!

And here we are - PROGRESSIVE!!!!!!!

This is his new setup. It is really nice - and there is a window opposite his cubby. (He doesn't do bright light - think Gremlins- but I sure do like seeing the outdoors!!!) It's almost like a room - just no door; but there is a curtain that we can close while we are kangarooing (so people aren't freaked out by the boobages and all).

And here he is all snuggled up after the move. HE is back in clothes as of late this afternoon. (It was easier with the taps to leave him in just his "bi-per"for the past couple of days.) And yes, those are his riblets - just happened to catch him in a weird moment that really shows them off. The tube coming out of his nose is his feeding tube. One of his favorites - NOT. Last night he pulled that bad boy completely out AGAIN (it goes all the way down to his stomach), it made him gag and he threw up all on himself and his bedding. Silly boy.

The taps have gone really well. The 2nd one was done on Tuesday night and they only got off 1.5cc's of spinal fluid, which is good because his head is super soft like it should be. So yesterday the Neuro Doc decided to not tap. Head stayed super soft yesterday and it was super soft today. So this morning they tapped him and they didn't get anything - which might be a good sign, meaning there might not be any pressure built back up. That would be great!!! They will keep a close watch on his head and it's "softness" and continue to measure the circumfrence.

All the doc's will talk and figure out what the game plan is...Ultrasound earlier than Monday? Tap tomorrow? Not to tap?

Other than that-all is good. The kids are still going kookoo about not being able to see him. Hubby and I ARE tired. Hubby feels guilty when he doesn't get to go by and visit at the times that he usually does. I try to reassure him that Peanut says it's ok.

Which - I need my movie tie in for the day and wouldn't ya know, I HAVE one!!!! When Hubby got down there this morning, they had moved Peanut from his pod 56 into pod 70 (still in the NICU). So he called to tell me that he was in a different place in the nursery. He said, "when you walk in the door, go to the left, not the right, and we are back in the corner."

And ya know what I had to say, right?



Merae said...

Great news! Hang in there Amy. You are amazing. Love you all!

Merae said...

hey, i tried calling you today, but the line was busy. just wanted to say i love you, thinking of you and praying for you all. =) much love - cuz

Betsy said...

So glad everything is going well and he is progressing to the next level...haha! Mary Neil sang me a song at school today that she made up about how stinky and terrible babies are. Go figure??? You should ask her to sing it for you!! ;)

Hope you have a wonderful Mothers Day and get some REST!! :)

Paula M said...

Letting you know you and the family are in my thoughts and prayers. Have a Great Mother's Day!

Fiddledeedee said...

PROGRESSIVE is indeed good news!!!!

Happy Mother's Day!

Ginger said...

So glad to know things are getting better! This is great news. Mary Neil is a hoot! She was singing the funniest song the other day on the playgound....cracked me up. Take care and I hope things continue to get better everyday. Happy Mother's Day

Marybeth said...

Yay for Progressive care! We were there for all of about two days once upon a time before they moved us to the floor... Glad I can get updates here-- thanks for taking the time to write them!