Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas

May your Christmas holiday be filled with the LOVE and JOY of the season……FAMILY, FRIENDS and your FAITH……

It’s really what matters.

I’ll be back in 2012!!! 

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Words for a Wednesday

Bubba:  Momma can you fix me a “little Neil”. 

Me:  WHAATTTT are you talking about?

Bubba:  Like Pootie (he actually said his real name, first and middle, of course)…I want a “little Neil”.

Pootie walks into den and sits down with a bowl of SOMETHING, of which I can only guess is the “little Neil”.

Me:  Pootie – what the heck are you eating?

Pootie:  Oatmeal…..why?

Bubba:  See mom?  I want some too.


Hubby went for his favorite work day of the year this morning.  The Salvation Army toy distribution center.  The last couple of years Pootie has gone with him – and they’ve worked in the bike department.  Pootie couldn’t go this year.  He’s had a head cold…so he was still in bed…(have to get him healthy before Monday)  this year hubby was a “car packer”.  He got to see each and every family that left, with toys, and help them get the stuff in their cars.  He said that there were several that looked like the actually LIVED in their cars. 

Makes me sad. 

Makes me not stress over the “did I do enough” that I do each year.

Makes me thankful for myour home, that is always needing something cleaned, repainted or fixed….

Makes me thankful for my husband, who is an awesome, husband, father and provider for our family.

Makes me thankful for my kids – who are all healthy and happy (well except when I ask them to do chores Smile)

Puts everything in perspective.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Not the Christmas Card….Take Two

So, I’m STILL waiting on the dang cards to show up…but that’s a post for another day.

I got a wild hair and NEEDED the kids pictures done the other day…no comments from you PHOTO GIRLSmile 

I am not a super everyone smile and look right at the camera type of girl….most of the pictures in my house are more candid, more “my kids” and not so perfectly posed.  I am trying, ONCE a year to get them all together and do a couple of shots, just “them” still being them – but looking at the camera so I can see their beautiful faces that I love so much.   

The young lady that took the pictures deserves a gold medal – because it was at the end of a long day for Bubba and he warned her….he didn’t want to have his picture “tooken”…and he did his best to make her work! 

So here are a couple of my favorites..


I threatened to take away his Monsters Inc DVD. I did!  I promise!  Bubba was being WRETCHED!  All the props were sending him into a goldilocks type fit – running from little chair to little chair…..drove me nuts!

This is from Summer 2010……standard kid shot number one for our family….


and December 2011…



I love these – again – 2010 and now……







This is our “standard shot” two….here it is from Summer 2010..


And here they are December 2011…


I just love this – because this is a picture of MY kids….it was their idea last year…..the baby was always on top of Pootie’s shoulders, Crash always does the arms cross pose and Lola – well, if you know me, she’s the same….hip-cocked-out-hands-planted-perfectly-on-the-hips kinda girl….

So, none of these are the card picture.  At the rate the company I ordered from is going, ya’ll might be getti’n the card sometime in the New Year. 

So for now….Merry Christmas to all of ya!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

NOT the Christmas Card


This is NOT the Christmas card…..first off because, Lola is not in this….she is actually the one the suggested that the boys needed a picture “just boys”….aren’t they the cutest things ever?

black and white 2

And this is NOT the Christmas card – but we NEVER take pictures with all six of us in the frame.  We think these are cute – Crash keeps saying “gosh mom , how do you get my shirts so white”…I think the bird on Lola’s shirt looks like an eraser mark….oh well


and this is NOT the Christmas card – although I thought it was cute ….the Bubba INSISTED that Santa be in the picture!

You’ll have to wait for the card!!!!


Little shout out to the boys from UNC Charlotte Men’s Soccer Team – ya’ll are awesome!  So very proud of you!!! 

Friday, December 9, 2011

It’s not what you say….

It’s never what you say – it’s HOW you say it.  A couple of my fellow blogging friends (LIFE IS ART being one) are really good about saving tidbits of things that their kids say….I’m going to attempt to do the same…especially with Bubba.  He is saying some of the funniest things these days.

This morning while we were getting dressed for the day he brought me his soccer cleats and said….

Hey  mom (and he lowers his voice too which is hysterical) can you get me a toothbrush so I can clean my cleats?’

Yeah sure honey I’ll get right on that…you’re spending too much time with your older brothers and your daddy!

The other day over at my parents house my mom was cleaning.  (little note for the story – Bubbas HATES the vacuum and goes into absolute freak mode if he sees one)

Ninny (that’s my mom):  Bubba, do you want to go upstairs with Nin, I’m going to go vacuum upstairs?

Bubba:  Ain’t happen’n.

Yesterday Bubba and I went thru the drive thru at his favorite fast food joint TACO BELL.  (Kid loves him some taco bell and he’ll eat anything from there…his favorite is a mexi melt and a crunchy taco AND a mexican pizza) 

So I ordered, went got our food and headed to circle out of the drive thru and Bubba says

Hey MOMMMM – you forgot your diet pepsi!

He was right – I’d driven off and forgotten to get my diet pepsi from the girl in the window.  Glad someone was paying attention!

And here is our favorite.  Let me give my disclaimer – HE DID NOT HEAR THIS FROM ME.  I’m really NOT sure where he DID hear it, because none of the big 3 will fess up!

Pootie (the 15 yr old) is juggling the soccer ball (a common occurrence in this house) and Bubba is watching and sorta kicking it back to him…the ball bounces and hits Bubba in the belly (not hard, relax)

Bubba: Heeeeyyyyy we don’t hit in the stomach with the soccer balls …

Pootie:  Oh really?  And he bounces ball into Bubba’s belly again…

Bubba charges at him and says …(get ready for it)

I’m going to kick your ass.

Nice huh?  Pootie then falls  overtop of himself laughing in great hysteria and then looks at me and says “Hey mom, he’s going to NEVER be allowed to go to preschool!”  Really Pootie , thanks for the 4-1-1 on that.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Jus don’t make no sense…


I used to like Rosie.  I did.  Then something happened.  I’m not sure if it was the bagel accident and the fact that it DRIVES me crazy how she holds her hand now.

Or the fact that she used to look like this –

and now looks like THAT….


and I know, I know, the top one was a long time ago, from the horrible movie something Eden…aanywho.  As I was was saying.  I used to like her, then I think she dropped her basket.  I’m not sure what happened….but she got weird. 

But seriously –how can SHE get a cute girlfriend and NOW fiance that looks like this?


she kind of reminds me of Taylor from Beverly Hills…….


But then I remember she’s got lots of



And it all starts to make sense…

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thoughts for THURSDAY

I was trying to get some work done this morning – when I’m working from home (which is most of the time) the Bubba is in my office with me….he has his own desk and “set up” and we play music or turn a video (if needed)….mostly we talk. 

Well today he was sorta near me, but I was a million miles away.  He told me he was coloring….

And he was….

And then he told me when he was done….

And he was…..


Crayola marker all over his legs, between his toes, it’s on his face and YEP – he even got some in his hair.  Oh well –



This is Bubba and his 5th or 6th cousin. ….that’s a whole family debate…what do you think?  It’s my dad’s cousin, Jimmy, granddaughter.  So if Jimmy is my 2nd cousin, his son is my 3rd cousin – well this is Aubry.  She and Bubba had their own table for dinner and were sooooo good!


And this is Jimmy and his son, Derrick.  If you can’t tell.  Derrick looks and acts JUST like his dad!  Freaks me out.


And Jimmy’s wife Cindy…I think she is just delightful – and that is Courtney next to her, who is Derrick’s wife.


And Hubby and his momma – Itsy as the kids call her…..again, if you can’t tell – they are related.


And this is my Aunt Millie (Gram Mabel’s younger sister).  And my Daddy.  Mille moved her, and then so did Jimmy and Cindy.  So happy to have them close by…Millie cracks me up!


Mother and Father in law – Dave and Patsy….poor things.  Dave was on call and then Patsy came down with P-nuemonia!


And yep, my Daddy and Crash.  Disgusting! – but so them



Pootie and Lola…..


And all the kids with the Biggest kid of them all – my brother…..

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

From the mouths of babes

My mom has this lovely nativity scene.  Last year, mom would hold Bubba and point out all the “characters”….and Bubba learned everyone’s name.


MaryNeil…(this one cracks us up…poor guy – sister’s name is MaryNeil after all)…..

and Baby Ye-sus.

Mom has been decorating the past couple of days.  And Bubba and I were over at the house this morning so I could work.  Mom showed Bubba that the nativity was back out and on display.

Bubba  just loves looking at it…so as he and mom were standing there….he hollers

“Hey Poppa, come here, Baby Ye-sus is back!”

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

ChaChaCha Changes



December 2009

kids 2

November 2011


(it’s not the best picture of the oldest one, but he kept blinking and I got quite tired of trying to get another one……)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It was a PERFECT Fit!

This is the right leg getting it’s AFO brace……..





And the left foot getting it’s SMO…..



See, the left brace you can hardly see with the shoe on…


Made a couple of adjustments to the AFO’s….




And off he goes!




he was fascinated with the parallel bars and there was a little walker there..he thought that was nifty….(That’s his PT Christy’s head in the corner)