Monday, July 19, 2010

Amy’s List

I am one of the lucky ones to have lived in Charlotte for most of my life.  I love it here.  So does Hubby.  Mom and Daddy are right up the street and we have the best friends around us.

I frequently get asked the question “do you know a good _____”.  And funny enough, I usually do.  Between my Daddy and I, we really do know a lot of different people! 

I want to make my own list for ya of the people in business that I’ve used and really liked.  This is just a sampling of my picks! 

Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Doctor

Mark Brummond


Mark and his staff are really great guys.  They are super fast to respond and didn’t try to sell me stuff I didn’t need. 

Painters and Home Repair

Foreman’s Painting

Vince or Mark Foreman


Vince and Mark  are brothers and they are super nice guys too.  Pricing is very fair and they do a great job – they’ve been in the business forever! 


McCoy Plumbing

Rick McCoy


Rick is very honest and the response to emergency’s are just terrific!  He’s the kind of guy who will tell ya if you can fix it over the phone. 

Small Appliance Repair

Carolina Appliance 

Bob Pfefferle


Mr. Pfefferle has the best hours of any service technician EVER!  He’s open early in the morning and he is super fast to get to your house! 


Crossroads Tire


Now, don’t laugh.  They are in Midland, NC.  It’s a 15 minute drive from 485 in South Charlotte to get to them.  They are at the corner of  Highway 601 and Highway 24/27.  The drive is totally worth the money you will save on tires and they are so fast – honest!  It took them 9 minutes to put a whole new set of tires on Hubby’s car.  The waiting room is so clean…because you don’t have time to sit down!!!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Our Grandmother Mabel (Wynne) Cullipher (Curry) Roberson , affectionately known as  GramMabel,  passed away Sunday, July 11, 2010.  This August she would have been 86 years old. 

GramMabel had gone to the hospital Sunday morning with stomach pain.  The pain was from a stomach aneurism that had grown significantly and was putting pressure on her insides.  It was determined that she would need to have surgery…..the doctors told that my aunt and uncle she only had a 50% chance of surviving the surgery. 

In true GramMabel style – she did quite well in and immediately after the surgery.  But an hour or so later, her heart stopped.  The staff attempted chest compressions, and that did seem to get her heart going again.  But when they stopped, so did her heart.

She passed away about 10:00 that night.  And was not in pain.

The funeral was Friday at her church in Williamston, NC with the burial today (Saturday) up in Norfolk, VA.  She will be buried next to my grandfather, her first husband, Ervin Clyde Cullipher. (Albert, her husband that passed away 1 1/2 years ago, was buried next to his first wife. They both wanted it this way.)

My GramMabel was most definitely in a class all her own.  Now, it was a smoking class, that served bottled co’cola (as she would say) and a cup of instant coffee…but it is most assuredly a class all to her own. 

The past 10-15 years, she changed alot….sorta.  At one time, she was a very strong lady that worked hard at everything she did.  She was not one to be left sitting…..but the recent years, she became somewhat of a homebody…not wanting to go and do as she had once enjoyed.  In recent years, she was still strong, but it was more her will than her body. 

There are many memories of her getting in a car with her buddy Jean and driving down here to Charlotte just to go to MaryJoe’s Fabric Store.   She also loved to do crafts – if there was something in a store that she liked, she was surely going home to attempt to make it herself.  She liked to quilt and she LOVED to garden.  And at one time she loved to sit and fish.  She wanted to be needed….who doesn’t right? 

Many of you have heard my GramMabel stories – and they are found memories that I will treasure – even the crazy ones.  I guess truthfully – those will be the best memories because it will make me laugh. 

We buried her with a pack of KOOL Menthol cigarettes.  Seems appropriate huh? 

Friday, July 2, 2010


We are on our annual family vacation.  The weather has been crazier than I don’t even know what.  We got here late Sunday night – had a great ride over.  Monday it was “normal” beach hot – but the water was COLD.  The locals had said Sunday the water had been warmer than they could remember.  Tuesday was more of the same, although it was a tad overcast.  Wednesday – rain and fog and FREEZING cold water.  Yesterday, low 80’s and warm water.  There was a light breeze on the beach and it was one of those days that if you didn’t have on sunscreen….you were going to BURN!!!!  And Hubby did by the way – his face – goofball.

Today the men are off playing golf.  Hubby was quite happy.  Kids are still sleeping – except for Rowdy who has decided to start waking in the middle of the night again and nurse.  And since I'm here with other people, I cannot let his cry.  He would wake everyone up! 

So, I’m exhausted.  And not really happy about the steps backwards…to be honest.  I am actually very bitter! 

Oh well.  We still have one more week. 

Here are some of the the kids playing in the sand on Tuesday.  They had so much fun!  This is the first year that Crash was able to bring a friend, and he is so happy to have a boy his age here.   


They are trying to convince us that they are so strong…such muscles.  haha. 



And her is hubby and Rowdy.  Isn’t this a great picture?  


He’s lucky he is so cute because lordie be he is wearing me out.