Saturday, November 20, 2010

What a M-E-S-S!!!!!

So, we got home from running errands and race around race around, someone goes the pantry to get a snack, and I won’t tell you who (POOTIE) and he left the pantry door unlocked ( because of baby who loves to forage for anything resembling food)..

So, POOTIE didn’t lock the door.  Things were very quiet.  I look for baby and guess where he was.


This is what my syrup bottle looks like now.


Do you want to know how much syrup is actually in a new bottle of syrup.

This MUCH.


Do you want to know how hard it is to clean that much syrup up off the floor?


Monday, November 15, 2010


Ok so I think that my life is getting somewhat back to normal.  Well, as normal as my life can get.

Back to bullet point Mondays.  My favorite.

  • Football is over for Pootie.  All that is left is the Fall Banquet next Monday.  Easy enough.  I’m the football team mom, and I agreed to do a lot of things to help out. One thing I made VERY clear (crystal clear) is that I would NOT be in charge of ANY, hear me now, ANY banquet.  Period.  So all I gots to do is show up!
  • Fall Season of Soccer is sorta over for Crash and Pootie. NOOOOOO, soccer is not over, just the fall season.  Both boys are playing in a tourney coming up – sore subject-and both are playing indoor (which runs from now until February) and Pootie is playing academy – which is also from now until February.  But indoor has no practices and academy has just one-ish a week.  I can deal wid that! 
  • Lola girl is now in the school choir.  She loves it.  Her practice is only one day a week, which for her, is perfect.  Keeping her on task in the afternoons doing homework is “a challenge” to say the least.
  • Baby Boy is almost 19 months old.  He just had his 18 month old check up – he’s 21 pounds 4 ounces and doing great.  For those of you keeping up with the whole preemie thing, he’s 18 must old actually, but 15 months old adjusted.  He is buck wild.  Started throwing fits – which is fine when it’s just me because i can deal with it, when big kids are home, not so much because they either give in to him or laugh.  Neither is helpful. 
  • I am still nursing.  Quit laughing.  I didn’t nurse the others so this is such uncharted territory for me.  I will be done by the time he is 2.  That’s my final offer.  Whether or not he is done.  I try to keep it to just morning and then at bedtime.  He and I disagree over that plan, but we are dealing with it.  It’s somewhat pitiful if you want to know the truth.  When he asks to nurse, which he does by saying “Boobie”, he is very polite and says “Please” too. 
  • Hubby and the rest are well too.  He’s slowing down somewhat on the trips to Shelby….which is good.  He caught my cold the other week – which was not good.  Men are just not good sick people.  They just can’t handle it. 

That’s it!  Have a great week, enjoy the family time coming up…..