Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Waiting for the report

I appreciate everyone who has been saying prayers for Peanut, and all of us. It is such a reassuring peace to know that you are all thinking about us. We need it.

The CT report didn't come back exactly as we would have liked.

The ventricles have gotten bigger. Not great news. But the clot is getting smaller. Good News. The fluid has not backed up outside of the ventricles. Good News. There are no new bleeds. Good news.

So, his sweet neonatologist went ahead and called in neurology. It was decided that they would do a lumbar puncture/spinal tap and see if they could drain off some of this backed up fluid.

Not a pleasant thought - someone sticking my baby with a needle. But this will give him more time to get that clot absorbed and (hopefully) getting the fluid flowing like it should. TIME!!!! They will do the lp's in the evenings, each day, from last night until this coming Monday.

Our friend Angie, who is a nurse practioner, actually did his lp last night. She called us right after and said she got off 11 cc's of fluid. Good news. It looked old, as in no new bleeds. Good news. He did ok with it, got a little cold and dropped his temp and his 02, but his nurse said that is to be expected when his isolette is open and he is curled into a "C" to get the lp.

The neuro doc came by this morning with the neo doc and chatted with us. They are watching him like a hawk...which is reassuring.

The nurse practioner, Karen, today was a hoot. She chatted with me for a while. She had a premie 10 years ago. A little girl who was smaller than Ryan. Didn't have the IVH issue, but had other issues..and she is fine now. Karen is a huge proponent of kangaroo care (they all are) but it was so cool to talk to her about it. She's all "do it for hours", "everyday". "It's what he needs." I was concerned that with the lp's everyday that I wouldn't be able to hold him again for while. Not the case and that was a huge relief for me.

(here is today's secret)

She also told me that my pumped boobage supply had a "great color - lots of fat". (Right now, I am taking that a compliment ) I told her I was glad to hear it, I'd be willing to give up more fat, if they needed it - I had a huge supply right on my butt!!!! (little humor here people!) I could supply the whole dang nicu with fat! So, officially, Peanut is getting fed just pumped boobage. The iv drip food, triple mix, that he was getting has been stopped, he will get something else, I think it's a vitamin type thingy called neosomethingorother, but otherwise - it's all me. They did ask how my supply was.....I told them I had plenty at home already stockd in the freezer....what do you think? Can I keep this litlte man fed? This is our garage freezer - it's a full size freezer and this is one full shelf. I have more that has already gone to the hospital freezer......

Angie left a gift for him this morning when she left work. It is a puppy that is the same as Brown Bear. Brown Bear is this long legged once beautiful bear that she gave to Lola when she was born. Lola still sleeps with BB, every night. I am sure that little man will love his Puppy as much as Lola loves BB. This is Puppy, chilling out in Peanuts crib.

And this is what Brown Bear looked like almost 8 years ago.

And this is what he looks like now......and yes, his head is white. He had a new head put on years ago....Lola never missed a beat loving on him though - fur color doesn't matter to her!!!!

And for the sake of being sentimental - this bear is on a shelf in Lola's room - high up so she can't reach it, but it was my bear when I was little (younger, whatever.) He is missing an eyeball...not really sure whatever happened to it.


CFMom said...

Hi Amy (and family)--I guess we were out of the loop and did not realize what was going on with you all. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Ryan is such a little cutie. Please keep us posted. I am now following your blog on my blog so I can stay updated. Take care and we'll keep praying!

CFMom said...

Amy, just finished reading all of your posts leading up to this--wow--what an amazing story--I saw you at Colonel Beatty --must have been a day or two before everything unfolded and little Ryan decided to make his grand entrance!

Ginger said...

Hi Amy,
Boy it sounds like Ryan is in such good hands. Just know that you're all in my prayers. Ryan's a real trooper!