Monday, May 7, 2012

Not going in the baby book…if I had one for him that is….

I am really bad about remembering the funny things that Bubbas says…and trust me.  With his ability to speak, having older siblings, and a mother who talks like a sailor at times…..he says some funny shi&^%tuff.  It scares me, just a little, because he is already making sarcastic comments.

I could try and pretend that it’s Hubby’s fault.  That the sarcastic gene that Bubba OBVIOUSLY inherited came from Hubby. 

But it did not.

It’s all me.

I accept it. 

So, here I am, “stuck” with a 3 year with MY mouth on him.  Nice.  Payback is hell, huh?


Here is what happen last week, plus a little background…

Three older kids – and of course they tell each other to shut up all the time, especially Lola.  I know, it’s not nice, etc etc etc….don’t judge .  (We are all working on NOT saying those words.)  Here’s the other way it’s say (and yes this would be from me….) 

Friend: I just won the lottery.

Me:  Shut up!  Seriously!


You get the point?  Anywho, to make a long story longer.. Bubba says it.  So we are really trying to STOP it because he is NOT saying it in the “you won the lottery” fashion.  He means – I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR WHAT YOU ARE SAYING.

So I’m at the elementary school tying to put him in his car seat and the principal is standing there talking to me.  I LOVE this woman.  I think she is so smart.  And hello SHE’S a PRINCIPAL…and Bubba is screaming his head off that he DOES not want to leave, I’m trying to bend his body to get car seat buckled, screaming and well…here ya go

Bubba:  (screaming) I don’t want to leave.  I want to stay here with Sissy.

Me:  I know but we have to go.  (Pushing him down into the car seat and still talking to Ms. Principal.)

Bubba:  Shut up Mommy

Me:  Bubba, please use nice words.  We are going home now get in that car seat (as I’m still trying to bend him at the waist to buckle the damn seat belt and talk to Ms. Principal who is now grinning at me and saying we’ll talk soon)

Bubba:  Shut up Mommy

Me:  Bubba with middle name, do not say that again.  If you do, when we get home I’m going to wash your mouth out with soap.

Bubba:  Shutttttt Upppppppp (Swear, it was the long shuuu and a hard T, the a upppp with a hard P)

So we get home and I get the soap.  I reminded him that he was NOT going to talk like that to me and he he needs to behave. 

AND to follow thru with my warning…. I squirted the tiniest bit of foaming liquid soap into his mouth.

Bubba:  (crying) That is not fair mom –you shouldn’t do that….. it’s not food!!! 

HELLO, that’s the point. 

Needless to say, since last Thursday he has attempted to say Shut up once and quickly stopped himself and said “I don’t want the soap mommy”.

Problem solved? 

We’ll see…

(do you have visions of Ralphie and the soap poisoning in your head yet?)

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