Friday, April 5, 2013


The weather, as always, has really depressed me this week!  I feel so bad for everyone that attempted a beach vacation – because as I understand it, unless you were down in South Florida, you had the crazy rain and cold that has torn threw the Southeast. 

I am ready to be in my flipflops & pedicured all up (I know, that’s not really a word)!!!  I love it when it’s warm enough to be comfortable in jeans, tshirts and flops!



Don’t know about you – but after the long cold months of hiding in boots – I always feel like my feet look like this.

Don’t look to long at the picture – it’s so gross.

My meeting with my doctor has been moved to Monday morning at 9:10. Dr. J’s nurse, (Amy-such a great name) has been fabulous this past week getting me needed information and getting me this early earlier appointment.  I am desperate for some sort of final plan.  I hate living in limbo…..

Enjoy the final weekend of Spring Break… does look like things are on the up-swing….temperature wise at least!!!! 

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