Monday, June 10, 2013

When the heck did this happen?

I usually save stuff like this for birthdays or special occasions.    I am not one to typically be sappy….unless it is over a picture…and a song.  The two together can be a HUGE punch in the gut.

We (I) throw pictures up on the door from our mud room to the’s a perfect door.  Well one fell off the other day and it caught my eye.

It was me and my Lola girl.  She was 3 or 4.  I’m not really sure. 

She is the light of my life.  The only girl!!!!  …..and I’ll be honest… she is the MOST like me…and THAT scares the SHIT (just saying)  out of me.  Those of you that know why I say that – HUSH.

So here is the picture that “fell to the floor”.  (The crinkle lines are from where she actually carried this one around for a while when she was a wee lass.)

CCF06032013_00000 (2)


Her hair was wild and curly!!!!  She has always been a hugger. Some of the best compliments that I’ve ever received about her is 1-her hugs are so genuine and 2-she knows when you need a hug and 3-she really means it.  (She’s like me in the sense that she is not very good at faking liking ya…)

WlodykaA_LZ376-O1IU9LD_02 (2) 

And here we are back in December 2012….this was a spur of the moment go to the mall to get some pictures done (hubby won the gift certificate)


me and mary

And this is mother’s day when the little Miss organized the FOUR SQUARE games for the evening…

I look at her and I am totally amazed and who she is, who she has been and who she is becoming!

And I’m so not that sappy person!!!!!


But just cause she is that damn cute – here are some of my favorites THRU THE YEARS!!!!


And yes, damnit, that is a soccer ball…

100_0465_edited  easter 015 black and white #2 family pix 034  100_3313100_5638  100_5839 100_6248 100_6735

 100_6863 100_3416100_5831100_3743100_8324 101_0043 101_0074    DSC_0295 100_0614




I look at her (all my bebes truthfully) and I want to scream at them “WAIT!!!  STOP!!!!  Don’t grow up so fast!!!”  And then I need the reminder that I need to WAIT STOP and enjoy every beautiful, stupid, annoying, sweet, precious, lord summer just started moment!!!


And of course – you might as well have Kenny singing at ya to really make the point….

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