Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Busy Two Weeks

It has been a crazy past two weeks around this house. Weekend of Valentine's, we worked a soccer tournament...allllll weekend. It's honestly alot of work, but fun. I enjoy being around the other people, especially my friend Martha and her boys. Her boys make me laugh (and are the cutest things ever), and my kids enjoy being around them too, plus it's soccer. Doesn't really get any better than that, right? It was a good tourney, Crash's team took first place in their division. Very cool.

Then we had a busy week of just normal life stuff going on. Lola had a book report project thing that was due last Tuesday. Lola does not like doing homework, much less projects, so the week started off with her whining alot about how stupid the project was and she would really just rather have a zero. Seriously, she said that.

Oh what is a mother to do? Blackmail.

The flower girl dress that she is wearing in April came in on Monday. So we kept it at my moms and blackmailed her butt. If you want to see the dress - EVER - you will get that project done.

Damned if she didn't have the written part all done on Tuesday evening. Lickity Split! And she did a good job - even more impressive. The art part, which was sooo easy, she got done on Wednesday.

Don't tell me I don't know how to parent!!!! Ya have to know what motivates them~

Then we got that call that my step Grandfather, Albert, passed away. Bless his heart. He was married to my Gram'Mabel for 22 years. Man deserves a medal for that alone. Mabel is cookoo for cocoa puffs, if ya get my drift. Albert was ready, he had been very ill and on deaths door since this past summer.

The funeral was this past Sunday, so we left Saturday evening after Crash's soccer game to drive over to the eastern part of the state. Not a fun trip must follow that statement. It's just a LONG boring ride. 4 1/2 hours .....pregnant. Yuck. We didn't stay at Mabel's, too crowded and too much KOOL menthol cigarettes for me. So we stayed with my dad's cousin, Willie G as we call her, my kids call her Aunt Wilda. She comes to Nags Head with us and my kids ADORE her. she has wiggled her way right into being the favorite aunt for sure....why?

She has a SA-WEET Mercedes - named Jezebel, its a convertible. And the kids got to ride with her to the funeral and back to the family home. AND, she put the top down and went really fast for them!!!! She is now officially, the coolest. And she plays cards, which just moves you higher up on the chain in my kids eyes.

SO now, this week, we are back into our normal crazy mode. Soccer practice, PTA, homework and work work. I get sweet little man E for a while today. He is just such a good baby, I never mind when they need me. And it's good practice, right?

We still have no name for Baby Boy. We're still accepting suggestions. Just keep in mind we have a crazy last name, so it can't be a crazy first name.

Off to get some vacuuming done before E shows up - stay warm!

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