Monday, February 9, 2009

A week off..

I have had a wretched head cold thing happening. I know one day soon I will be able to breath. So, I have not been able to go over and smooch on the new babies. Which is killing me.

We go tomorrow at 9:45 for the "big" ultrasound...and this baby will hopefully cooperate and let them see if it's a boy or a "gul". Right now, Lola is for sure going. Crash said this morning that he wants to go, Pootie, not sure if he will give up missing class in middle school for this.

We are all very anxious to find out. I had a regular ob appointment this past Thursday and got to hear the heartbeat again. It's nerve racking between the doctor's appointments!!! I really like my doctor's too. This is a new practice, closer to home. I switched about 2 years ago because I thought, hey, ya know, I'm done having babies, loved my old practice, they delivered all 3 of my bebe's, but I don't need to drive downtown once a year!!! hehe.. So it is kind of funny going through my bebe history with someone new. I know, each pregnancy is different, but they "knew" me.

Hubby says that after we know boy or gul, he will be ready to discuss names. He did that crap to me with the other three. Men. The naming committee does have a list started. And yes, once we figure out what the name is, we will tell everyone, but will reserve the right to change our mind at any time, without any notice.

The list right now consists of the names I put on the list. Crash has been removed from the committee because he keeps suggesting athletes names. Keshaun Davis with our last name, just doesn't flow.

Girl's names we (I) like: Annabell, Ava, Carly, Chloe, Daisy, Eliza, Ella, Emma, Grace, Lily and Zoe. I also would love to use the name Genevieve, that was my grandmothers name, we could call her Gigi or Vivi, but that keeps getting shot down. I think I like Grace for the middle name, whichever way we go. I also still like the name HollyGrace.

Boy's names we (I ) like: Christopher for a first name, then middle names, Aidan, Grady, Max, Bo (or Beau) Chase, Daniel, Isaac, Mason, Gavin. My thought is to call bebe by the middle name. Hubby did say that he likes Max. Crash and Pootie like the name James, and also suggested, and we do like the name is Joseph Maxwell.

Cast your votes and send your suggestions!!!! We are totally open!!!!

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