Monday, March 22, 2010

Prayer Request

Dear Friends,

I am writing to ask for prayer for my cousin’s family and her young daughter, Lauren (Lauren is getting ready to turn 9 years old).  She has been suffering from excruciating headaches accompanied by vomiting.  While the doctors are hoping that these symptoms are simply the result of a severe sinus infection (which they are currently treating), they discovered a cyst in her brain while performing an MRI. 

It may be no big deal and may or may not be connected to her symptoms, but they are not sure and will be performing more tests in the week(s) to come.

At this point, they feel confident that this will turn out to be nothing and the doctors are similarly hopeful.  Regardless, they need your prayers.  Please pray for Lauren and for her mom (Merae, my cousin), her dad (Daniel), and for the rest of their family while they go through this trial and await results.

*Please pray that the cyst is “nothing”.* 

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