Thursday, June 17, 2010

Taking time off

If you haven’t noticed – I have been gone for a couple of days. 

OK, maybe longer.  I was on a mental vacation.  I was ready for the kids to be out of school and then they were out of school and it just got busy.  Not really – but it feels like the past week has been busy.

And yes, I am still glad they are home.  So is Rowdy.  He LOVES having his brothers and sister here with him. 

Not too much to update you on.

Marybeth is having a book signing on Saturday for her new novel The Mailbox.  I am going to try to go.  It’s at the Barnes and Nobel at the Arboretum! 

We are in beach planning mode.  YEAH!  Holly Beth and I have been working on menu and team planning. 

I’ve had a head cold that has kicked my butt since the kids got out of school.  Still stuffy and cough-y.

World Cup is on in our house.  I love it.  Lola has even gotten into a couple of the games.  GO USA!

Worked today, and one of our vendors game by for a chat with dad.  “Lex” was telling us that he and his wife are expecting their first baby, a little girl, and she is 25 weeks along.  Big congrats I said. When when I was getting ready to leave for the day, I was holding Rowdy, and my dad said something about Rowdy being a preemie.  Well Lex’s eyes got wide and he wanted to know if he could ask me a question….He doesn’t know me from Adam’s house cat, but ya’ll know me…ask me anything.  I’ll tell ya the truth. 

Come to find out, his wife is in the hospital on bed rest.  Her water broke about a week ago.  They are a nervous wreck.  He had lots of questions, you could tell.  Hoping for the best, which is for her to carry baby as long as possible, but trying to prepare for the “not best”.

My heart just aches for them.  I wasn’t 25 weeks, but I know what they are feeling. We lived it. Right now, their doctors are guessing baby is about 1 pound 4 ounces.  She really needs more baking time…..I explained the game.  Hope for one week at a time.  Get her to 26 weeks, mark that one off the list.  Then go for 27, then 28.  Every day counts!  In my mind, 28 weeks, because of how well Rowdy did, is a good gestational age.  Obviously, if they can get her further, that is better.

Say a little prayer for their babe.  It is heart wrenching.

I’m trying to finish Rowdy’s baby book.  I’ve done it online, and need to proof it one more time before I place that order button.  It has been exhausting putting it together. 

Mexico just beat France in round 2 of games.  Talk about upset!  Le French are not le happy at le all!

OH – want to see how cute my two favorite players are??  SO CUTE!  This is Clint.  He’s a hottie!


And this is Landon.  He’s a hottie too!

Gotta love soccer!!!!!!!

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