Friday, July 2, 2010


We are on our annual family vacation.  The weather has been crazier than I don’t even know what.  We got here late Sunday night – had a great ride over.  Monday it was “normal” beach hot – but the water was COLD.  The locals had said Sunday the water had been warmer than they could remember.  Tuesday was more of the same, although it was a tad overcast.  Wednesday – rain and fog and FREEZING cold water.  Yesterday, low 80’s and warm water.  There was a light breeze on the beach and it was one of those days that if you didn’t have on sunscreen….you were going to BURN!!!!  And Hubby did by the way – his face – goofball.

Today the men are off playing golf.  Hubby was quite happy.  Kids are still sleeping – except for Rowdy who has decided to start waking in the middle of the night again and nurse.  And since I'm here with other people, I cannot let his cry.  He would wake everyone up! 

So, I’m exhausted.  And not really happy about the steps backwards…to be honest.  I am actually very bitter! 

Oh well.  We still have one more week. 

Here are some of the the kids playing in the sand on Tuesday.  They had so much fun!  This is the first year that Crash was able to bring a friend, and he is so happy to have a boy his age here.   


They are trying to convince us that they are so strong…such muscles.  haha. 



And her is hubby and Rowdy.  Isn’t this a great picture?  


He’s lucky he is so cute because lordie be he is wearing me out. 

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