Friday, May 20, 2011

soccer moms………

Almost 2 years ago this fall we were at a soccer tourney (shocking, I know) in Greenville, SC for Crash’s team.  I was sitting in the middle row of the blue goose (my suburban) nursing the babe,  Pootie was in the front passenger seat and Lola was in the middle with me…..  (go with me on this for a minute please)

We noticed these two ladies standing at the back of my car “checking out” my magnets…..I have a few on the back of my car from various soccer clubs.  And I have one that I had made that states “SOCCER -it’s not about THE CLUB, it’s about THE KIDS”.  I got tired a few years back when the boys were at different clubs of explaining myself to a few folks.  So I had the slightly obnoxious magnet made….

Anywho, it caught the eye of these two moms…they didn’t know that we were in the car.  We could hear them chatting and it really was funny.  At the time, there was major turmoil going on in their club…so, they walk away and then, all of a sudden, one of the mom’s is back – and she is TAKING a picture of my rear end…the car people.  The rear end of the car.  So I opened the door and said something funny to her about stealing my magnets and scared to mess out of her. 

And we struck up a conversation.  She’s a soccer mom, tired of all the drama that goes with <insert any activity that involves parents>.   She and her family live in Tennessee and I think she is just a really neat gal and almost 2 years after the fact we still touch base with each other.  Little notes or snippets here and there on facebook – not too bad for meeting in a parking lot at a soccer tourney….

So, right now, I would like add her little girl, Anna to any and all prayer lists. 

Anna was an active and perfectly healthy 10 year old girl right up to the day she was diagnosed with AML Leukemia. We went to the doctor due to off and on fevers and were sure that she had lingering infections from a cut in her toe or possibly strep throat. On May 6, 2011 her life took a huge detour and she is now fighting to win the battle over this horrible disease. Anna has such a kind heart and is referred to as "sweet Anna" by everyone she knows.

Anna is living in the hospital right now, undergoing treatment, away from her “life as she knows it”, away from her friends, her school, all her stuff……and she is fighting a good fight. 

Soccer moms……we rally behind each other when we need to ya know!!!

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