Monday, May 30, 2011

Like I needed something else to worry about

Here is a recap of our Sunday.

Pootie jumped head first into the deep end (6 feet) of our neighbors pool on Sunday morning. The kids had a Belly Flop contest (which he won) and a Squirrel diving contest (which he won by default) and on his fabulous Squirrel dive slammed his head on the bottom of the pool.  He did not lose consciousness and was able to get himself over to the steps of the pool.  I knew that he was hurt – the look on his face was horrible. 

I took him home put him in the car and we headed to the Ortho Carolina Urgent Care in Matthews.  (see my footnote)

They got him right into the doctor, who did an x ray and saw what appeared to be a fracture on his C-3 vertebrae.  (that’s in the neck).  They called CMC downtown and downtown wanted him there….so because it was his neck…he had to go in an ambulance…..MEDIC quickly arrived. 

He was put in a neck brace, strapped down on a board, and head taped down and loaded into the ambulance.   We got to CMC ER after a slow ride (they didn’t want to bobble him around) and he was quickly taken into the ER and checked out.  jack hospital A

This is Pootie after we arrived at the hospital and they met us at the door and started “assessing” him. You can see the strap going across his chest and the little bit of yellow on the left hand side is the back board.  They had already taken the blankets and stuff off of him. 

It was crazy being met at the door by 2 doctors and a several nurses.

All his neuro functions seemed intact -  which was good.  The ER docs called the Neuro surgeons and we had to wait on them to show up.  They checked him out and also felt like he was ok but the x ray still concerned them.

jack hospital B

Once they got him situated in the ER and had him all unraveled, they put him in a hard neck brace…..

The only way to rule out a break/fracture was a CT Scan so off he went. 

We were very fortunate – the CT Scan showed no break or fracture and he was cleared to go home.  He is in a soft neck brace for a while – no activity – no carrying Bubba around on his shoulders for while – and definitely no headers for a bit!  (We were also lucky because one of the neuro docs that saw Pootie was on Bubba’s “team” when he was born..imagine, he recognized the name)

He was VERY lucky and everyone in the ER told him that.  It was very scary (especially for me)but he is fine, just sore.  He said he is never jumping head first into anything again.

jack hospital C

Here is my happy boy waiting on the nurse to take out his IV – that thing drove him crazy (which is so me it’s not even funny).  The nurse taking off the tape – CLASSIC – wish I had my flip camera to video that one. 

So, that was my Sunday, how was yours?


Also today, don’t forget about those that serve and protect out country.  My brother is military and I love him so much and I am so proud of him.

Enjoy your Memorial Day.

FOOTNOTE: I did get in trouble with the medic folks for putting him the car, I know better, I should have laid him down beside the pool and called 911…..could have really hurt him – so parents, that’s your lesson that I got to learn…

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Ginger said...

Oh my gosh!! What a Sunday! I am so glad that he is going to be o.k. Hopefully you are having a less eventful day today. Take care friend and know that we are keeping your brother, Chris in our grateful to have him serving!