Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dear Jessi

This is for my blogger friend Jessi, cause I think she needs to hear this…..

Dear Jessi,

I just read your blog post today about Miracle Jack and getting faced with questions, something  new that ya’ll are starting to deal with now that life is not about staying isolated.

First, I think the way that you responded to the little one asking questions was really sweet….but I’m not as sweet as you (quiet please, I don’t need an AMEN on that)

I’d have responded like this. “Cause he’s TWO!” 

And when the little angel made the comment back about their sibling not acting like that, I’d have said – “oh gosh - there must be something wrong with him/her”….  .  OR I’d have said  “Because this is what two year olds do.  They get frustrated, they get tired, the price of tea goes up in China and they can’t understand why – AND THEY SCREAM, SQUEAL or THROW THEMSELVES in the DING DANG FLOOR. So back off!”  (I’ve actually said that to my daughter regarding one of Bubba’s hissy fits.) Either that or I’d have gone all Princess Bride scene on him and said “LIIIIIAAAAAAAR!”  I’d recommend saving the the  Jack Nicholson “you want the truth, you can’t handle the truth scene”.  I’ve found that it gets lost on most little kids but works great on adults. 

Bubba can communicate REALLY well.  Freakishly so.  Sometimes I forget that he’s just two and find myself in a “deep” conversation with him about lord knows what.  His case worker – she’s gauged him to have a vocabulary of a 5 year old.  Swear.  I’m telling you this so you can then appreciate this next part….

THIS MORNING – no lie – my child rolled in the floor screaming his head off and kicking at the wall  for the better part of 30 minutes. (I’d put him in his room for trying to PINCH me AGAIN).  He was mad as a hatter and pitching a hissy fit because I had told him NO about something and HE’S TWO!!!  I told him he could NOT come out until he stopped with the HISSY FIT…..and he had NO intention of stopping until he was ready….That’s what they do until they learn that it doesn’t work and all the other parenting stuff that goes with that. 

We go places and Bubba is with other (new) kids close to his age and he is a MIDGET compared to them – and he doesn’t run like they do. Or he tries to run and falls a million times…They can see his braces and you KNOW it’s killing them to ask me why he has them……I can see it in their eyes.” WHY does he need the braces????”     And parents are just as bad….I’m not kidding, I swear I think THEY think it’s contagious….like his needing braces might jump over onto their kids like a cootie or something…..”ohhhhh look, he has braces”…


YOUR Jack is a MIRACLE.  He is the cutest dang thing that has managed to capture hearts around the world because he is a fighter and he is going to do everything in his own time……

You are so right – sometimes kids are very cruel…and don’t even get me started on adults!  I swear they are worse than kids sometimes! 

Don’t feel you need to explain everything – ALL parents worry about things with their kids.  Different things – but it’s still worry.  Dear lord, please don’t let her say DAMN again at the mommy and me gym class like she did last night because she heard me say it two weeks ago when I dropped that entire bottle of wine.  (Swear, that’s a common worry with SOME but not me – I don’t cuss hahahahahah.  Ok , stop laughing people)  OR Please please don’t let him take his pants and diaper off AGAIN at the playground and run around streaking – like he did at the neighborhood cookout.  Please please please don’t let my older THREE precious angels start bickering in the restaurant and make me want to GLUE their million dollar medal months closed (ok that may or may not have happened last night).  Pretty please let me get thru Walmart without the baby screaming and trying to throw little powdered donuts at me.

I know it’s tough… I do, but I want you to keep that chin up – you’re going to need to toughen that skin.  You’re a MOM for goodness sakes!  We need tough skin to survive this craziness! 

If ya feel like you need to answer a question, add a dash of humor, it’ll help you in that moment too….And remember that all mommy’s fret about something.  (And I swear, those that say they don’t are BIG FAT LIARS!!!!!!)

Hang in the Jessi!   Jack really is one tough guy and continues to amaze us all!!!