Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Brothers and Sisters

My long time friend (notice I didn’t say OLD) friend, Marybeth, wrote a post for one of her blogs about brothers and sisters.  She’s a great one to write about that subject because she has 6 kids. 

Of course, her talking about being a mom of six, always makes me think of my Aunt Artie (Margaret) because she too is a momma of 6…..we refer to them as the California Cousins.  (Pretty genius name if I do say so myself…lots of thought went into that name, ya know, since they are my cousins and they live in California.)

And as crazy as it was around their house when they were growing up – and trust me when I say it was crazy-look how awesome it is since they are “all growed up”. (Michelle is hiding – goofy)  Three girls, then three boys.  And yes, they are all as beautiful as they look – it’s somewhat annoying Smile

Doesn’t it look like the most fun? 

It was just me and my pain in the butt younger brother.  (yes, yes you are.  It’s my story, I get to write what I want.)


I think it was 80% of the time pretty darn awesome to have him.  While there were times I would have traded him for a stuffed animal, now, I’ll keep him.  We could behave like we were 6 and not 2.  Laugh, fight, and yes, raise a little hell……

So, in honor of Marybeth’s post about Brothers and Sisters week, I honor my only sibling, my goofy, tall, good looking, twisted, smart, athletic, loving, best uncle, ranger, sweet, tender hearted, fun, stupid Smile, best brother ever.

I love you ya big dumb ass.

chris and sammy (2)

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