Monday, January 7, 2013

A bullet point kind of day

Ya’ll know I love me some bullet points.  So here is the first bullet point post for 2013.

  • Have ya gotten used to writing/typing 2013?  I have not.  It will probably be into March before I can do it and not to MAKE myself write/type a 3 instead of a 2.
  • Bubba had his first dentist appointment last week.  Again, a trip to a doctor that he saw absolutely no point in going. He (again) said, “I’m fine-a.  NO need to go, MOOOMMMM!”  Blah Blah – he brushes the “oogalies”(that’s what we call sugar bugs) out of his mouth just fine and he doesn’t need anyone to tell him different.  (his words, not mine)  While he WOULD NOT let the little gal use the fancy tooth brush to clean his teeth – she did let her use a regular Buzz Lightyear tooth brush.  He told her she could do the other next time.  They put the flouride on with a regular brush and he let them do the spit sucker thing “just fine”.  WHY THE HELL THAT DID NOT BOTHER HIM is beyond me!!! 
  • 2013-01-02_09-46-11_897
  • The Christmas decorations are all put up.  House always feels empty after doing that.  And this year was the LONGEST we’ve EVER left the decorations up! 
  • I am so happy for my dear friend, Maria.  She is pain free after a really long illness and lots of surgeries and hospital stays.  I am so thrilled that she has turned the corner and will be back to her uber active self soon.  She is truly one of the most beautiful women I know, her heart and determination have always amazed me…..all I have left to say to her is SET THE DATE!
  • The big kids are “this close” to being half way thru the school year.   Exams start this coming Friday. 
  • The other night Hubby and I took Bubba out walking.  I love taking him out when it’s dark and letting him run around.  Just seems like such a kid thing to do….anyway. Bubba looks up at the sky and begins to recite “Star Light, Star Bright” and it was just the cutest thing EVER!  So he gets done and I asked him what he wished for and this is what he said VERBATIM.  “I wish that my brothers would play FIFA with me on the playstation.  And I wish I could go to bed.”    How dang cute is that?  Hubby and I told Pootie and Crash they ought be be ashamed of themselves for always tricking him out of playing.  (I get it, he’s 3 it’s a PS3, it’s a dang complicated game…but come on…..he WISHES he could play with ya’ll!)
  • My boss, Froggie, gave me the cutest gift the other day…..See, I’m the QUEEN.  Froggie and Chip gave me that name several years ago because I was, well, demanding, about certain things years ago while working at a soccer tourney.  (Not bitchy, although Chip probably disagrees – WHATEVER!) Anyways – it’s the cutest little carved word to sit out on my desk Smile  I love it


That’s really all I have for today.  We had a great holiday.  Together.  My favorite.  My brother actually has been home on a leave which has been awesome for him. We’re not resolution people.  But I am working on my list of things I want to work on list for me.  I’m not ready to share all of that just yet.  I hope that your holiday was amazing and everything that you needed it to be.  (notice I said NEEDED, not WANTED). 

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