Thursday, March 14, 2013

Another one bites the dust and other tales

So – I’ve been very quiet on the blog recently.  I am sure you are wondering WHY.  I had a hard drive crash oh my laptop THAT WAS JUST PURCHASED in AUGUST 2012.  As you can well imagine – I was NOT happy.  It ended up being fine.  I did get a brand NEW laptop – long story but let me just say that the General Manager, Seth, at Staples up the street, was a GEM.  He was afraid I was going to cry, seriously.  All my data was saved, thank goodness – but it is sitting on a hard drive until “my computer guys” can pull it over for me.  So I’ve slowly been working to add my software back on. 

What’s been going on…

Well, Pootie turned 16 and got his drivers license.  Bubba and I took him to Polkton, NC (about 45 minutes away) to get it.  It was so much fun!  Seriously.  We were cracking up!  He’s been doing a great job of driving….funny how he jumps at the chance to go to Bi-Lo for me!  He even offers to pick up Crash from middle school soccer practice.  NO- we did not buy him a car for his birthday.  We did, however, buy me a car.  So I drive that during the day and the Blue Goose (my 99 Suburban) hangs out in the driveway.  Having the additional car does give Pootie the ability to drive if I also need to be someplace – but by no stretch of the imagination is it his car!!! This would be a nervous child – looking one more time at the sign chart HANGING in front of the DMV desk -


Bubba is on cast number 2 of his serial casting.  He has handled it like a champ.  He’s got two weeks in this one, and then they’ll stretch the foot a tad more and do one more casting.  His biggest complaint is still that he can’t soak in the bathtub – but otherwise – he does everything that he would normally do.  Play….kick the ball, run.  I take that back – he can’t walk down our stairs with the cast on – but we think our house stairs are super steep, so it suits me just fine that he slides down.


Crash made the middle school soccer team – so that’s more driving but whatever.  What else do I have to do in the afternoons?  Lola girl is having so much fun in school right now but is NOW looking forward to next year…they just completed their “wish list” of classes for the next school year…

OH and YES – stupid school system has already started PRACTICE End of Grade testing.  I can feel my blood starting to boil every time I think about it!  Yes – for 3 days this week my kids have been PRACTICING taking an of grade test.  (I know Mr. Spath – take them out and home school them….I know.)  Just seems like a great waste of time to TEACH!!!!  Call me crazy.

Other than that – oh the biggest news.  My brother is officially OUT of the ARMY and HOME …and he got MARRIED to a wonderful gal!  I am so excited to call her my sister and to get to be an aunt to her son!!!! 

2013-03-08_13-47-25_711[1] 2013-03-08_13-46-56_19[1]

   Off to go pick up the kids…..

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