Monday, May 13, 2013

Draft Mode

I know.  It’s been a while.  The irony is, I have several “posts” that I’ve started and  have not finished…so they sit in DRAFDT MODE.

I could tell you that I’ve been busy.  And I have.  It would not be a lie.  But I have 4 kids, and work part time, when I am not busy? 

I could tell you that NOTHING has gone on worthy of putting into words.  But I have 4 kids and so you know that SOMETHING has to have happened that was worthy of documenting..

But the fact is – I’m just not in the mood.

So I turn to old faithful…THE BULLET POINTS to catch you up.

Since April 12th, my last post.

  • I turned OLDER …this is me and my girlie….she’s such a trip.  She was trying to show me how to take “selfie” pictures on my camera.  Yes, it’s true I had no idea. 


  • Bubba turned 4


  • Crash turned 14.  I cannot believe that he will go to high school this fall!!!!! 


  • Hubby turned OLDER. He’s on the right -


  • Crash’s middle school soccer team, while not the World Cup by any means, did win their conference.  Undefeated.  It was a super fun season and for him I am truly glad he decided to do it.  How he kept up with that, school AND club soccer is beyond me.  (Oh, wait, that’s because I drive him everywhere!)


  • Pootie got hurt during practice.  Deep tissue bruise to leg directly above his right knee.  (you can still see the swelling…..)


  • Sassy girl so ready for the summer and is already plotting how she can get back up to my Aunt’s in Virginia.  Cracks me up because I did the same dang thing!  She is so like me it scares me.



18 more days of school….tick tock tick tock.

Ready to have my kids HOME!!!

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