Sunday, September 29, 2013

The week ahead


  • Grass was cut – bagged – and is now being watered – all in hopes of getting aerated and seeded this week.  For all the rain we had this summer…dry as a ding dang bone now….
  • Groceries for the week plus purchased (with the exception of a few items I’ll need for Friday)
  • Meals planned..I always feel so much better headed into the week when this is done.
  • Monday’s dinner is COOKED. Crazy, I know.  But I made LASAGNA and it’s always better when it’s cooked and settled then reheated.  Not sure why that is true…but it is.
  • The rest of the week Ill be flexible with the order of the other meals depending on the leftover situation
              • Ham (purchased a nice size spiral sliced one from Aldi – my family LOVES a “real” ham.  I’ll do a real mashed potatoes and green beans PLUS another favorite, Crockpot Apples.
              • Pot Roast with carrots, celery, potatoes and onions. I’ve got some Trader Joe Pumpkin Bread mix – which is AWESOME so that is a possibility
              • White Bean Soup – since I’ve made the Ham – I’ll have a ham bone – and you MUST have a HAM bone to make this soup.  It is a family favorite!!!  Even if I make it and freeze it for later.  It goes great with cornbread – and I have a boxed Jiffy mix on hand.  This is a DFINITE make meal for the week – but might be frozen for later – again – depending on the leftover situation
              • Friday night FOR SURE is Providence High School Homecoming BBQ night.  It is so good – we ordered several pounds this year – because it also freezes beautifully.  :0)   I’ll pick up some fresh buns, cole slaw and whip up some baked beans and walla – dinner.

Also on for this coming week…Pootie takes the SAT’s for the first time this coming Saturday.  Very cool.  My baby is growing up. 

Crash has two high school soccer games – one against one of his best buddies tomorrow night.   They have not been on opposing teams for a long time – they will be so cute. 

Sassy Lola girl has started drama production tryout stuff at the middle school.  That is going to add a whole new dynamic to my evening….but so excited for her.  Thank goodness my mom has retired so hopefully she can be my back  up if needed! 

THE BABY- (yes, he is still called the BABY.)  He is LOVING preschool and so far – has not been kicked out!  He is going three days a week and it is so exciting for me to see him so happy.  Even after getting sick the first week….

That’s all for now – enjoy the week….

Happy Fall Ya’ll!

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