Thursday, September 25, 2014

Menu Late-ness

I completely forgot to post my menu for this week…but since I am late – I now get to add the yummy score to each dinner.

Couple of notes about this week:

  • I cooked two packages of chicken in mexican spices on Sunday in the crock pot, shredded and separated into two bags and then threw into freezer. I’ll use them in the upcoming weeks for tacos, tostadas, enchiladas, or whatever. 
  • I KNEW that on Wednesday we would have PIZZA HUT pizza – it was my anniversary, plus we had an away game, and I was DAMN sure not cookin’


I tried another new recipe that I found on SKINNYTASTE.COM (  IT WAS DELICIOUS!!! I really doubled it and we are having the leftovers tonight (Thursday).  To add a bit of kick to it – I mixed up some hollandaise for those not concerned about what they eat to spoon over the TOP.  It was a HUGE hit and I will DEFINITELY move this into my monthly menu planning. 

UM – NO – that is NOT my picture! 


THIS one is. :-)  I promise you it was SUPER EASY and soooo good!!!  (oh and I served it with Brown Rice and Peas- hubby’s favorite……NOT)



I marinated two pork tenderloins in some bottled Lawry’s deal.  Served with macaroni and cheese and french sliced green beans.  Another hit – PLUS the leftovers were great for Bubba’s lunch box


Pizza Hut for anniversary dinner after PHS beat South Meck in soccer.  It was wonderful.  Everything that this momma wanted.


Leftovers!  The chicken is in the over warming up now.  I’ve got another sauce pan of hollandaise ready to spoon over :-)  oh and for anyone that wants – there is leftover pizza.


Couple other tidbits

LONG story that took up most of the spring for my mom and I, but…my uncle is very happy.  He has gained weight….and considering what he has been thru…he’s doing GREAT!!!!


AND – let me go ahead and say.. I KNOW that August 2015 is going to be tough for this family.  ALL of the kids don’t blink an eye at coming in, flopping on our big ol bed, and watching TV with us.  I LOVE THAT.  So this was Monday night – watching the season premier of THE VOICE (dear lord I really didn’t think that Adam could get better looking, but he did.)  FOUR of us – lined up like dang sardines…watching THE VOICE.  AWESOME! (Crash and Lola were still doing homework…otherwise I am convinced they’d have wedged themselves in there too!)


And I hear the song playing over and over in my head…and I am so grateful for the MOMENTS that will forever be mine with my family.     Listen to it….

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