Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The 80’s at ATE

As I update you on this weeks menu, I’ve got my “radio” on my favorite channel….the 80’s at 8.  Really  gets me going in the morning!

This week was a bit different because Hubby and I were out of town so my normal planning that I do on Sunday had to be a quick grocery run on Monday.  Not as much prep work was done….

So this week on the menu


I used one of the packages of stewed “mexican” chicken that I froze last week and served it over top of tostadas.  (A new family favorite)  I made some refried beans (Bubba likes refried beans) AND a small pot of black beans, corn and diced tomatoes with green chiles.  Topping included cheese, avocado, lettuce, tomatoes and onions. 


I”m going to make a pan of lasagna as soon as I get home from taking Bubba to school and running a few quick errands.  I have a loaf of


The boys have a an away game, and I have to work SO, I need something that can go into the crock pot and be ready when we all get home.  A simple delicious feel good meal for them TURKEY and GRAVY.  Turkey breast goes into the crock pot (after being rinsed and patted dry and give it some salt and pepper love) and cooks until it falls apart then I add canned/jarred Turkey Gravy – SO SIMPLE and they love it.  Depending on my day – I might make them some mashed taters – otherwise I’ll serve rice and a green veggie.  (probably green beans)


Chicken Picatta from my favorite skinnytaste.com website  I’ll serve this angle hair pasta and broccoli.  FYI – on dishes like this – I always make sure there is PLENTY of sauce for Hubby and the kids to spoon overtop of the chicken and pasta.


Leftovers for us!!!

There ya go!!  Hope that everyone is having a great week!!!

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