Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday Wrap Up….

I decided to go about this week’s menu publishing backwards – tell ya what we ate after we ate it. 


We had INDIAN food – and my family LOVES INDIAN food.  I found a recipe on line for Chicken Tikka Masala – one of our favorites.  So I surprised the family…and oh my goodness…my boys were SO happy.  (Yes, even the 5 year old throws down on some indian!) 

CHICKEN TIKKA MASALA with Basmati Rice and warm garlic nan.  It was not identical to what we get at our favorite local indian restaurant – but IT WAS DELICIOUS!!  I read many of the comments – most said the recipe was too salty – so I did cut down as others had – but we also like spicy – so I added more cayenne.  HIGHLY recommend!!!!



Pasta with Italian Sausage in a Cream Sauce  also very good.  Very simple too.  And it rocks as leftovers!!!!




Since I had tried two new dishes Monday and Tuesday, I went to an old faithful for Wednesday.  Salmon with Dill and sautéed greenbeans.



Ordered Pizza :-) I was just DONE with the day – think the weather was giving me a headache.


I’ve had some ask about breakfast.  I do get up early in the mornings to fix breakfast for the kids.  Mostly because it makes everyone happier.  I start the pot of coffee and get it all ready before the big boys awake.  They have to be up by 6 and out the door by 6:45 – just feel like it gets their brains working!

Some mornings I fry eggs and make toast.  Some mornings I make Bacon, Eggs, and Grits.


Or Sausage, Eggs and Grits (the kids love some grits)



Or Waffles.


And some mornings they get oatmeal and coffee. 

It makes me feel good.  That’s really all I can say about.  It’s weird…I HATE getting up early – I really do.  BUT once I’m up, I actually enjoy being downstairs by myself.  I turn on a bit of music….and check emails while I cook.  And really – WHO doesn’t like waking up to the smell of breakfast cooking!??

In other news

Bubba is on cast number two for this botox/casting series.  He is such a champ about the whole deal. 



My baby boy is one more quarter of school away from graduating high school.  (yep, he’s graduating early)  This is him (left) with one of his best friends, after the last high school soccer game.  I just love this – it was probably the last time his friend will play soccer.  (He’s got knee issues and is not planning on pursuing it in college).  It makes my heart sad and happy looking at this. 




Enjoy the weekend!

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