Monday, October 27, 2014

Monday Madness

Well – this was a crazy Monday that came on the heels of a crazy weekend.

All because the little one didn’t feel good.  Bless his little heart – he ran a fever from Saturday thru late this Monday morning.  No other complaints – just feeling crumby.  Thankfully – he seems to be on the mend.

But it definitely slowed my normal plans down.  He wanted to have one of us next to him all the time.  So I HAD to take naps and act like a vegetable with him.

I did get my grocery shopping done – but really have not wrapped my brain around WHAT I am going to cook.

To add to the craziness of the week – the high school soccer team is staring state playoffs and first round is Wednesday night AND I have a work meeting at 8 on Wednesday night.  (For real- 8:00 pm)

So in a nutshell here ya go:

Sunday Night – I grilled some super yummy steaks and made a quick salad. 

Monday – Chicken Marsala from Emeril Lagasse  It as super easy and it can sit in the electric frying pan on simmer until this evening.  (I made it about 3 this afternoon).  

Chicken Marsala

Tuesday – I am going back and forth on this one.  The boys will have a linner (lunch + dinner) type meal after practice with their team so I can really pull out leftovers.  HOWEVER - Depending on how the day pans out – I might do a spicy shrimp pasta

Wednesday – I’ll make good old spaghetti with meat sauce….Since I will go right from the soccer game to the meeting – I have to cook something in my crock pot! This is a easy as it gets for my hubby.

Thursday- The boys won’t be home- so I might let Sassy decide what we do – but it will be something with chicken…maybe just on grill with mac and cheese and some yummy broccoli. The weather here in C’town is spring like again and I do love popping stuff onto the grill.

Friday – HALLOWEEN – so even if it’s NOT cold – we’ll have chilli and the kids can eat when they want to.

Have a great week…..

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