Saturday, December 20, 2008

This week in Review

This has been an ok week. We are still trying to wrap our brains around the BIG NEWS of baby, we refer to "it" as Quatro. I am feeling "ok". Which for me means, I am not throwing up all the time. Just some of the time. I actually do better in the mornings than in the later afternoons and evenings.

And I stay exhausted, but don't sleep very well. My left hip has already started bothering me. Which only means that when I am "big bellied" that it will really bother me and I will have to sleep sitting up downstairs in the big chair.

Otherwise, we are SLOWLY getting ready for Christmas. I still have LOTS of shopping to do on Monday and Tuesday, but will alternate taking the boys out to help me. Biggest problem is just really don't know what to get any of them. Have a couple of little things - really would like to give them gift cards and money and let them pick out what they want after the fact!!!

Kind of sad since they are still young!!!

Hubby is doing really well with his knee. He can "almost" walk down the stairs like a normal guy...regular walking - you would never know that he had anything done.

MY BROTHER came home last night. Thanks to his sweet girl friend Amanda, who went and picked him up in Atlanta. He looks really good and it was lots of fun to hear his stories last night. The kids just kept staring at him and smiling. He has NO hair and is really skinny - very muscular but very skinny. And he was in his army wear and his and just looked very handsome.

That's it - not writing a lot right now - just can't get the energy some days......

Happy Holidays to all.

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