Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Almost 2009!

How crazy is that people!!!??? It is almost 2009. 2008 seems somewhat of a blur right now....can't imagine why. Oh yeah, pregnancy brain has taken over. I suffer from chronic DRS. (Don't remember shhhhtuff)

SERIOUSLY!!! I don't. Oh well.

I need to take the Christmas decorations down. I am hopeful that my dear husband will help me do that tomorrow. He is taking the day off of work to go with me to the YOU'RE OVER 35 ULTRASOUND...and then we are going to go out to lunch.

Since the knee surgery and news of Quatro, we didn't put up all the decorations that we normally do. Thank the good Lord. That means less to pack back up. I typically try to get all the decorations packed up the day after Christmas, but I had to take a nap this year. :)

We will be making the trek to GramMabel's the end of the week. Merr Cri'Mas Chil'ren. And Kool Mentol Cigarettes here we come. Yee - haw.

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