Thursday, December 4, 2008

Big Fat Lie

What idiot said that bad things come in threes, can't count.

I am demanding a recount.


1. Grandmother passed away. (And while she was ready and I know she is in a better place, it is still can qualify as a "bad thing".)

2. Got sick with a stomach Yuck.

3. Poor Cat died.

4. Hubby had knee surgery. (And again, I am really not in the mood for "it was for the best" and all that, I am counting here people, back off. It was still a pain (no pun intended) and an added expense at a bad time of the year.)

5. Lola got sick. She got sick with something different that what I had.

6. I got with what Lola had.

7. The two of us were sick over Thanksgiving. (That happened last year and I find it to be a bad time for it.)

8. Didn't get decorations up because of reason #6.

9. Furnace broke. Waiting on HVAC man to show up to see if it can be fixed until March at which point I will promise to whoever i need to to replace it then. Replacing it right now is not an option.

That's 9.

Three times what the rule states.

When I say I am maxed out, I really mean it. Can't. Take. Anymore.

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