Sunday, January 4, 2009

Back from the Chr'mas "Vacation"

So I have to tell ya, my cousin, HollyBeth, and her husband, Keith, are the coolest "things" ever. They have a very nice motor home. Keith purchased it this past summer because he wanted to take a long road trip. They have used this thing probably more than they thought. It's really quite nice.

Anywho - we had to go to GramMabels Friday night - which in the past HollyBeth and I have tried to make a good old party. HELLO, I'm prego, so much for good old party. Well, they still showed up at GramMabel's early - as they have done now for 4 years, to suffer with us...with the motor home. And camped out in GramMabel's back yard.

Pretty cool huh.

Now understand. We do love GramMabel. But there is just something that ties us all up in knots about going to her house. It's HOT all the time. Like 86 degrees in the house. And she smokes menthol cigarettes. And it's just really packed full of stuff everywhere-to the point, you can sorta not move. Chri-ma' decorations stay us year round. Just cause. And she is a major control freak. Which can be a problem since HollyBeth and I tend to be controlling. (Stop laughing.) Every year, we have to clean out her refrigerators. It's a gag-fest. This year, HB was on her own, I just kept gagging. (I'm prego remember?) We think there was cat poop in one. SERIOUSLY!!!

Anyway. They came early, which is my point. They don't have to. They only live an 1 1/2 away. It used to be they would just drive down before the festivities on Saturday. I said it wasn't fair, because we had to come from further away and had to stay.

And so our party began. Clean, drink, be together, eat pizza or nachos and just hang out. OH, and cook, because you have to be afraid of Mabel cooking anything. Not too sure how old some of the meat is!!!!!


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