Monday, February 15, 2010

It’s Monday, again

That’s right, it’s Monday, again. And it’s a random Monday posting….. AND a rainy day Monday to boot. Go ahead, sing it out, “Rainy Days and Mondays allll – wayssssss, get me downnnnn, me downnnn.” 

Random info 1

Sometime between now and tomorrow, my brother will be on his way to Afghanistan.  Keep him in your thoughts and prayers. 

Random info 2

It snowed again on Friday night.  Ugg.  It started about 3:30 Friday afternoon and by 5:00 I was already having a fit of claustrophobia.  Seriously!!!  Ask Hubby.  We still went out for Mex- at the new place right up the street.  It is the kids new favorite place.  There were several cars that had skidded off the road between home and the Rex place.  By Saturday it was gone, as it needed to be.  Just over the cold and mess!!!

Random info 3

Outdoor soccer started this weekend.  Pootie didn’t have any scheduled, Crash had 2, Saturday’s was canceled.  Sunday’s game was on – they won.  It was cold.  And then we went out for a family Valentine’s-Walmart-Cheesy Gift-Hallmark-Made Up Holiday dinner to another family favorite, Trio Restaurant.  It seemed somewhat appropriate that the SIX of us dine their together.  It was, after all, the reason that Hubby and I met.  (Ok, that and our friend, Spaz.) 

Really!  We met in the bar area at Trio.  I had to serve him.  First and last time that’s ever happened!!!! :D     Funny story.  He ticked me off – and well, then we fell in love. 

Ok, not that simple.  But a post for another day.

Random info 4

I pulled out the sewing machine and have a couple of projects started for the baby. 

“He” has a new nickname.  He who is formerly known as Peanut is now known as Rowdy.  It suits him right now. 

Random info 5

Here is a super cute picture that some family friends sent us.  It was of my Pootie (on the left) and her son when they were in 2nd grade together.  And yes, just so happens that Karen and I bought the same outfits for the boys.  Look how tiny my Pootie is!!!! 

jack and jack

He was such a happy guy.  Now he is a CONE of a Teenager!!  Ya know what a cone is, right? 

imageLooks almost I-Dent-ical to my son right now.  

Two of the big three just got home from school.  Rowdy is now going to be fussy…..ah the life of a mom!!!  

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