Monday, April 18, 2011

Inspector Gadget

My boys, 14yo and almost 12 yo, have cell phones.  And they text.  The only person they actually talk to on their phone is me or their daddy.  TEXTING is it.

So one of my girlfriends called me yesterday, her oldest is almost 12 as well.  And she just got a phone. 

Girlfriend wanted to know if I checked my boys texts.  What do I do about auto delete?  Do I monitor all of that.

Answer – YEAH I do.

I know, I’m Inspector of the Gadgets!  But I have to.  I do random phone checks all the time.  I let them see me checking their phone.  I also let their friends KNOW that I check the phones. Some nights I’ll take their phones and keep them.  Watching the texts just roll in.  And when little Lucy texts and says “why aren’t you texting back?”  I say, “hey little Lucy” it’s Crash/Pootie’s mommy and they are in bed.  Sorry.  And then little Lucy says “oh I’m sorry Crash/Pootie’s mommy…Goodnight”.

We’re all on the same page. 

And when the friends say dirty words on Pooties facebook page I say “Hey friend, LANGUAGE please”.  (stop laughing, I know that you know I can drop a dirty word, or twenty, everyone thought Bubba’s first word was going to be SH*T) and then friend says “sorry Mrs. W” and we move on. 

Point is, I love my children, and as long as I am paying for the ding dang phone – I’m checking what is being said/text.

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Erin said...

you ROCK!